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in Nature & Abstract Quilting Fabrics

check108'' Wide Matrix Quilt Backing11 check108'' Wide Tonga Batik Quilt Backings9 check108" Wide Essential Quilt Backing 28 check8 Days a Week9 checkA Lazy Afternoon7 checkA New Leaf18 checkA New Leaf by Paintbrush Studios7 checkAce11 checkAfrican Inspirations5 checkAlexander Henry Africa6 checkAlexander Henry Indochine6 checkAmbrosia by Jennifer Young15 checkAmy Butler Hapi23 checkAna Davis Clementine16 checkAnna Maria Horner Pretty Potent24 checkAntonella6 checkArtisan Batiks 21 checkArtisan Batiks Pop Op13 checkAsbury6 checkAutumn in the Forest7 checkAviary 220 checkBali Batiks Handpaints75 checkBand of Horses5 checkBare Branches Metallic10 checkBenartex Birds of a Feather7 checkBenedictus8 checkBetty Dear15 checkBirch Organic Charley Harper7 checkBirch Organic Fort Firefly5 checkBirch Organic Ipanema12 checkBirch Organic Marine Too10 checkBirch Organic Mod Basics23 checkBirch Organic Mod Basics 29 checkBird's House14 checkBirds of a Feather15 checkBlack Tie Affair7 checkBlown Away11 checkBotanics16 checkCherry Blossom Festival13 checkCitrus26 checkClover Sunshine17 checkComtempo Palm Springs7 checkContempo Feathers9 checkContempo Palm Springs7 checkCottage Charm7 checkCozumel13 checkDazzle12 checkDear Stella Oh Happy Day9 checkDear Stella Savannah7 checkDear Stella Sea Worthy14 checkDenyse Schmidt Ansonia20 checkDenyse Schmidt Hadley17 checkDesign Studio16 checkDiamond Prism9 checkDIY10 checkDots Right20 checkDownton Abbey36 checkDowtown20 checkElectric Feather12 checkEnchanted Organic8 checkEnchantment24 checkEssential Gradations Ombre7 checkExclusively Quilters Gypsy9 checkFabri-Quilt Round Up9 checkFarm to Fork7 checkFarmer John's Organic11 checkFlight Patterns8 checkFlo's Garden17 checkFlutter24 checkFolklorico18 checkFrolicking Forest11 checkGrace9 checkGray Matters More10 checkHanami Falls10 checkHarvest Song9 checkHarvest Time6 checkHeather Bailey20 checkHeather Ross Briar Rose9 checkHello Tokyo11 checkHenna16 checkHot Topic14 checkHullabaloo10 checkImaginarium14 checkImperial Collection Metallics12 checkIndigo Blues10 checkIndigo Nature10 checkInk Blossom10 checkJams & Jellies9 checkJazz Jam14 checkJenean Morrison Lovelorn24 checkJenean Morrison True Colors20 checkJennifer Paganelli Beauty Queen14 checkJo Morton Charleston17 checkJoyful Blooms7 checkJungle Creatures11 checkKaffe Fassett April 13 Collection8 checkKaffe Fassett Collection6 checkKaffe Fassett Fall 2012 Collective9 checkKaffe Fassett Paperweight8 checkKaffe Fassett Spring 2014 Collective57 checkKanvas Bohemian Rhapsody19 checkKanvas English Rosey11 checkKanvas Fall Festival10 checkKanvas Palazzo19 checkKanvas Patio Prints11 checkKanvas Sakura Metallic13 checkKanvas Sew Rousseau14 checkKanvas Surf's Up12 checkKaufman Felicity9 checkKaufman Kiss The Cook9 checkLaurel Burch Basics Triangle 7 checkLaurel Burch Swirls12 checkLos Cabos9 checkLotta Jansdotter Mormor14 checkLotus Pond Organic Fabric9 checkLumina 9 checkMarblehead7 checkMeadow9 checkMesa Verde9 checkMetallica Snake Skin11 checkMetro13 checkMetro Living24 checkMichael Miller Backyard Baby7 checkMichael Miller Birds Of A Feather6 checkMichael Miller Black and White8 checkMichael Miller Coco Cabana7 checkMichael Miller Fairy Frost71 checkMichael Miller Garden Path7 checkMichael Miller Graphyx6 checkMichael Miller Helen's Garden 30 checkMichael Miller Indigo Ikat Collection13 checkMichael Miller It's a Girl Thing Pastel Pop11 checkMichael Miller Jug or Not22 checkMichael Miller Maze8 checkMichael Miller Norwegian Woods7 