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Organic Yucca Voile4 checkCloud 9 Organics Garden Secrets Bouquet1 checkCloud 9 Organics Threads8 checkCloud 9 Organics Vignette2 checkCotton + Steel27 checkCotton + Steel Bespoke Double Gauze9 checkCotton + Steel Cat Lady2 checkCotton + Steel Challis8 checkCotton + Steel Checkers17 checkCotton + Steel Clover2 checkCotton + Steel Cookie Book1 checkCotton + Steel Double Gauze4 checkCotton + Steel Frock Rayon Poplin4 checkCotton + Steel From Porto With Love2 checkCotton + Steel Hatbox1 checkCotton + Steel Homebody1 checkCotton + Steel Honeymoon1 checkCotton + Steel Lawn18 checkCotton + Steel Les Fleurs7 checkCotton + Steel Lucky Strikes 1 checkCotton + Steel Macrame2 checkCotton + Steel Mesa2 checkCotton + Steel Mochi2 checkCotton + Steel Paper Bandana2 checkCotton + Steel Penny Arcade1 checkCotton + Steel Picnic1 checkCotton + Steel Rotary Club2 checkCotton + Steel Tokyo Train Ride1 checkCotton + Steel Trinket2 checkCotton Blend Broadcloth1 checkCotton Shirting Folklore4 checkCotton Supreme Solids40 checkCozy Yarn Dye Flannel3 checkDaisy Gingham1 checkDesigner Essentials Solid Broadcloth7 checkDouble Gauze1 checkDream Weaves Woven Ikat Shirting16 checkEmbroidered Yarn Dyed Plaid Shirting3 checkEnchanted Double Gauze6 checkEssential Gradations4 checkEthereal Double Gauze6 checkFloral Eyelet1 checkGingham2 checkHomespun Basics1 checkHudson Bay Diamond Dobby Shirting3 checkImperial Micro Check3 checkImperial Tartan Plaid Shirting3 checkIndah Ikat9 checkIndian Batik13 checkIndian Batik Crinkle Cotton13 checkJackie1 checkKaffe Fassett Artisan 4 checkKaffe Fassett Artisan Yarn Dyed Wovens4 checkKaffe Fassett Shot Cotton42 checkKaufman 2" Carolina Gingham5 checkKaufman Breakers Seersucker4 checkKaufman Brussels Washer Linen Blend1 checkKaufman Cambridge Cotton Lawn30 checkKaufman Cambridge Cotton Mini Print6 checkKaufman Carolina 1'' Gingham8 checkKaufman Carolina 1/8'' Gingham24 checkKaufman Carolina Gingham37 checkKaufman Chambray8 checkKaufman Classic Seersucker2 checkKaufman Denim3 checkKaufman Essex Linen Blend21 checkKaufman Essex Yarn Dyed Linen Blend9 checkKaufman Greenwich Chambray19 checkKaufman Grizzly Plaid Twill5 checkKaufman House Of Wales Plaids8 checkKaufman Indigo Plaid7 checkKaufman Interweave Chambray8 checkKaufman Lennox Gardens Lawn: Blue4 checkKaufman Lennox Gardens Lawn: Garden3 checkKaufman Lennox Gardens Lawn: Harvest4 checkKaufman Linens Palette27 checkKaufman Little Prints Double Gauze38 checkKaufman London Calling Lawn50 checkKaufman London Calling Lawn: Blue6 checkKaufman London Calling Lawn: Peach7 checkKaufman London Calling Lawn: Pink6 checkKaufman London Calling Lawn: Vintage4 checkKaufman Mammoth Flannel19 checkKaufman Manchester Yarn Dyed Cotton22 checkKaufman Maxima Poplin4 checkKaufman Nantucket Patchwork5 checkKaufman Paradise Pareaus 310 checkKaufman Pinpoint Oxford1 checkKaufman Raw and Refined7 checkKaufman Rebecca Embroideries14 checkKaufman Rebecca Embroideries Deluxe2 checkKaufman Seersucker6 checkKaufman Sevenberry115 checkKaufman Sevenberry Bandana14 checkKaufman Sevenberry Classic Plaids18 checkKaufman Sevenberry Petite Basics38 checkKaufman Sevenberry Petite Fleurs60 checkKaufman Sevenberry Petite Foulard52 checkKaufman Shetland Flannel20 checkKaufman Superluxe Poplin20 checkKaufman Sweet Lady Jane Jacquard1 checkKaufman Swiss Dot2 checkKaufman Tahitian Nights Poplin1 checkKaufman Ultra Sateen2 checkKaufman Uniform Basics4 checkKokka Double Gauze6 checkKokka Echino Huedrawer11 checkKokka Muddy Works3 checkKokka Trefle2 checkKokka Trefle Cucito2 checkKona Dimensions4 checkLittle Bird Double Gauze6 checkLuminary Yarn Dyed Chambray3 checkMadras Plaid2 checkMake A Wish Double Gauze6 checkMichael Miller Aqua & Red2 checkMichael Miller Blue & White6 checkMichael Miller Citron Gray3 checkMichael Miller Clip Dot6 checkMichael Miller Cotton Couture Broadcloth65 checkMichael Miller Glitz1 checkMichael Miller Indigo Ikat3 checkMichael Miller Lagoon1 checkMichael Miller Paris Prepster2 checkMichael Miller Sorbet4 checkModa Bella Broadcloth44 checkModa Celebration2 checkModa Chambray1 checkModa Contempo2 checkModa Daydreams2 checkModa Denim7 checkModa Giggles1 checkModa Modernism1 checkModa Moving On Lawns34 checkModa Sphere1 checkModa Whispers Double Gauze17 checkNba3 checkNordic Triangle Double Gauze3 checkOxford1 checkPalos Verdes Voile1 checkPima Check Classics3 checkPima Cotton Broadcloth9 checkPima Sheen Sateen2 checkPlaid Seersucker4 checkPremier Prints Style: Zig Zag1 checkPremium Broadcloth31 checkPrimo Country Squire Flannel3 checkPrisma Dye Batik Fabric15 checkRiley Blake Designs Solids2 checkSeersucker4 checkShirting Prints1 checkShot-cee1 checkStellar Textured Voile3 checkSwiss Dot6 checkTartan Plaid Shirtings10 checkTextile Creations Houndstooth3 checkTextile Creations Indian Batik Embroidered6 checkTextile Creations Indian Batiks19 checkTextile Creations Seersucker4 checkThe Hit Parade2 checkThe Hit Parade Double Gauze2 checkTutti Frutti Plisse40 checkWith Love Double Gauze6 checkWoven 1/4" Gingham5 checkWoven 1/8'' Gingham4
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Frolic in the Snow Flannel Hats & Mittens
Frolic in the Snow Flannel Hats & Mittens
Designed by Kris Lammers for Maywood Studio, this cotton print flannel fabric is perfect for quilting, apparel and home decor ...
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Frolic in the Snow Flannel Hats & Mittens

Description: Designed by Kris Lammers for Maywood Studio, this cotton print flannel fabric is perfect for quilting, apparel and home decor accents. Colors include white, blue, red and green.

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