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check Liberty Fabrics Crepe De Chine42 check100% European Hancherchief Linen7 check100% European Linen43 check100% European Linen Knit3 check100% European Medium-Weight Linen9 check100% Linen3 check118" Sheer Voile10 check120" Poly Poplin2 check60" Poly Poplin6 checkAfrican Print Broadcloth23 checkAlexander Henry Cotton Jersey Knits2 checkArt Gallery Abloom Fusion2 checkArt Gallery Arizona After6 checkArt Gallery Bachelorette Fusion3 checkArt Gallery Blithe2 checkArt Gallery Blush3 checkArt Gallery Boardwalk Delight2 checkArt Gallery Boho Fusion3 checkArt Gallery Bountiful1 checkArt Gallery Chalk & Paint1 checkArt Gallery Chalk & Paint Knit1 checkArt Gallery Charleston1 checkArt Gallery City Loft Fusion1 checkArt Gallery City Loft Fusion Jersey Knit1 checkArt Gallery Cleta1 checkArt Gallery Coastline1 checkArt Gallery Cotton Jersey Knit114 checkArt Gallery Day Trip1 checkArt Gallery Dollhouse3 checkArt Gallery Esoterra2 checkArt Gallery Esoterra Jersey Knit1 checkArt Gallery Ethereal Fusion3 checkArt Gallery Fleet & Flourish1 checkArt Gallery Floralia Fusion2 checkArt Gallery Garden Dreamer2 checkArt Gallery Gathered1 checkArt Gallery Hello Bear2 checkArt Gallery Hello Ollie Organic2 checkArt Gallery Here Comes The Fun1 checkArt Gallery Heritage3 checkArt Gallery InBlue2 checkArt Gallery Indie Boheme5 checkArt Gallery Indie Folk Jersey Knit4 checkArt Gallery Indie Folk Rayon Challis1 checkArt Gallery Indigo & Aster4 checkArt Gallery Joyful Fusion2 checkArt Gallery Lagom2 checkArt Gallery Lambkin6 checkArt Gallery Lavish1 checkArt Gallery Little Town3 checkArt Gallery Love Story5 checkArt Gallery Mad Plaid1 checkArt Gallery Morning Walk1 checkArt Gallery Nest2 checkArt Gallery Nightfall3 checkArt Gallery Observer1 checkArt Gallery Playground1 checkArt Gallery Printemps2 checkArt Gallery Printemps Knits1 checkArt Gallery Printemps Rayon1 checkArt Gallery Pure Elements Knit2 checkArt Gallery Pure Elements Solids2 checkArt Gallery Rayon Challis3 checkArt Gallery Reverie Fusion2 checkArt Gallery Sage1 checkArt Gallery Sketchbook1 checkArt Gallery Skopelos2 checkArt Gallery Solid Rayon Challis4 checkArt Gallery Soulful4 checkArt Gallery Sparkler Fusion5 checkArt Gallery Spices Fusion2 checkArt Gallery Splendid Fusion2 checkArt Gallery Tallinn1 checkArt Gallery Tule1 checkArt Gallery Voile1 checkArt Gallery West Palm1 checkArt Gallery Wild Bloom Jersey Knit3 checkArt Gallery Wild Bloom Rayon Challis1 checkArt Gallery Wonderful Things4 checkArt Gallery Wonderland4 checkArt Gallery Wonderland Knit4 checkArt Gallery Woodlands Fusion3 checkBatik Rayon Challis7 checkBatiste12 checkBreeze Batiste1 checkBubble Crepe2 checkCalifornia Stretch French Terry2 checkChambray Lawn2 checkChambray Shirting2 checkChantilly Lace9 checkChiffon Prints1 checkCircle Guipure Lace1 checkCoco Paisley Lace13 checkCotton + Steel6 checkCotton + Steel Challis18 checkCotton + Steel From Porto With Love3 checkCotton + Steel Hatbox1 checkCotton + Steel Honeymoon1 checkCotton + Steel Kicks1 checkCotton + Steel Lagoon1 checkCotton + Steel Lawn17 checkCotton + Steel Lawn Lawnquilt 10 checkCotton + Steel Les Fleurs5 checkCotton + Steel Lucky Strikes 1 checkCotton + Steel Macrame1 checkCotton + Steel Picnic1 checkCotton + Steel Rayon Lawn4 checkCotton + Steel Rifle Paper Co. Amalfi4 checkCotton + Steel Rifle Paper Co. Menagerie7 checkCotton + Steel Rifle Paper Co. Wonderland4 checkCotton + Steel Rifle Paper Co. Wonderland Substrates4 checkCotton + Steel Rotary Club2 checkCotton + Steel Santa