checkMichael Miller Pastel Pop It's A Boy Thing12 checkMichael Miller Sorbet8 checkMichael Miller Stitch Floral10 checkMichael Miller Stitches37 checkMichael Miller Stripes12 checkMichael Miller Sultana12 checkMichael Miller Tiny Tiles7 checkMichael Miller Waterfront Park14 checkMichael Miller Wee Wander21 checkMint To Be20 checkModa Allure8 checkModa Marble Scrolls8 checkModa Marble Swirls45 checkModa Marbles28 checkModa Weave Texture41 checkModa Weeds13 checkMulberry17 checkNamaste9 checkNautical10 checkNeptune's Garden7 checkNewcastle Novelties27 checkNite Owls15 checkNorth American Wildlife 210 checkNotting Hill12 checkOn The Rocks11 checkOn Time6 checkPalette Solids40 checkPalindromes16 checkPapillon9 checkParadise16 checkParson Gray Vagabond24 checkParson Gray World Tour7 checkPearl Bracelets11 checkPearle8 checkPenelope20 checkPenelope19 checkPop Rox11 checkPostcards From the Lodge10 checkQueen Bee9 checkRainforest Fun9 checkRealtree9 checkRealtree Camouflage8 checkRiley Blake A Beautiful Thing14 checkRiley Blake A French Courtyard19 checkRiley Blake Chevron84 checkRiley Blake Cream on Cream Basics7 checkRiley Blake Fun & Games19 checkRiley Blake Hexi Print11 checkRiley Blake Houndstooth14 checkRiley Blake Lost and Found 219 checkRiley Blake Medium Quatrefoil10 checkRiley Blake Mod Studio12 checkRiley Blake Snug as a Bug14 checkRiley Blake Splendor15 checkRiley Blake Sweet Home14 checkRiley Blake To Norway with Love22 checkRiley Blake Unforgettable15 checkRiley Blake Unicorns & Rainbows6 checkRiley Blake Vintage Happy11 checkRiley Blake Vintage Verona10 checkRiley Blake Wave15 checkRosewater13 checkRubies9 checkSea Shanty9 checkSeascape Metallic6 checkSerafina6 checkShimmer Metallic by Jennifer Sampou20 checkShimmery Bouquets8 checkSierra11 checkSpringtime Garden10 checkStar Fall6 checkStargazer6 checkStudio Stash13 checkSummit7 checkSun Prints Corsage8 checkSunflower Bouquet9 checkSunprint14 checkSunprint X & T 9 checkSuper Foods13 checkSweet Harmony8 checkSweet Lady Jane22 checkSweet Tweet14 checkTangier Ikat7 checkTanya Whelan Slipper Roses17 checkTemple11 checkThe Color Collection30 checkThe Ghastlies9 checkThis n That16 checkTie Dye11 checkTimeless Treasures Fall Festival10 checkTimeless Treasures Field Study10 checkTimeless Treasures Folk Song13 checkTimeless Treasures Letters from Paris6 checkTimeless Treasures Palazzo7 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batiks15 checkTimeless Treasures Tonga Batiks Jack Frost6 checkTimeless Treasures Wild Skins7 checkTina Givens Riddles and Rhymes27 checkTonga Batiks Punch9 checkTop Rod9 checkTucson20 checkTula Pink Fox Field16 checkTwilight9 checkTy Pennington Impressions 201421 checkUrban Flotologie Flannel17 checkVenezia18 checkWater Garden10 checkWhisper Prints11 checkWild Skins7 checkWilmington Silk Road6 checkWinter Blues8 checkWishing Well24 checkWonderful Woodlands8 checkZany Zoo8
plusBrands and Designers
check1 Canoe 24 check3 Sisters4 checkA.E. Nathan8 checkAbi Hall4 checkAdornit12 checkADORNit Girls8 checkAdriana3 checkAGF Studio56 checkAl Agnew4 checkAlex Anderson38 checkAlexander Henry92 checkAlexia Abegg28 checkAlice Hickey3 checkAlice Kennedy27 checkAlison Glass33 checkAlisse Courter6 checkAllison Cole2 checkAllison Harris For Cluck Cluck Sew6 checkAlpine Fabrics2 checkAmanda Murphy10 checkAmerican Jane10 checkAmpersand Design Studio9 checkAmy Butler65 checkAmy Hamberlin8 checkAmy Schimler11 checkAmy Shaw1 checkAna Davis26 checkAndie Hanna1 checkAndover505 checkAndrea Turk19 checkAngela Anderson21 checkAngela Walters53 checkAnita Phillips7 checkAnn Kelle17 