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Apparel & Fashion Fabric

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check100% Silk Shantung11 check108'' Wide Nylon Tulle5 check54'' Wide Tulle3 checkActivewear Solid Knits1 checkAlligator Faux Suede2 checkAndover Adorn by Alison Glass11 checkAndover Adorn Double Gauze2 checkAndover Adorn Lawns7 checkAnimal Cuddle2 checkAnthium Floral Satin4 checkAriel Scallop Sparkle Knit4 checkArt Gallery Bachelorette Fusion3 checkArt Gallery Blush4 checkArt Gallery Cotton Jersey Knit21 checkArt Gallery Indie Folk Jersey Knit4 checkArt Gallery Indie Folk Rayon Challis1 checkArt Gallery Lambkin6 checkArt Gallery Little Town1 checkArt Gallery Reverie Fusion2 checkArt Gallery Spices Fusion3 checkArt Gallery Woodlands Fusion3 checkAthletic Stretch Mesh1 checkAtlanta Falcons1 checkBirch Organic Camp Sur 39 checkBirch Organic Charley Harper Western Birds18 checkBirch Organic Double Gauze3 checkBirch Organic Interlock Knit24 checkBonded Cuddle1 checkBoucle Coating2 checkBubble Crepe21 checkBurberry1 checkBy the Bolt and By the Roll Fabrics14 checkCharmeuse Satin Mini Floral4 checkChiffon Prints29 checkCloud 9 Organic Corduroy Spring Quartet4 checkCloud 9 Organic Field Day4 checkCloud 9 Organic Knits4 checkCloud 9 Organic Laminate6 checkCloud 9 Organic Matte Laminate6 checkCoating Fabric3 checkCoco Paisley Lace9 checkCosmo Animals Flamingo3 checkCosmo Beach Life Plisse4 checkCosmo Cotton Linen Blend7 checkCosmo Garden Delight Lawn3 checkCosmo Motorcycles6 checkCosmo Sloths & Watches3 checkCosmo Spring Blooms3 checkCosmo Vintage2 checkCotton + Steel Beauty Shop2 checkCotton + Steel Challis4 checkCotton + Steel Home Decor Canvas2 checkCotton + Steel Kicks3 checkCotton + Steel Lagoon2 checkCotton + Steel Lawn4 checkCotton + Steel Magic Forest2 checkCotton + Steel Rayon Lawn2 checkCotton + Steel Rifle Paper Co. Menagerie8 checkCotton Lawn3 checkCrepe De Chine Prints32 checkCrepe De Chine Solids1 checkCrepe Georgette1 checkCrepe Knit3 checkCrepe Prints1 checkCrochet Lace1 checkCuddle Classics1 checkDesigner Cotton Lawn7 checkDesigner Cotton Voile2 checkDesigner Jacquard Knits7 checkDesigner Silk Fabrics2 checkDigitally Printed Rayon Challis3 checkDimple Dot Cuddle1 checkDisney6 checkDisney Frozen2 checkDisney Frozen Fleece2 checkDisney Knits7 checkDisney Little Mermaid2 checkDisney Mickey Mouse3 checkDisney Minnie Mouse3 checkDisney Princess5 checkDouble Brushed Spandex Jersey Knit69 checkDream Weaves7 checkEmbrace Double Gauze20 checkEmbroidered Cotton1 checkEmbroidered Organza5 checkEmbroidered Sequin Taffeta1 checkEmbroidered Yarn Dyed Poplin4 checkEuropean 100% Linen4 checkEuropean Linen14 checkEuropean Linen Blend7 checkEuropean Stretch Linen5 checkEuropean Stretch Linen Style: Shark Fin1 checkFancy Eyelet1 checkFloral Embroidered Mesh Lace17 checkFlower Lace10 checkFrench Designer Fabrics33 checkFrench Designer Jacquards26 checkFrou-Frou Fleuri Voile11 checkGeometric Jacquard Double Knit1 checkHatchi Sweater Knit Prints1 checkIceberg Embroidered Mesh Lace4 checkInternational Designer Fabrics10 checkInternational Designer Knits5 checkInternational Designer Rayon Fabrics2 checkInternational Designer Shirtings1 checkIsland Batik Fabric23 checkIsland Batik Rayon Challis23 checkItalian Designer