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At, we are committed to guaranteeing you get more for your money. One way we do this is by giving you Frequent Shopper Points, redeemable for Discount Coupons, every time you make a purchase with us. Here's how it works:

Only Registered Customers can accumulate and redeem Frequent Shopper point, so if you are not a registered customer, click here and register

Once you have become a Registered Customer, your Frequent Shopper points will be automatically accumulated for you. You don't have to do anything else to start earning points.

For every $2.00 of product that you purchase at, you will earn 1 Frequent Shopper point. (Points are not earned for shipping charges or taxes. Points are based on actual expenditures, after applying any discount coupons or gift certificates that you may be using on an order.)

To see how many points you have accumulated at any time, simply log-in using the user name and password you created when you registered, then click on the Profile tab. You will see the number of points currently in your account at the bottom of that tab.

Our current points redemption table is as follow:
300 points - $5.00 coupon 500 points - $10.00 coupon 950 points - $25.00 coupon 1500 points - $50.00 coupon

To redeem Frequent Shopper Points you must be logged in. If you have earned enough points to redeem a discount coupon, the value of the coupon(s) that you have enough points for will be displayed in a drop down menu. Select the value of the gift coupon you would like to order and submit your request. Very soon thereafter, you will receive an e-mail (at the e-mail address you used in your registration) containing the coupon code you can use to redeem your certificate. If for any reason you lose that e-mail, you can always go to the "Coupons" tab in the My Account section and view your available coupons.

If you do not receive an e-mail back and you feel you have entered your e-mail address correctly please feel free to contact us.

If you feel you have less points than you should have, you may have accumulated points if you have ordered under different e-mail addresses than the one you have registered with. If this has happened please contact us and we will be happy to combine your points under the registered e-mail address.

We hope you like this program as much as we think you will and that you will tell all of your friends about yet another reason why it pays to shop at