checkAnn Lauer8 checkAnna Fishkin24 checkAnna Griffin15 checkAnna Maria Horner47 checkAnnette Tatum1 checkAnother Point Of View66 checkApril Rhodes7 checkArrolynn Weiderhold8 checkArt Gallery Fabrics678 checkAurelia Manouvrier2 checkAvlyn Fabrics1 checkAyse Gilbert1 checkBarb Tourtillotte9 checkBarbara Brackman22 checkBari J. Ackerman43 checkBasicGrey23 checkBella Blvd2 checkBenartex729 checkBeth Logan3 checkBeth Studley22 checkBethany Reynolds6 checkBeverly Maxwell3 checkBirch Organic Fabrics84 checkBlackbird Designs3 checkBlank Quilting2 checkBlend Fabrics92 checkBo Bunny31 checkBonnie Christine42 checkBrandon Mably40 checkBren Talavera11 checkBristol Bay Studio16 checkBunny Hill Designs9 checkCamelot Fabrics279 checkCarina Gardner7 checkCarol Eldridge4 checkCarol Van Zandt11 checkCarolyn Friedlander50 checkCarolyn Gavin17 checkCarrie Bloomston2 checkCaryl Bryer Fallert12 checkCat Williams1 checkChar Hopeman6 checkCharley Harper18 checkChelsea Anderson16 checkCheryl Haynes11 checkChong-a Hwang37 checkChris Hinrichs2 checkChristine Graf6 checkChristine Sharp5 checkCinderberry Stitches20 checkClothworks66 checkCloud 956 checkColor Principle Studio2 checkContempo Studio18 checkCori Dantini4 checkCotton + Steel132 checkCynthia Coulter10 checkCynthie Fisher10 checkDan Bennett32 checkDan Dipaolo3 checkDan Morris19 checkDan Stiles10 checkDanhui Nai4 checkDaphne B22 checkDarlene Zimmerman27 checkDavid Butler6 checkDavid Textiles46 checkDavid Walker3 checkDe Leon Design Group5 checkDear Stella18 checkDear Stella Design100 checkDeb Strain16 checkDebbie Field1 checkDebi Hron6 checkDebra Valencia6 checkDeleon Design Group67 checkDena Designs11 checkDenise Urban1 checkDennis Bennett12 checkDenyse Schmidt58 checkDesiree's Designs3 checkDianna Laferry12 checkDinara Mirtalipova4 checkDona Gelsinger5 checkDoohikey Designs11 checkDover Hill8 checkDV Studio2 checkEd Emberley4 checkElizabeth Munro2 checkElizabeth Olwen6 checkElizabeth's Studio59 checkEllen Crimi-Trent10 checkEmily Hayes13 checkEmily Herrick30 checkEmily Taylor Design10 checkEric and Julie Comstock20 checkErin McAllister1 checkErin McMorris33 checkErin Michael1 checkErin Turner43 checkEvelia7 checkExclusively Quilters46 checkFabric Editions41 checkFabric Freedom10 checkFabric Traditions2 checkFabri-Quilt132 checkFaye Burgos33 checkFrances Newcombe32 checkFree Spirit617 checkFrench Bull6 checkFrench General14 checkFresh Designs2 checkGarry Walton6 checkGillian Fullard11 checkGina Martin28 checkGiordano Studios1 checkGrace Pullen1 checkGraphic 4522 checkGreta Lynn112 checkGudrun Erla3 checkHamil Textiles2 checkHeather Bailey20 checkHeather Rosas20 checkHeather Ross8 checkHeidi Dobrott20 checkHemma Design9 checkHenry Glass & Co.105 checkHoffman Fabrics314 checkHolli Zollinger12 checkHolly Taylor39 checkHoward Robinson1 checkIngrid3 checkIron Orchid Designs10 checkIsadora Phoenix1 checkIsland Batik7 checkIza Pearl Design1 checkJ Wecker Frisch2 checkJack & Lulu17 checkJackie Studios1 checkJackie Von Tobel2 checkJacqueline Paton5 checkJacqueline Savage Mcfee10 checkJacquelynne Steves (The Noble Wife)13 checkJames Meger4 checkJamie Fingal12 checkJane A. Sassaman22 checkJane Dixon27 checkJane Maday13 checkJane Sassaman33 checkJane Shasky2 checkJanet Clare5 checkJanet Dunn Design1 checkJanine Burke12 checkJay-Cyn35 checkJean Ann Wright1 checkJen Fox12 checkJenean Morrison88 checkJeni Baker53 checkJennifer Brinley14 checkJennifer Paganelli14 checkJennifer Sampou62 checkJennifer Young43 checkJessica Gonacha Swift11 checkJessica Levitt14 checkJessica Swift2 checkJill Finley18 checkJim Hansel8 checkJinny