Fe1 checkCotton + Steel Sienna6 checkCotton + Steel Solid Lawn8 checkCotton Batik Jersey Knits3 checkCotton Dobby Skip1 checkCotton Jersey Knit Children's1 checkCotton Lawn6 checkCrepe De Chine Prints42 checkCrepe Georgette7 checkCrinkle Gauze3 checkDear Stella Knit5 checkDear Stella Moonscape2 checkDesigner Cotton Voile1 checkDouble Brushed Jersey Knit Fruit Widely Fruity2 checkDouble Brushed Jersey Knit Prints3 checkDouble Brushed Jersey Knit Watermelon and Strawberry1 checkDouble Brushed Poly Jersey Knit35 checkDouble Brushed Spandex Jersey Knit45 checkEssex Linen Blend5 checkEuropean 100% Linen10 checkEuropean Delave Linen1 checkEuropean Linen88 checkEuropean Linen Italino12 checkEuropean Linen Italino Tumbled3 checkEuropean Linen Marbella8 checkEuropean Linen Memphis5 checkEuropean Linen Nevada22 checkEuropean Linen Wyoming16 checkFabric Merchants Jersey Knit8 checkFabtrends Fukuro Jacquard Knit2 checkFabtrends Mikado10 checkFabtrends Soleil Rayon Challis11 checkFabtrends Washer Ghost Crepe Fabric5 checkFabtrends Yarn Dye Linen Blend Shirting8 checkFancy Eyelet1 checkFIGO Glasshouse Rayon Challis4 checkFIGO Surface1 checkFloral Pebbled Stretch Crepe1 checkFrench Designer Fabrics2 checkGingham3 checkGiselle Stretch Lace13 checkHudson Bay Rayon Challis9 checkHudson Bay Rayon Challis Batik6 checkImperial Batiste10 checkInternational Designer Fabrics9 checkInternational Designer Jacquard1 checkInternational Designer Knits4 checkInternational Designer Lawn1 checkItalian Designer Fabrics1 checkItalian Tropical Wool Suiting1 checkITY Jersey Knit Prints1 checkJersey Knit Heather1 checkJersey Knit Solids84 checkJersey Knit Yarn Dyed1 checkKaufman 2" Carolina Gingham4 checkKaufman Antwerp Linen2 checkKaufman Bordeaux Rayon Challis1 checkKaufman Breakers Seersucker4 checkKaufman Breezy Wide Voile1 checkKaufman Brussels Washer Linen Blend27 checkKaufman Brussels Washer Linen Blend Yarn Dyes8 checkKaufman Cambridge Cotton Lawn7 checkKaufman Carolina 1'' Gingham6 checkKaufman Carolina 1/8'' Gingham19 checkKaufman Carolina Gingham29 checkKaufman Chambray1 checkKaufman Classic Seersucker22 checkKaufman Cotton Voile Supreme Wide1 checkKaufman Dana Jersey Knit16 checkKaufman Denim2 checkKaufman Essex108 checkKaufman Essex Linen Blend108 checkKaufman Essex Wide Linen Blend4 checkKaufman Essex Yarn Dyed Homespun Linen9 checkKaufman Essex Yarn Dyed Linen Blend47 checkKaufman Forage1 checkKaufman Galway Indigo Linen1 checkKaufman Handkerchief Linen2 checkKaufman House Of Wales Plaids8 checkKaufman Humbolt3 checkKaufman Laguna Cotton Jersey Knit12 checkKaufman Laguna Cotton Jersey Knit Solids12 checkKaufman Lennox Gardens Lawn: Blue2 checkKaufman Lennox Gardens Lawn: Garden2 checkKaufman Lennox Gardens Lawn: Harvest2 checkKaufman Linens Palette96 checkKaufman London Calling Lawn: Blue2 checkKaufman London Calling Lawn: Peach3 checkKaufman London Calling Lawn: Pink2 checkKaufman London Calling Lawn: Vintage1 checkKaufman Lucinda Rayon Lawn2 checkKaufman Luxe Denim2 checkKaufman Malibu Poplin3 checkKaufman Manchester Metallic5 checkKaufman Maxima Poplin1 checkKaufman Mendocino3 checkKaufman Organic Green Style3 checkKaufman Organic Poplin1 checkKaufman Plisse Collection11 checkKaufman Savannah Batiste1 checkKaufman Savannah Lawn2 checkKaufman Seersucker28 checkKaufman Seersucker Solids2 checkKaufman Sevenberry1 checkKaufman Sevenberry Bandana10 checkKaufman Sevenberry Classiques Chambray1 checkKaufman Sevenberry Petite Basics1 checkKaufman Sevenberry Petite Foulard1 checkKaufman Sevenberry Petite Garden Lawn16 checkKaufman