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check2x1 Rib Knit2 check9.5 oz. Stretch Denim1 checkAbigail Eyelet2 checkAdore Duchess Satin4 checkAlchemy Linen Blend1 checkAlice Embroidered Lawn1 checkAmy Butler Cameo Home Decor1 checkAmy Butler Dream Weaver6 checkAmy Butler Dream Weaver Voile6 checkAmy Butler Glow6 checkAmy Butler Glow Interlock Knit3 checkAmy Butler Glow Voile3 checkAmy Butler Hapi Linen2 checkAmy Butler Hapi Voile1 checkAnais Lace3 checkAndover Chambray10 checkAnna Maria Horner Loominous22 checkAnna Maria Horner Pretty Potent7 checkAnnie Eyelet1 checkArgentella Lace2 checkArizona Faux Leather1 checkArt Gallery Arizona3 checkArt Gallery Bound2 checkArt Gallery Cherie4 checkArt Gallery Cleta5 checkArt Gallery Coastline4 checkArt Gallery Cotton Jersey Knit77 checkArt Gallery Cultivate6 checkArt Gallery Emmy Grace4 checkArt Gallery Etno4 checkArt Gallery Fantasia1 checkArt Gallery Geometric Bliss2 checkArt Gallery Gossamer2 checkArt Gallery Gramercy4 checkArt Gallery Heart Melodies4 checkArt Gallery Hello Bear11 checkArt Gallery Indelible4 checkArt Gallery Jungle Ave1 checkArt Gallery Lavish5 checkArt Gallery Lovey Dobby1 checkArt Gallery Maker3 checkArt Gallery Morning Walk6 checkArt Gallery Pastel Thrift4 checkArt Gallery Petal and Plume4 checkArt Gallery Premium Linen1 checkArt Gallery Priory Square3 checkArt Gallery Recollection5 checkArt Gallery Sketchbook3 checkArt Gallery Skopelos6 checkArt Gallery Smooth Denim19 checkArt Gallery Textured Denim4 checkArt Gallery Tule1 checkArt Gallery Utopia2 checkArt Gallery Voile24 checkArt Gallery Wild & Free3 checkArt Gallery Winged3 checkAruba Faille1 checkAsian Jacquard1 checkAtwell Stretch Denim4 checkAva Eyelet4 checkAvelon Stretch Lace3 checkAvita Stretch Lace9 checkBailey Double Knit2 checkBamboo Rayon Jersey Knit50 checkBamboo Rayon Terry Knits7 checkBamboo Tie Dye Jersey Knit9 checkBamboo Viscose Twill5 checkBatiste1 checkBelvedere Cotton Sateen3 checkBermuda Stretch Pique6 checkBetty Jacquard2 checkBirch Organic Bear Camp2 checkBirch Organic Charley Harper Nurture1 checkBirch Organic Double Gauze2 checkBirch Organic Flight1 checkBirch Organic Interlock Knit41 checkBirch Organic Just For Fun1 checkBirch Organic Maritime11 checkBirch Organic Mod Basics 23 checkBirch Organic Mod Basics 325 checkBirch Organic Serengeti1 checkBirch Organic Serengeti Interlock Knit1 checkBirch Organic Voile1 checkBisou Stretch Mini Ruffle Knit7 checkBloom Stretch Cotton Sateen6 checkBondi Stretch Denim2 checkBrazil Stretch ITY Jersey Knit14 checkBrushed French Terry Knit2 checkBubble Stripe Knit2 checkCadiz Stretch Sweater Knit3 checkCapri Linen Jersey Knit8 checkCassie Eyelet5 checkChagall Crepe de Chine1 checkChain Link Lace1 checkChalet Sweater Knit1 checkChambray Shirting40 checkCharlie Sweater Knit1 checkCharmeuse Satin2 checkChicago Jacquard Stretch Denim1 checkChinchilla Faux Fur Collection5 checkCloud 9 Moody Blues1 checkCloud 9 Organic Small World5 checkCloud 9 Organic Solid Corduroy1 checkCloud 9 Organic Yoyogi Park2 checkCoal Faux Leather Knit1 checkCotton + Steel37 checkCotton + Steel August1 checkCotton + Steel Bespoke Double Gauze9 checkCotton + Steel Challis7 checkCotton + Steel Cookie Book3 checkCotton + Steel Frock Rayon Poplin4 checkCotton + Steel Fruit Dots1 checkCotton + Steel Hatbox2 checkCotton + Steel Homebody3 checkCotton + Steel Honeymoon3 checkCotton + Steel Lawn22 checkCotton + Steel Lucky Strikes 1 checkCotton + Steel Mesa2 checkCotton + Steel Mochi3 checkCotton + Steel Paper Bandana2 checkCotton + Steel Picnic2 checkCotton + Steel Tokyo Train Ride3 checkCotton + Steel Zephyr1 checkCotton Rayon Chambray Twill1 checkCotton Voile9 checkCozy Quilt Knit1 checkCrepe De Chine Prints3 checkCrepe De Chine Solids4 checkCrezia Stretch Crepe Knit1 checkCynthia Rowley Oh Baby Charmeuse Satin6 checkDakota Stretch Rayon Jersey Knit21 checkDarling Stretch Lace2 checkDeadwood Faux Leather2 checkDena Designs Sunshine1 checkDena Designs Sunshine Linen Blend1 checkDenim Quilted Knit1 checkDesigner Cotton Lawn1 checkDesigner Essentials Linen/cotton Solids8 checkDesigner Essentials Solids8 checkDesigner Essentials Voile5 checkDesigner Knit33 checkDesigner Sweater Knit1 checkDiamond Stretch Velvet1 checkDiaper Cloth2 checkDimple Dot Cuddle4 checkDouble Knit Prints1 checkElly Eyelet4 checkEmbrace Double Gauze2 checkEnchanted Double Gauze6 checkEquestrian Hi Twist Satin3 checkFaille Prints1 checkFaux Fur Wild Chinchilla2 checkFlamingo Crepe de Chine1 checkFlorence Lace2 checkFlorence Linen4 checkFlower Garden10 checkFun Floral Activewear19 checkGabardine Shirting1 checkGalaxy Jersey Knit2 checkGeometric Jacquard Double Knit1 checkHampton Court Cotton Shirting5 checkHarlequin Stretch Cotton Sateen1 checkHarmony Jacquard Diamond Knit3 checkHatchi Sweater Knit Prints1 checkHatchi Sweater Knit Yarn Dyes2 checkHavana Knit2 checkHeather Bailey Garden District1 checkHeather Bailey Garden District Sateen1 checkHeather Bailey Momentum Rayon Challis1 checkHigh Low Knits5 checkHomespun Basics1 checkIbiko Jersey Knit1 checkIbiza Stretch Jersey Knit5 checkItalia Crepe2 checkITY Jersey Knit Prints6 checkITY Jersey Knit Solids9 checkJersey Knit Prints116 checkJersey Knit Solids93 checkJersey Knit Yarn Dyes13 checkJoel Dewberry Birch Farm Home Decor2 checkJoel Dewberry Home Decor Sateen13 checkJoel Dewberry Wander10 checkKaffe Fassett Fall 2011 Collection8 checkKaffe Fassett Home Decor Sateen8 checkKala Lace3 checkKaufman Antwerp Linen2 checkKaufman Axiom Stretch Microfiber Twill3 checkKaufman Baby Waffle Pique1 checkKaufman Bi Stretch Suiting5 checkKaufman Bird's Eye Pique1 checkKaufman Bisou Stretch Pique1 checkKaufman Bradford Herringbone Twill2 checkKaufman Breakers Seersucker5 checkKaufman Breezy Wide Voile1 checkKaufman Brussels Washer Linen Blend33 checkKaufman Brussels Washer Linen Blend Yarn Dyes5 checkKaufman Cambridge Cotton Lawn18 checkKaufman Cambridge Cotton Mini Print3 checkKaufman Career Oxford2 checkKaufman Career Oxford Yarn Dyes2 checkKaufman Carmel Suiting4 checkKaufman Carolina 1'' Gingham6 checkKaufman Carolina 1/8'' Gingham20 checkKaufman Carolina Gingham26 checkKaufman Casablanca Shirting5 checkKaufman Catalina Interlock Knit6 checkKaufman Chambray45 checkKaufman Chambray Jacquard2 checkKaufman Chambray Union9 checkKaufman Chambray Union Light1 