Beyer147 checkJo Morton17 checkJoanna Figueroa6 checkJody Bergsma15 checkJoel Dewberry76 checkJone Inc.3 checkJosephine Kimberling18 checkJudie Rothermel43 checkJudy Hansen2 checkJudy Niemeyer1 checkJulia Cairns2 checkKaffe Fassett125 checkKansas Troubles7 checkKaren Combs4 checkKatarina Roccella15 checkKate & Birdie Paper Co3 checkKate Greenaway6 checkKate Knight9 checkKate McRostie2 checkKate Spain15 checkKatherine Gardner2 checkKathy Brown2 checkKathy Davis2 checkKathy Hall4 checkKaye England25 checkKaytlyn Anderson6 checkKelly Panacci3 checkKensington Studio7 checkKhristian A. Howell1 checkKim Andersson10 checkKim Diehl27 checkKim Schaefer17 checkKimberly Kight24 checkKimberly Rado10 checkKitty Yoshida4 checkKokka5 checkLaundry Basket Quilts7 checkLaura Gunn11 checkLaura Van Horne9 checkLaurel Burch21 checkLauren + Jesse Jung6 checkLauren Marcella6 checkLauren McMullen2 checkLaurie Wisbrun3 checkLB Krueger2 checkLeah Duncan59 checkLeanne Anderson8 checkLecien9 checkLegacy Club25 checkLesley Grainger3 checkLila Tueller Designs24 checkLily Ashbury32 checkLily Gonzales-Creed7 checkLinda Birtel1 checkLinda Brannock1 checkLinda Carlson And Diane Henage3 checkLinda Engstrom18 checkLisa Audit7 checkLisa Ballard1 checkLisa Coleman2 checkLisa Mccue1 checkLiz Kolansky13 checkLizzy House19 checkLondon Portfolio14 checkLonni Rossi75 checkLoralie Harris6 checkLori Holt33 checkLori Whitlock6 checkLotta Jansdotter24 checkLouise Allen2 checkLunn Studios139 checkMackinaw Island4 checkMajha Dyans3 checkMalka Dubrowsky28 checkMarcia Derse12 checkMarcus Brothers134 checkMargaret Berg2 checkMaria Kalinowski112 checkMarie Cole3 checkMarin Sutton15 checkMarjolein Bastin2 checkMark Cesarik2 checkMark Hordyszynski77 checkMartha Negley3 checkMary Engelbreit3 checkMary Fisher19 checkMary Jane Carey3 checkMary Lake-Thompson15 checkMary Lou Weidman2 checkMary McGuire1 checkMasha D'yans1 checkMaude Asbury14 checkMaureen Cracknell2 checkMaureen McCarthy2 checkMax & Bunny1 checkMaywood Studio22 checkMckenna Ryan8 checkMe & My Sister Designs54 checkMelanie Testa24 checkMelissa Averinos1 checkMelissa Ybarra13 checkMelly & Me22 checkMelody Miller22 checkMe-o-My12 checkMichael Miller635 checkMichele D'Amore122 checkMichelle Engel Benscko8 checkMiriam Gourley1 checkMitzi Powers38 checkMo Bedell1 checkModa619 checkModern Quilt Studio30 checkMolly B's Studio1 checkMomo2 checkMy Mind's Eye34 checkNancy Gere5 checkNancy Glazier3 checkNancy Halvorsen28 checkNancy Rink27 checkNel Whatmore15 checkNeoma Solberg2 checkNewcastle Fabrics32 checkNorman Wyatt Jr.8 checkNorthcott3 checkP & B Boutique27 checkP & B Textiles86 checkPaintbrush Studio31 checkParson Gray47 checkPat Bravo161 checkPat Sloan2 checkPatrick Lose14 checkPatty Reed1 checkPatty Sloniger37 checkPaula Barnes7 checkPaula Nadelstern73 checkPaula Prass1 checkPearl Krush1 checkPeggy Jo Ackley1 checkPeggy Toole31 checkPenny Rose79 checkPhilip Jacobs41 checkPink Light Design2 checkPrimitive Gatherings38 checkPrint Concepts23 checkPunch Studio7 checkQuilted Crow Girls Design1 checkQuilted Koala6 checkQuilting Treasures268 checkRachael Wright5 checkRae Hoekstra9 checkRashida Coleman-Hale32 checkRBD Designers96 checkRealtree25 checkRebecca Baer1 checkRebecca Barker1 checkRebecca Bischoff5 checkRed Rooster Fabrics71 checkRed Rooster Studio11 checkRennie Marquez9 checkRiley Blake Designs550 checkRiverwoods Collection12 checkRJR Fashion Fabrics319 checkRK Studio8 checkRo Gregg23 checkRobert Kaufman796 checkRosemarie Lavin Designs8 checkRowan23 checkSamarra Khaja1 checkSanae8 checkSandy Gervais10 checkSara Lawson2 checkSarah