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check108'' Wide Nylon Tulle2 check108" Wide Tulle Fabric30 check108" Wide Tulle8 check18'' Russian Netting1 check54' Wide Tulle Fabric18 checkAnimal Print Soft Fur12 checkBella Sheer Lace Rosette Fabric3 checkBelstaff Faux Leather3 checkBijoux Faux Leather5 checkBisou Stretch Mini Ruffle Knit5 checkBubble Gauze3 checkChinchilla Faux Fur Collection15 checkCrushed Panne Velour Velvet5 checkDazzle Metallic Sequin Knit4 checkDazzle Sequin Knit II2 checkDeadwood Faux Leather4 checkEnvy Matte Sequin Netting1 checkFaux Fur Fabric127 checkFaux Fur Mongolian Curly1 checkFlocked Polka Dot Tulle9 checkFoil Ruffle Knit4 checkFun Shag Faux Fur51 checkGlamour Knit2 checkGlitter Organza2 checkHome Decor Faux Fur14 checkHome Decor Shag Faux Fur10 checkHoneycomb Satin Ribbon Rosette Taffeta1 checkLame Knit3 checkLoveable Satin Ribbon Rosette3 checkLuxor Knit4 checkMackenzie Satin Ribbon Scallop3 checkMalore Faux Leather4 checkMaverick Faux Leather4 checkMirror Organza6 checkNylon Lycra Raschel Knit4 checkNylon Netting Fabric27 checkPatent Leather Vinyl3 checkPerfection Fused Leather2 checkPerfecto Fused Leather5 checkPlush Fur3 checkPolyester & Polyester Blend Jersey Knit1 checkRaw Hide Faux Leather3 checkSafari Faux Fur Fabric2 checkShort Pile Faux Fur7 checkSiera Faux Leather4 checkSoft Fur6 checkSplenda Satin Ribbon Rosette10 checkStretch Panne Velvet18 checkStretch Ruffle Knit9 checkStretch Ruffle Knit Zebra1 checkStretch Velvet16 checkStretch Venice Foil Knit3 checkStunning Sequined Rosette Satin3 checkSuper Stretch Double Knit2 checkTeam Spirit4 checkTeam Spirit Wonder Knit2 checkTwo-Tone Ruffle Knit5 checkUtility Fabric1 checkVelboa Faux Fur6 checkVersace Faux Leather3 checkWysteria Knit1
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Sometimes it's fun pretending to be someone else, even if it's just for a little while, just think of it as a mini-vacation!  So next time you get the urge to pretend be sure to check out our gorgeous selection of glitter, holographic and solid costume/dance fabrics. If you are looking for a bit of inspiration be sure to checkout the great selection of costume patterns.

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