checkKaufman Chambray Union Stretch1 checkKaufman Chamonix Cotton Moleskin4 checkKaufman Classic Seersucker31 checkKaufman Classic Threads1 checkKaufman Cool Cords24 checkKaufman Corduroy 14 Wale8 checkKaufman Corduroy 21 Wale38 checkKaufman Corduroy 6 Wale2 checkKaufman Cotton Voile Supreme Wide1 checkKaufman Denim19 checkKaufman Duet Lining2 checkKaufman Elementree3 checkKaufman Essex1 checkKaufman Essex Linen Blend31 checkKaufman Essex Wide Linen Blend4 checkKaufman Essex Yarn Dyed Linen Blend19 checkKaufman Galway Indigo Linen1 checkKaufman Geo Pop Canvas8 checkKaufman Hampton Twill9 checkKaufman Handkerchief Linen2 checkKaufman House Of Wales Plaids9 checkKaufman Ibiza Stretch Twill3 checkKaufman Imperial Stretch Shirting2 checkKaufman Indigo Denim 10 Oz.1 checkKaufman Indigo Denim 6.5 Oz.4 checkKaufman Interweave Chambray12 checkKaufman Laguna Cotton Jersey Knit39 checkKaufman Laguna Cotton Jersey Knit Prints18 checkKaufman Laguna Cotton Jersey Knit Solids20 checkKaufman Lennox Gardens Lawn1 checkKaufman Lennox Gardens Lawn: Blue4 checkKaufman Lennox Gardens Lawn: Garden4 checkKaufman Lennox Gardens Lawn: Harvest4 checkKaufman Linens Palette90 checkKaufman London Calling Lawn26 checkKaufman London Calling Lawn: Blue6 checkKaufman London Calling Lawn: Peach8 checkKaufman London Calling Lawn: Pink6 checkKaufman London Calling Lawn: Vintage4 checkKaufman Lush Velveteen16 checkKaufman Luxe Denim2 checkKaufman Mammoth Flannel20 checkKaufman Maxima Poplin7 checkKaufman Montauk Twill7 checkKaufman Nantucket Patchwork4 checkKaufman Nautique Chambray1 checkKaufman Newcastle Denim1 checkKaufman Nu-suede2 checkKaufman Organic Green Style7 checkKaufman Organic Poplin1 checkKaufman Oxford1 checkKaufman Pinpoint Oxford2 checkKaufman Radiance Cotton Silk Satin13 checkKaufman Railroad Denim2 checkKaufman Railroad Denim Stretch2 checkKaufman Raw and Very Refined4 checkKaufman Rebecca Embroideries23 checkKaufman Rebecca Embroideries Deluxe5 checkKaufman Rustica Chambray Linen2 checkKaufman Savannah Batiste1 checkKaufman Savannah Lawn4 checkKaufman Seersucker36 checkKaufman Seersucker Embroideries8 checkKaufman Serape Stripes Deluxe1 checkKaufman Shetland Flannel11 checkKaufman Stretch 21 Wale Corduroy1 checkKaufman Stretch Denim4 checkKaufman Stretch Twill 8.5 oz1 checkKaufman Stretch Vera Sateen9 checkKaufman Sweet Lady Jane Jacquard4 checkKaufman Swiss Dot3 checkKaufman Triumph Poplin5 checkKaufman Tropical Poplin2 checkKaufman Tuscany Wide Poplin2 checkKaufman Twill21 checkKaufman Ultima 60 Poplin5 checkKaufman Ultra Sateen2 checkKaufman Uniform Basics28 checkKaufman Vanessa Silky Lawn1 checkKaufman Ventura Microfiber Twill4 checkKaufman Waterford Linen5 checkKaufman White Shirt1 checkKaufman Work Perfect Shirting1 checkKaufman Zanzibar Shirting6 checkKimono ITY Knit1 checkKimono Voile1 checkKokka Echino Huedrawer14 checkKokka Echino Knit3 checkKokka Obiko2 checkKona Cotton8 checkKozy Cuddle Collection4 checkLaminated Cotton1 checkLattice Quilted Knit1 checkLianna Guipure Lace3 checkLiberty of London City Poplin1 checkLiberty Of London Denim3 checkLiberty Of London Dufour Jersey Knit9 checkLiberty Of London Lantana Gabardine1 