Fielke13 checkSarah Jane21 checkSarah Watson47 checkSarah Watts28 checkSentimental Studios8 checkShelburne Museum Vermont1 checkShell Rummel5 checkShelley Detton2 checkShelly Comiskey3 checkSibling Arts Studios2 checkSilvia Vassileva9 checkSkinny La Minx4 checkSouth Sea Imports96 checkSparky & Marie14 checkSpectrix21 checkSprings Creative Products44 checkSteele Creek Studios1 checkSteve Haskamp4 checkStudio 3717 checkStudio 8110 checkStudio KM18 checkStudio M12 checkStudio RK121 checkStudioE Fabrics66 checkSue Daley Designs62 checkSue Marsh62 checkSue Schlabach2 checkSupie Davis3 checkSusan Rooney17 checkSusybee2 checkSuzy Ultman1 checkSweetwater1 checkTamara Kate38 checkTanya Whelan18 checkTara Reed9 checkTeagan White9 checkTeresa Ascone3 checkTerri Conrad2 checkTextile Creations14 checkThe Hautman Brothers7 checkThe Henley Studio59 checkThe Quilted Fish35 checkThimbleberries4 checkThomas Knauer13 checkTim Holtz3 checkTimeless Treasures314 checkTina Givens32 checkTina Higgins5 checkTony Stuart2 checkTracey Sims1 checkTracy Lizotte4 checkTroy Corporation59 checkTrue Timber Camo3 checkTula Pink61 checkV & Company19 checkValori Wells64 checkVanessa Christensen19 checkVerna Mosquera13 checkVetmari Design Studio10 checkViolet Craft50 checkVIP Cranston5 checkWarner Brothers2 checkWestminster/Rowan365 checkWhistler Studios22 checkWild Apple10 checkWilmington Prints219 checkWindham Fabrics370 checkWing and a Prayer Design5 checkWorld Of Susybee14 checkYoko Saito2 checkYuko Hasegawa1 checkZanola Rhodes18 checkZen Chic25 checkZoe Ingram4 checkZoe Pearn Designs14
plusColor Family
plusFabric Pattern
plusProduct Features
check Bella Broadcloth Solids4 check Diy9 check Michael Miller Norwegian Woods6 check Time Machine Watch1 check Urban Flotologie Flannel16 check1 Canoe 24 check108'' Wide Matrix Quilt Back11 check108'' Wide Tonga Batik Quilt Backing8 check108" Essentials Chopsticks Quilt Backing7 check108" Essentials Criss Cross Quilt Backing6 check108" Essentials Leafy Scroll Quilt Backing1 check108" Essentials Scroll Quilt Backing1 check110'' Quilt Backing1 check110" Wide Flannel Quilt Backing Willow2 check2008 Spring Collection1 check2015 Basics12 check8 Days A Week9 checkA French Courtyard19 checkA Lazy Afternoon7 checkA New Leaf25 checkA Walk in the Park 2 checkA.e. Nathan Deck The Halls1 checkAbbey Road1 checkAbstract Expression1 checkAbstracts1 checkAcacia3 checkAce11 checkAfrica6 checkAfrican Inspirations5 checkAfrican Surf1 checkAlexander Henry Indochine3 checkAlison Glass Batiks12 checkAll Hands On Deck2 checkAlpine Flannel Prints2 checkAlpine Woods8 checkAlways Blooming1 checkAmbrosia By Jennifer Young15 checkAmericana Collection1 checkAmethyst9 checkAmy Butler Glow13 checkAmy Butler Hapi23 checkAmy Butler True Colors20 checkAngel Band2 checkAnna Griffin The Madison Collection14 checkAnna Maria Horner Dowry3 checkAnna Maria Horner Folk Song3 checkAnna Maria Horner Loulouthi3 checkAnna Maria Horner Pretty Potent24 checkAnna Maria Horner True Colors3 checkAnna Marie Horner Honor Roll7 checkAnnalee1 checkAntonella6 checkApril's Garden2 checkArcadia Organic5 checkArchitextures8 checkArianna3 checkArt Gallery Ahambra II1 checkArt Gallery Arizona10 checkArt Gallery Athena10 checkArt Gallery Bazaar Style9 checkArt Gallery Bespoken5 checkArt Gallery Bijoux6 checkArt Gallery Bohemian Soul3 checkArt Gallery Carnaby St.17 checkArt Gallery Cherie7 checkArt Gallery Chic Blooms2 checkArt Gallery Chic Flora4 checkArt Gallery Chromatics21 checkArt Gallery Cleta19 checkArt Gallery Color Me Retro8 checkArt Gallery Color Splash3 checkArt Gallery Coquette3 