Fabrics12 checkItalian Designer Wool8 checkItalian Designer Wool Kits1 checkItalian Designer Wool Ponchos1 checkITY Jersey Knit Prints2 checkJacquard Knit9 checkJacquard Sweater Knit1 checkJB Martin Aruba Microfiber Polyester Velvet5 checkJB Martin Juliette Velvet6 checkJersey Knit Prints1 checkJersey Knit Solids17 checkKansas City Chiefs1 checkKaufman Arroyo42 checkKaufman Blake Cotton Jersey Knit9 checkKaufman Chambray10 checkKaufman Chambray Stitched1 checkKaufman Digitally Printed Rayon Challis1 checkKaufman Digitally Printed Rayon Lawn4 checkKaufman Digitally Printed Stretch Poplin2 checkKaufman Durango Flannel10 checkKaufman Highlander Flannel6 checkKaufman Ivy Oxford1 checkKaufman Limerick Linen3 checkKaufman Mammoth Flannel10 checkKaufman Oxford8 checkKaufman Pinpoint Oxford2 checkKaufman Quotes Chambray9 checkKaufman Royal Oxford5 checkKaufman Santa Cruz Twill20 checkKaufman Sevenberry Barkcloth13 checkKaufman Sevenberry Island Paradise13 checkKaufman Sevenberry Nara Homespun20 checkKaufman Sevenberry Plisse Collection22 checkKaufman Shimmer Yarn Dye Shirting8 checkKokka Double Gauze7 checkKokka Push Pin Matryoshika2 checkKokka Trefle7 checkKokka Trefle Oxford8 checkKozy Cuddle Collection2 checkLame Knit7 checkLaminated Cotton6 checkLawn Yarn Dyes3 checkLecien American Country 172 checkLecien Memoire A Paris 20175 checkLiberty Fabrics Belgravia Satin Charmeuse29 checkLiberty Fabrics Jersey Knit11 checkLiberty Fabrics Kensington Crepe de Chine30 checkLiberty Fabrics Saville Poplin18 checkLiberty Fabrics Silk Chiffon28 checkLiberty Fabrics Tana Lawn127 checkLiberty Fabrics Wardour Jersey Knit6 checkLinen/Silk Satin1 checkLiverpool Double Knit42 checkLlama Cuddle2 checkLocal Color Yarn Dyed Flannels2 checkLos Angeles Chargers2 checkMaggy London Chiffon3 checkMaggy London ITY Knits7 checkMaggy London Shantung Sateen1 checkMaggy London Twill3 checkMarvel Comics2 checkMarvel Comics Knits1 checkMarvel Fleece1 checkMatte Tricot5 checkMerino Wool Suiting2 checkMichael Miller Faux Fur36 checkMichael Miller Minky67 checkMichael Miller Minky Black and White13 checkMichael Miller Minky Nutcracker17 checkMichael Miller Minky Prints32 checkMichael Miller Minky Solid29 checkMichael Miller Minky Solid Bella Snuggle3 checkMichael Miller Minky Solid Rosebud Snuggle18 checkMichael Miller Minky Solid Velvet Snuggle3 checkMichael Miller Nutcracker14 checkMichael Miller Snuggle Minky21 checkMichael Miller Solid Herringbone Snuggle2 checkMinky Cuddle2 checkMinky Cuddle Baaa1 checkMinky Cuddle Dottie Dot1 checkMinky Cuddle Prints3 checkMinky Embossed Arrow1 checkMinky Embossed Tile Cuddle1 checkModa Whispers Double Gauze1 checkMonaluna Organic Anya2 checkMonaluna Organic Bloom4 checkMonaluna Organic Cottage Garden6 checkMonaluna Organic Double Gauze3 checkMonaluna Organic Haiku9 checkMonaluna Organic Knits5 checkMonaluna Organic Lawn7 checkMonaluna Organic Poplin18 checkMonaluna Organic Simple Life2 checkMonaluna Organic Wanderlust5 checkNFL Cotton Broadcloth1 checkNFL Fleece3 checkNintendo Super Mario Brothers2 checkOff to the Races Twill5 checkP Kaufmann Style: Denim Twill3 checkPeachskin Prints1 checkPineapple Party1 checkPolar Fleece Prints17 checkPolyester Crepe Prints7 checkPolyester Lining1 checkPremier Prints Dolce Vita Cuddle1 checkPremier