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When you are viewing individual products, you will see the In-Stock yardage displayed. This tells you approximately how many yards we have in stock at that instant, although it is possible that another shopper could order that item before you complete the check-out process, thereby reducing our actual inventory, so your shopping cart is updated at the time of checkout.

If an item is reorderable fabric (meaning we can get more from our supplier), when you attempt to order a quantity greater than we have in stock, you will see a note in the shopping cart advising you that the item will be back ordered for you. We will not ship what we have in stock and then ship the balance when it arrives, as dye-lot variations could cause you a problem. We will ship you the entire amount that you want for that item when it arrives. If you have ordered multiple items and some of them are immediately available from our inventory, we will ship those to you immediately and send you the back ordered item(s) when it arrives. Do not worry about being double billed for shipping charges.

Please Note:
Some of our fabrics are not reorderable (we cannot get more from our supplier). We refer to this as Special Purchase items. Those products cannot be back ordered. In that case, you can decide whether the quantity we have in stock is adequate to meet your needs.