checkArt Gallery Dashing Roses4 checkArt Gallery Dreamin' Vintage19 checkArt Gallery Dreaming In French2 checkArt Gallery Drift19 checkArt Gallery Elements Floral34 checkArt Gallery Elements Nature28 checkArt Gallery Elements Prisma12 checkArt Gallery Elements Squared 24 checkArt Gallery Emmy Grace10 checkArt Gallery Essentials24 checkArt Gallery Floressence4 checkArt Gallery Geometric Bliss6 checkArt Gallery Gipsy Glitter2 checkArt Gallery Girly Girl2 checkArt Gallery Gramercy20 checkArt Gallery Hyperreal1 checkArt Gallery Indelible10 checkArt Gallery Indian Summer18 checkArt Gallery Indie17 checkArt Gallery Jungle Ave2 checkArt Gallery Legacy19 checkArt Gallery Lilly Belle20 checkArt Gallery Living Elements1 checkArt Gallery Luxe in Bloom14 checkArt Gallery Meadow20 checkArt Gallery Memories From Kandesh4 checkArt Gallery Minimalista24 checkArt Gallery Modernology2 checkArt Gallery Naturella6 checkArt Gallery Nordika 20 checkArt Gallery Nouvelle8 checkArt Gallery Paradise14 checkArt Gallery Poetica7 checkArt Gallery Pure Elements Solids5 checkArt Gallery Rapture14 checkArt Gallery Recollection5 checkArt Gallery Reminisce17 checkArt Gallery Retro-Spective2 checkArt Gallery Revive1 checkArt Gallery Rhapsodia3 checkArt Gallery Rock'n Romance15 checkArt Gallery Safari Moon18 checkArt Gallery Shanghai Edition2 checkArt Gallery Splendor 19207 checkArt Gallery Sugar2 checkArt Gallery Summerlove6 checkArt Gallery Sweet as Honey18 checkArt Gallery Textures5 checkArt Gallery Tule19 checkArt Gallery Urban Mod2 checkArt Gallery Utopia10 checkArt Gallery Wild & Free2 checkArt Gallery Winged8 checkArtisan Batiks Bakari14 checkArtisan Batiks Color Source1 checkArtisan Batiks Color Source 44 checkArtisan Batiks Color Source 54 checkArtisan Batiks Concerto16 checkArtisan Batiks Elementals44 checkArtisan Batiks Elementals: Boxed in Plaid17 checkArtisan Batiks Elementals: Landscape18 checkArtisan Batiks Grove20 checkArtisan Batiks Kalahari6 checkArtisan Batiks Natural Formati5 checkArtisan Batiks Patina Handpaints1 checkArtisan Batiks Pop Op13 checkArtisan Batiks Regal6 checkArtisan Batiks Santa Fe Trail1 checkArtisan Batiks Splendid10 checkArtisan Batiks Tango 33 checkArtisan Batiks Totally Tropical 9 checkArtisan Batiks Wildlife Sanctuary2 checkAsbury6 checkAsian Fanfare1 checkAt the Zoo2 checkAunt Grace6 checkAunt Grace Ties One On11 checkAurelia Metallic12 checkAutumn Abundance1 checkAutumn In The Forest7 checkAutumn Plume1 checkAviary 220 checkAvignon5 checkBaked With Love3 checkBali Batiks29 checkBali Batiks Handpaints146 checkBand Of Horses5 checkBarcelona7 checkBare Branches Metallic14 checkBasic Training4 checkBasketweave7 checkBatavian Batiks90 checkBatavian Batiks Quilt Backings3 checkBear Hugs6 checkBeau Monde4 checkBedfordshire8 checkBel Air6 checkBellissima8 checkBenedictus9 checkBetty Dear15 checkBetty Dear 21 checkBig Country Flannel5 checkBiology8 checkBirch Organic Acorn Trail4 checkBirch Organic Camp Modern2 checkBirch Organic Charley Harper16 checkBirch Organic Charley Harper Nurture2 checkBirch Organic Flannel Charley2 checkBirch Organic Fort Firefly5 checkBirch Organic Ipanema12 checkBirch Organic Marine Too10 checkBirch Organic Mod Basics24 checkBirch Organic Mod Basics 29 checkBirds & Blooms1 checkBirds And Blooms By Benartex4 checkBird's House14 checkBirds Of A Feather15 checkBirds Of A Feather By Benartex8 checkBirds of a Feather by Kaye England20 checkBittersweet5 checkBlack & Tan17 checkBlack & White1 checkBlack & White Expressions2 checkBlack and White Collection13 checkBlack Tie Affair7 checkBlack, White & Currant 52 checkBlank