Superluxe Poplin4 checkKaufman Ultima 60 Poplin1 checkKaufman Uniform Basics1 checkKaufman Vanessa Silky Lawn1 checkKaufman Waterford Linen5 checkKaufman White Shirt1 checkKaufman Work Perfect Shirting1 checkKokka Lawn1 checkLace6 checkLawn Yarn Dyes2 checkLiberty Fabric Augusta Linen29 checkLiberty Fabrics Sycamore Linen3 checkLiberty Fabrics Tana Lawn189 checkLiberty Fabrics Wardour Jersey Knit2 checkLinen Blend Fabric4 checkLinen Look Cotton Shirting2 checkLinen Rayon Blend 1 checkLiverpool Double Knit15 checkMaker Maker1 checkMatte Sequin Lace3 checkMedium Linen2 checkMermaid Sequins1 checkMichael Miller Clip Dot1 checkMichael Miller Jersey Knit1 checkMichael Miller Magic1 checkMicro Fiber Poplin4 checkMillennium Jacquard Lurex Stripe5 checkMonaluna Organic Haiku4 checkMonaluna Organic Lawn4 checkMonaluna Organic Poplin3 checkMoroccan Crepe6 checkPalms Guipure Lace1 checkPenny Rose Linen and Lawn3 checkPicnic Gingham9 checkPima Petticoat Batiste2 checkPin Stripe Jersey Knit2 checkPlaid Seersucker1 checkPoly Rayon Colleen1 checkPolyester Crepe Prints2 checkPower Poplin1 checkPrinted Cotton Jersey Knits3 checkRaschelle Lace18 checkRayon Challis Prints15 checkRayon Challis Solids10 checkRayon Challis Tie Dye2 checkRayon Challis Twill4 checkRayon Crepe5 checkRayon Spandex Yarn Dyed Striped Jersey Knits5 checkRegatta Seersucker3 checkRichcheck Gingham29 checkRichcheck Gingham Check 1''10 checkRichcheck Gingham Check 1/16''4 checkRichcheck Gingham Check 1/4''9 checkRichcheck Gingham Check 1/8''6 checkRiley Blake 1'' Stripe5 checkRiley Blake 1/2'' Stripes4 checkRiley Blake Carolina2 checkRiley Blake Cotton Jersey Knit45 checkRiley Blake Derby Day5 checkRiley Blake Fossil Rim Jersey Knits1 checkRiley Blake Ghouls1 checkRiley Blake Havana Pineapple2 checkRiley Blake Small Dots4 checkRiley Blake When Skies Are Grey1 checkRobert Kaufman London Calling11 checkRobert Kaufman Perfecto Poplin13 checkScalloped Lace11 checkSchool Uniform Plaid12 checkSeersucker40 checkSequin Lace5 checkShantung Sateen1 checkSilk Crepe de Chine Solids3 checkSoft Spun Poly Jersey Knit1 checkSolid Double Brushed Jersey Knit18 checkSouthern Classic Linen Blend1 checkSplash Burnout Jersey Knit3 checkStof France Stretch Jersey Knits13 checkStretch Linen Fabric2 checkStretch Rayon Jersey Knit2 checkStretch Seersucker2 checkSwiss Dot6 checkTechno Scuba Knit17 checkTelio Amelia Lace1 checkTelio Angelina Embroidery Mesh Lace4 checkTelio Avellino Stretch Linen1 checkTelio Avita Stretch Lace4 checkTelio Bamboo Rayon Jersey Knit33 checkTelio Bamboo Tie Dye Jersey Knit3 checkTelio Bedford Lawn1 checkTelio Bee Mesh1 checkTelio Blossom Yoryu Chiffon4 checkTelio Boheme Linen Rayon11 checkTelio Camellia Lace2 checkTelio Capri Linen Jersey Knit2 checkTelio Cassie Eyelet1 checkTelio Cezanne Linen Viscose1 checkTelio Cheerful Embroidered Cotton Lawn1 checkTelio Colorado Crepe de Chine2 checkTelio Coralie Embroidered Lace1 checkTelio Corded Lace2 checkTelio Cotton Voile9 checkTelio Crezia Jersey Knit1 checkTelio Daisy Embroidery3 checkTelio Dakota Stretch Rayon Jersey Knit4 checkTelio Dali Rayon Poplin1 checkTelio Deauville Rayon Jacquard2 checkTelio Delphine1 checkTelio Digital Linen1 checkTelio Digital Linen Prints4 checkTelio Digital Printed Linen15 checkTelio Dot Dobby4 checkTelio Edythe Corded Embroidery Mesh Floral2 checkTelio Effie Embroidered Mesh Lace1 checkTelio Elise Embroidered Chantilly Lace2 checkTelio Elly Eyelet3 checkTelio Embroidery1 checkTelio Extravagance1 checkTelio Fantinet Coreded Embroidery Mesh Floral2 checkTelio Flashdance