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Art Gallery 365 Fifth Av2 Art Gallery Aquarelle2 Art Gallery Aquarelle Rayon Challis2 Art Gallery Bachelorette Fusion1 Art Gallery Bookish 1 Art Gallery Cozy & Joyful1 Art Gallery Cozy & Joyful Rayon Challis1 Art Gallery Eve1 Art Gallery Gathered1 Art Gallery Her & History1 Art Gallery Homebody1 Art Gallery Hooked1 Art Gallery Hooked Rayon Challis1 Art Gallery Indie Folk Rayon Challis1 Art Gallery Kismet Rayon Challis1 Art Gallery Little Town1 Art Gallery Loved To Pieces1 Art Gallery Luna & Laurel Rayon Challis1 Art Gallery Marrakesh Fusion1 Art Gallery Onward & Upward1 Art Gallery Picturesque Rayon Challis2 Art Gallery Pollinate1 Art Gallery Rain Forest Fusion1 Art Gallery Rayon Challis21 Art Gallery Rosewood Fusion1 Art Gallery Sparkler Fusion2 Art Gallery Spices Fusion1 Art Gallery The Flower Society2 Art Gallery Velvet2 Art Gallery Virtuosa1 Art Gallery Wild Bloom Rayon Challis1 Batik Rayon Challis1 Cloud9 Flora Rayon Challis2 Cloud9 Organic Modern Retro Barkcloth9 Cloud9 Rayon1 Cotton + Steel Challis12 Cotton + Steel Les Fleurs1 Cotton + Steel Once Upon a Time3 Cotton + Steel Once Upon a Time Rayon Poplin3 Cotton + Steel Rifle Paper Co. Wonderland1 Cotton + Steel Rifle Paper Co. Wonderland Substrates1 Cotton + Steel Rotary Club1 Fabric Merchants Deadstock Fabrics1 Fabric Merchants Margaret Rayon Challis2 Fabric Merchants Rayon Challis5 Fabtrends Soleil Rayon Challis2 FIGO Rayon Challis1 FIGO True Kisses2 Rayon Challis Prints136 Rayon Challis Solids2 Rayon Poplin3 Riley Blake Girl Power3 Riley Blake Rayon Challis4 Suite B Rayon Challis14 Swiss Dot Challis2 Telio Dali Rayon Poplin2 Telio Garance Rayon Challis Slub4 Telio Kahlo Slub Rayon Challis1 Telio Kahlua Slub Rayon Challis2 Telio Kaya Rayon Challis2 Telio Selena Rayon Challis21 Telio Sencha Rayon Challis Stripe1
Specialty Shopplus
Rayon challis fabric is soft, has a beautiful drape, and is perfect for creating stylish tops, skirts, lightweight jackets, and flowing dresses.

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