Quilting Novelties2 checkBlock Party1 checkBloom1 checkBloominescent Digital2 checkBlossom4 checkBlown Away11 checkBlythe5 checkBombay15 checkBotanics16 checkBoutique Brights32 checkBranching Out9 checkBreaking Light3 checkBreezy Blooms17 checkBright Eyed And Bushy Tailed3 checkBringing Nature Home3 checkBroken Stripes7 checkBugs3 checkBungalow4 checkCaiman4 checkCamo3 checkCarousel3 checkCarried Away4 checkCascade14 checkCha Cha10 checkChelsea8 checkCherry Blossom Festival13 checkChevron25 checkChicken And Egg2 checkChinoiserie Chic4 checkCircle Basics15 checkCircus Act3 checkCitrus26 checkClearwater Critters2 checkClementine22 checkCloud 9 Organic House & Garden6 checkCloud 9 Organic Wildwood6 checkClover Sunshine17 checkCollage3 checkColor Composition17 checkColor Love11 checkConcord House9 checkContempo Bellissimo25 checkContempo Brigitte18 checkContempo Feathers9 checkContempo Hand Made21 checkContempo Palm Springs14 checkContempo Precious Metal and Juicy Fruits28 checkCooking Italiano2 checkCosmic Burst2 checkCosmopolitan2 checkCottage Charm7 checkCotton + Steel132 checkCotton + Steel August13 checkCotton + Steel Basics9 checkCotton + Steel Cookie Book11 checkCotton + Steel Hatbox13 checkCotton + Steel Homebody13 checkCotton + Steel Mesa15 checkCotton + Steel Mochi9 checkCotton + Steel Moonlit14 checkCotton + Steel Mustang14 checkCotton + Steel Playful8 checkCotton + Steel Tokyo Train Ride13 checkCotton + Steel XOXO9 checkCove15 checkCozumel13 checkCream & Sugar6 checkCreatures Of The Wild5 checkCritter Club2 checkCucina Fresco4 checkCuddle Me Basics9 checkDainty Blooms3 checkDaiwabo3 checkDazzle12 checkDazzle by Robert Kaufman8 checkDear Stella Ashe6 checkDear Stella Mika11 checkDear Stella Novelties3 checkDear Stella Savannah7 checkDear Stella Sunday Morning3 checkDear Stella Tigerlily4 checkDear Stella Woodwinked9 checkDenyse Schmidt Ansonia20 checkDenyse Schmidt Hadley23 checkDesign Studio16 checkDisney Frozen4 checkDistrikt16 checkDoe26 checkDots and More5 checkDots Right20 checkDownton Abbey62 checkDownton Abbey II26 checkDowntown20 checkDreamland Flannel9 checkDuck, Duck, Goose!6 checkEclectic Elements3 checkEgypt14 checkElectric Feather12 checkEnchanted5 checkEnchanted Batiks3 checkEnchanted from Windham Fabrics8 checkEnchanted Organic8 checkEnchantment24 checkEquinox2 checkEssential Gradations7 checkEssentials26 checkEssentials 108'' Quilt Back14 checkEssentials 910 checkEssentials Climbing Vine3 checkEssentials Criss Cross10 checkEssentials Leafy Scroll4 checkEssentials Scroll7 checkEssentials Sparkle4 checkEssentials Spatter2 checkEvergreen2 checkEveryday Favorites4 checkFabracadabra 46 checkFabric Editions Falling Leaves5 checkFabric Editions Nature Elemental4 checkFabric Freedom7 checkFabric Freedom Blossom4 checkFabric Freedom Quirky Floral6 checkFacets3 checkFairmount Park5 checkFairyville3 checkFamily Life2 checkFarm To Fork7 checkFarmall International Harvester2 checkFarmer John's Organic11 checkFarmville2 checkFeathers & Fancy10 checkFeathers and Fancy2 checkFelicity9 checkField Day12 checkField Study2 checkFlirt by Windham12 checkFlora5 checkFloral Fancies3 checkFlo's Garden17 checkFlutter24 checkFolklorico20 checkFolkorico2 checkFontaine10 checkForest Playground2 checkForever By The Seaside2 checkFortissimo5 checkFour Seasons4 checkFoxy Owl3 checkFranklin12 checkFrench Quarter7 checkFriendly Forest12 checkFriends in Wild Places3 checkFrippery4 checkFrolicking Forest11 checkFun & Games19 checkFun With Frosty2 checkFusion Garden35 checkFusions Regent11 checkFusions Texture Collection4 checkGabbie2 checkGeniuses Go