Prints Mockingbird Cuddle1 checkPremier Prints Style: Blooms Minky Cuddle1 checkPrinted Cotton Poplin1 checkPrinted Satin1 checkRalph Lauren Style: Burke Wool2 checkRalph Lauren Style: Colter Falls1 checkRalph Lauren Style: Field Jacket1 checkRayon Challis Prints64 checkRayon Challis Solids10 checkRayon/Silk Blend Velvet6 checkRiley Blake A Little Sweetness4 checkRiley Blake Cotton Jersey Knit6 checkRiley Blake Fossil Rim Jersey Knits2 checkRobert Kaufman Perfecto Poplin22 checkRuffle Taffeta3 checkSatin Charmeuse Prints29 checkSequin Lace5 checkSequin Mesh2 checkShannon Embrace Double Gauze Quilt Kit1 checkShannon Luxe Cuddle3 checkShantung Sateen1 checkShimmer Satin2 checkSlinky Knit6 checkSoft Cuddle1 checkSoft Cuddle Ziggy1 checkSolid Double Brushed Jersey Knit19 checkSolid Satin1 checkSpa Cuddle1 checkSparkle Tulle2 checkSpecial Occasion Jacquard4 checkSquare Dazzle & Mesh Sequins1 checkStarlet Holo Lame Dancewear Knit7 checkStarlight Beverly3 checkStarlight Bridely1 checkStarlight Florance2 checkStarlight Laurier2 checkStarlight Rattle1 checkStarlight Roundarose3 checkStof France Botanical Quilt Prints6 checkStof France Quilt Novelties7 checkStof France Stretch Jersey Knits20 checkStof France Tribal Quilt Prints4 checkStrata Athletic Knit8 checkStretch ITY Knit1 checkStretch Lace1 checkStretch L'Amour Satin3 checkStretch Sateen1 checkStretch Velvet18 checkSuiting Fabric16 checkSupplex Athletic Knit9 checkSupreme African Print Fabric19 checkSupreme African Wax Print Fabric10 checkSupreme Bazin African Print Fabric5 checkSupreme Osikani African Print Fabric4 checkSwimwear13 checkSwiss Dot4 checkSwiss Dot Cuddle1 checkTartan Plaid Shirtings1 checkTechno Scuba Knit4 checkTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles3 checkTelio Ashmore Sweater Rib Knit5 checkTelio Betty Dobby Dot Chiffon4 checkTelio Bubble Satin Crepe7 checkTelio Camden Embroidered Suiting4 checkTelio Claudia Crepe1 checkTelio CN Stripe Basketweave3 checkTelio Colorado Crepe de Chine4 checkTelio Colorado Poly Faille6 checkTelio Coralie Embroidered Lace6 checkTelio Corded Lace4 checkTelio Curly Cue Boucle4 checkTelio Dali Rayon Poplin1 checkTelio Denim3 checkTelio Denver II Boucle Coating5 checkTelio Double Weave Stretch Suiting7 checkTelio Drake Sweatshirt Fleece4 checkTelio Eeva Embroidered Chiffon1 checkTelio Effie Embroidered Mesh Lace1 checkTelio Elise Embroidered Chantilly Lace3 checkTelio Embroidered Chambray5 checkTelio Fumiko Stripe4 checkTelio Hemp Jersey Knits5 checkTelio Henry Plaid3 checkTelio Kaori Brushed Coating2 checkTelio Midnight Garden1 checkTelio Mirror Satin6 checkTelio Misty Slub ITY Knit1 checkTelio Moda Crepe7 checkTelio Morocco Blues Stretch Poplin1 checkTelio Picasso Rayon Poplin5 checkTelio Portia Crepe2 checkTelio Rayon Poplin1 checkTelio Robin Crepe de Chine9 checkTelio Rosie Corded Lace4 checkTelio San Tropez Shirting2 checkTelio Shaggy Faux Fur4 checkTelio Sirina Crepe4 checkTelio Soho Faux Suede8 checkTelio Splendid French Terry Knit3 checkTelio Strasbourg4 checkTelio Swiss Dot4 checkTelio Veronica Lace5 checkTelio Yoga Knit1 checkTricotine Suiting6 checkVenezia Solid ITY Stretch Knit9 checkWaxed Canvas5 checkWool Blend Coating18 checkWool Melton4 checkWool Suiting4
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