checkLiberty Of London Linford Fleece2 checkLiberty of London Murray Loopback Terry Knit2 checkLiberty Of London Rossmore Corduroy1 checkLiberty Of London Tana Lawn40 checkLinen Prints5 checkLittle Bird Double Gauze5 checkLiverpool Double Knit19 checkLucy Lace4 checkLux Faux Shar-Pei Chinchilla Fur1 checkLuxe Cuddle Collection1 checkLuxury Faux Fur12 checkLuxury Faux Polo Mink Fur2 checkLuxury Faux Sante Fe Fur1 checkLuxury Faux Volga Fur3 checkMaeve Eyelet5 checkMake A Wish Double Gauze6 checkMalore Faux Leather1 checkMara Lace3 checkMarni Scuba Knit3 checkMatisse Crepe1 checkMaya Stretch ITY Jersey Knit1 checkMelrose Sweater Knit 1 checkMesh Burnout3 checkMesh Rose Lace2 checkMichael Miller Clip Dot7 checkMichael Miller Corduroy1 checkMichael Miller Fleece2 checkMichael Miller Lattice Eyelet6 checkMichael Miller Poly Satin3 checkMicrobrushed Ponte Knit7 checkMicrosuede Knit7 checkMinky Sante Fe Snuggle2 checkMirabella Jersey Knit4 checkMirella Crepe3 checkMissoni Crush3 checkMisty Stretch ITY Slub Jersey Knit2 checkModa Crepe21 checkMonaco Stretch ITY Jersey Knit11 checkMonet Rayon Sateen6 checkMorocco Blues Stretch Cotton Shirting21 checkMorocco Blues Stretch Poplin18 checkMozart Linen3 checkNordic Cable Quilted Knit1 checkNordic Triangle Double Gauze6 checkNotting Hill3 checkNotting Hill Home Decor Sateen3 checkNovelty Sweater Knit1 checkNylon Netting Fabric3 checkOnyx Collection7 checkOnyx Hatchi Knit1 checkOnyx Ponte Knit1 checkOpen Weave Sweater Knit1 checkOrganic Cotton Baby Rib Knit6 checkOrganic Cotton Interlock Knit8 checkOrganic Cotton Jersey Knit10 checkOrganic French Terry Knit5 checkOttoman Stripe Knit2 checkOxford4 checkPalermo Stretch Twill1 checkPalos Verdes Voile2 checkPaola Pique Knit17 checkPatchwork Eyelet2 checkPatina Faux Leather Knit2 checkPebble Jacquard Crepe1 checkPerfection Fused Leather8 checkPicasso Rayon Poplin8 checkPixie Knit3 checkPlayful Jacquard1 checkPonte De Roma Knit79 checkPonte Knit2 checkPonte Leggero Knit16 checkPoppy Lace3 checkPortland Challis3 checkPremier Prints Color Story: Kiwi1 checkPremier Prints Style: Arrow1 checkPretty Potent Interlock Knit4 checkPretty Potent Rayon Challis3 checkPrintemps Lace1 checkQuill By Valori Wells2 checkQuill Essex Linen Blend2 checkQuilt Illusions Double Knit2 checkQuilted Knit7 checkQuilted Knit Techno2 checkQuilted Triangle Knit3 checkRaw Hide Faux Leather1 checkRayon French Terry Knits7 checkRayon Voile3 checkReflection Hatchi Knit1 checkRiley Blake 1'' Stripe8 checkRiley Blake 1/2'' Stripes9 checkRiley Blake Chevron15 checkRiley Blake Cotton Jersey Knit105 checkRiley Blake Cozy Christmas2 checkRiley Blake Desert Main6 checkRiley Blake Double Gauze5 checkRiley Blake Dreamy Minky2 checkRiley Blake Four Corners9 checkRiley Blake Four Corners Knit9 checkRiley Blake Happy Flappers1 checkRiley Blake Happy Flappers Jersey Knit1 checkRiley Blake Holiday Banners3 checkRiley Blake Idle Wild Knits9 checkRiley Blake Ikat Knit6 checkRiley Blake Just Dreamy 28 checkRiley Blake Medium Houndstooth4 checkRiley Blake Oh Boy!2 checkRiley Blake Oh Boy! Jersey Knit2 checkRiley Blake Small Dots6 checkRiley Blake The Cottage Garden1 checkRiley