Wild3 checkGentle Garden3 checkGeofabulous11 checkGet Back!3 checkGingerbread Christmas2 checkGlimma5 checkGlow8 checkGo Fish!2 checkGood Company4 checkGood Morning Sunshine3 checkGood Seasons4 checkGovernor's Palace15 checkGrace10 checkGraffetti10 checkGray Matters5 checkGray Matters More10 checkGreenfield Hill3 checkGregory's Garden18 checkGrey Skies3 checkGypsy9 checkHanami Falls10 checkHannah's Heritage12 checkHappiness Is…2 checkHappy Home6 checkHappy Homestead14 checkHarmony by Jessica Swift11 checkHarmony II35 checkHarvest At Millbrook Farm4 checkHarvest Song11 checkHarvest Time6 checkHautman Deer3 checkHave a Latte3 checkHeart & Soul Sisters12 checkHeather Bailey True Colors20 checkHeather Ross Briar Rose9 checkHeather Ross Far Far Away8 checkHello Tokyo11 checkHenna16 checkHerb Garden7 checkHeritage Hollow23 checkHoffman Novelties2 checkHokusai3 checkHoliday Flourish Metallic3 checkHoney Be Mine2 checkHoo's Tree4 checkHooty Hoot Returns4 checkHope Chest15 checkHot Topic14 checkHullabaloo10 checkIkat4 checkIkebana2 checkIllustrations 212 checkImaginarium14 checkImperial Collection Metallics12 checkIn Plain Sight2 checkIndian Batik Quilted3 checkIndigo20 checkIndigo Blues10 checkIndigo Nature10 checkInk Blossom10 checkInspiration2 checkInternational Harvester2 checkIsland Batik Fabric5 checkIsland Batik Metallic2 checkIsland Breeze2 checkIt's a Bird's Life6 checkJackie8 checkJams & Jellies9 checkJams World9 checkJazz2 checkJazz Jam15 checkJenean Morrison True Colors20 checkJennifer Paganelli Beauty Queen14 checkJet Black4 checkJet Setter17 checkJewel Shapes3 checkJo Morton Charleston17 checkJoel Dewberry Birch Farm24 checkJoel Dewberry Flora16 checkJolly Farm2 checkJoyful6 checkJoyful Blooms7 checkJudie's Album5 checkJungle Creatures11 checkJungle Minis3 checkJuno13 checkKaffe Fassett Cascades5 checkKaffe Fassett Collection3 checkKaffe Fassett Collective69 checkKaffe Fassett Collective 2010 Pandora2 checkKaffe Fassett Dianthus3 checkKaffe Fassett Fall 2012 Collective10 checkKaffe Fassett Rings2 checkKaffe Fassett Sand Dollar2 checkKaffe Fassett Spring 2008 Collection12 checkKaffe Fassett Spring 2011 Collection5 checkKaffe Fassett Spring 2013 Collection8 checkKaffe Fassett Spring 2014 Collective79 checkKanvas Be Jeweled10 checkKanvas Bohemian Rhapsody19 checkKanvas Boy Meets Girl14 checkKanvas English Rosey11 checkKanvas Extreme Sports Ii3 checkKanvas Fall Festival10 checkKanvas Felicity11 checkKanvas Forest Friendzy5 checkKanvas Green Farms2 checkKanvas Hedgehog3 checkKanvas In Stitches4 checkKanvas Leap Frog5 checkKanvas North by Northwest2 checkKanvas Owl Be There3 checkKanvas Palazzo19 checkKanvas Papillon9 checkKanvas Patio Prints11 checkKanvas Sakura Metallic13 checkKanvas Sew Rousseau14 checkKanvas Shimmer4 checkKanvas Sunflower Fields12 checkKanvas Surf's Up12 checkKanvas The Camo Effect2 checkKanvas To Rome With Love10 checkKanvas Tropic Rainforest4 checkKanvas Water Lily2 checkKate15 checkKaufman Holly Jolly Christmas2 checkKaufman Sweet Lady Jane Jacquard22 checkKaya9 checkKinetic11 checkKinetic by Windham10 checkKiss The Cook8 checkKitschenette2 checkKokka Canvas2 checkKona Coordinated26 checkLa Scala Metallic12 checkLa Scala Non-Metallic8 checkLace Mountain18 checkLakeside Gatherings38 checkLandscape Medley4 checkLaurel Burch Embracing Horses2 checkLaurel Burch Flying Colors Ii7 checkLaurel Burch Swirls12 checkLavish Metallic20 checkLazy Daisy Baskets2 checkLeafhaven3 checkLeft Bank5 checkLetters From Paris6 checkLetters Home25 checkLicorice Fizz2 checkLightning3 checkLily's Garden8 checkLondon Fog15 checkLone Prairie3