Blake Tree Party9 checkRiley Blake Tree Party Knit9 checkRiley Blake Vintage Market3 checkRiley Blake Vivid Jersey Knit10 checkRipple Lace2 checkRobert Kaufman Home Decor8 checkRobert Kaufman Remix2 checkRobert Kaufman Sailors Dobby 12 checkRobin Crepe8 checkRose Cuddle1 checkRosy Eyelet1 checkRoxanne Faux Leather Knit2 checkSanta Barbara Linen Look5 checkSatin Charmeuse Prints3 checkScalloped Lace36 checkSeaside Lace1 checkSeersucker36 checkShadow Jacquard Knit1 checkShannon Silky Satin Fabric5 checkSienna Knit1 checkSiera Faux Leather2 checkSolid Mink Faux Fur3 checkSpade Jacquard Knit2 checkSt. James Double Knit 4 checkStretch Bamboo Rayon Rib Knit3 checkStretch Docker Twill6 checkStretch Marlow Denim1 checkStretch Nylon Shaper Mesh5 checkStretch Pacific Denim4 checkSupreme Lace13 checkSutton Suede7 checkSweater Rib Knit2 checkSweatshirt Fleece2 checkSwiss Dot7 checkSydney Crepe Knit1 checkTahari Stretch Satin10 checkTechno Scuba Knit1 checkTencel Jersey Knit1 checkThe Birds & Bees Laminated Cotton2 checkThe Birds & The Bees2 checkThe Season Wool Collection Wool Melton1 checkThea Eyelet2 checkTissavel Chinchilla Cloud Faux Fur 1 checkTissavel Luxury Faux Fur6 checkTissavel Niagara Faux Fur1 checkTissavel Prelude Faux Fur4 checkTissavel Shar-Pei Mink Faux Fur2 checkTissavel Vanoise Faux Fur3 checkTissue Jersey Knit1 checkTopaz Hatchi Knit3 checkTricot Stretch Lace2 checkTuscany Pinstripe Linen10 checkTy Pennington Impressions 20111 checkTy Pennington Impressions Home Decor 1 checkUmbria Linen11 checkUrban Zoologie3 checkUtopia Knit3 checkValori Wells In the Bloom Knit6 checkVarsity Hatchi Rib Knit1 checkVeneta Lace2 checkVenice Eyelet1 checkVenice Stretch ITY Jersey Knit11 checkVicki Payne Home Decor Sateen1 checkViscose Batiste11 checkViscose Rayon Challis9 checkViscose Twill8 checkWander10 checkWhistle Crepe de Chine4 checkWool Blend Melton6 checkXanadu Uniform Shirting1 checkXanna Floral Lace9 checkYarn Dyed Shirting1 checkZebra Jacquard Double Knit2
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Incorporate designer looks into any wardrobe with these high-quality fabrics from the top brands in the apparel industry. Find the perfect fabrics for any occasion or season, including premium denim, faux leather, yarn-dyed flannel, velveteen, faux fur, luxurious lace, and more in every color and print imaginable. Shop brands like Robert Kaufman, Liberty of London, Art Gallery, and Birch Organic for your next fashion project.
Art Gallery Jersey Knit Pop Art Spring Blossom
Art Gallery Jersey Knit Pop Art Spring Blossom
Designed for Art Gallery Fabrics, this lightweight stretch cotton jersey knit features a soft hand and about a 40% four ...
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close Art Gallery Jersey Knit Pop Art Spring Blossom
Art Gallery Jersey Knit Pop Art Spring Blossom

Description: Designed for Art Gallery Fabrics, this lightweight stretch cotton jersey knit features a soft hand and about a 40% four way stretch for added comfort and ease. It is perfect for making t-shirts, loungewear, leggings, children's apparel, knit dresses and ...

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