Mermaid Sequins1 checkTelio Florence Linen1 checkTelio Francoise Mesh Lace1 checkTelio Full Bloom Embroidery Mesh2 checkTelio Glamour Mesh Lace1 checkTelio Hemp Jersey Knits3 checkTelio Ibiza Stretch Jersey Knit2 checkTelio Imperial Guipure Lace1 checkTelio Kala Lace1 checkTelio Lianna Guipure Lace3 checkTelio Linen Rayon3 checkTelio Lourdes Guipure Floral1 checkTelio Luella Embroidered Lace1 checkTelio Madelaine1 checkTelio Maeve Eyelet2 checkTelio Majestic Sequin Embroidered Mesh2 checkTelio Marakesh Corded Lace2 checkTelio Marlow Denim2 checkTelio Matisse Poly Air Flow Crepe1 checkTelio Melissa Mesh Lace2 checkTelio Misora Crepe16 checkTelio Misty Slub Knit1 checkTelio Moda Crepe12 checkTelio Montana Embroidered Poplin1 checkTelio Morocco Blues Stretch Poplin6 checkTelio Organic Cotton Jersey Knit14 checkTelio Organic Cotton Jersey Knit Prints3 checkTelio Pandora Rayon Poplin3 checkTelio Pebble Crepe4 checkTelio Pebble Satin Crepe2 checkTelio Peyton Crepe de Chine3 checkTelio Picasso Rayon Poplin1 checkTelio Pleated Knit5 checkTelio Rafaella Lace2 checkTelio Rayon Jersey Knit5 checkTelio Rayon Poplin2 checkTelio Reflection Metallic Knit2 checkTelio Riviera Crepe2 checkTelio Robin Crepe de Chine4 checkTelio Robin Faille2 checkTelio Romsey Linen Stripe3 checkTelio Rosella Crepe6 checkTelio Rosie Corded Lace3 checkTelio Selena Rayon Challis2 checkTelio Sibyl Mesh Lace1 checkTelio Sirina Crepe2 checkTelio Solid Misora Crepe De Chine15 checkTelio Sorrento Linen2 checkTelio Stretch Jersey Knit Eyelet2 checkTelio Sublime Embroidered Mesh Lace1 checkTelio Supreme Lace2 checkTelio Swiss Dot5 checkTelio Teardrop 3-D Lace1 checkTelio Tuscany Pinstripe Linen5 checkTelio Umbria Linen3 checkTelio Van Gogh Rayon Twill3 checkTelio Verona Voile1 checkTelio Veronica Lace5 checkTelio Viscose Batiste2 checkTelio Viscose Rayon Challis6 checkTelio Xanna Floral Lace9 checkTelio Zoe Chiffon7 checkTextile Creations Seersucker1 checkTransportation Knit1 checkTri Blend Heather Jersey Knit5 checkTrue Timber Jersey Knit1 checkTwill Gauze4 checkVoile Prints3 checkWindham Fantasy4 checkWoven 1/4" Gingham6 checkWoven 1/8'' Gingham4
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Spring Dress Shop

Shop fabric types and fabric patterns that are perfect for refreshing your Spring wardrobe, and watch the videos below for essential techniques for your handmade creations! Check out 3 must-have silhouettes for Spring on the blog!

Fabric Types for Spring Dresses

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Fabric Patterns

  • Florals - Add a touch of romance with bold blooms & flirty bouquets
  • Stripes - Create a slimming illusion with these standout classics!
  • Abstract & Geometric - Design captivating pieces using bold and fun prints
  • Foliage - Go boho with chic palms and fresh leafy designs!
  • Novelty Prints - Add character with these fun & charming patterns
  • Polka Dots - Give your dress a twirl in these playful & feminine finds

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Sewing 101: How to Sew Gathers

Add flawless ruffles to your spring dresses by sewing perfect gathers, every time. Getting clean results with the least amount of mess is easier than you think when using these beginner-friendly techniques!

Sewing 101: Seam Basics for Wovens

Design spring dresses that will last for years to come! Neatly finishing your seams not only makes your sewing look professional, it keeps your edges from fraying and unraveling. Watch now to learn how!

Telio Brazil Stretch ITY Jersey Knit Black
Telio Brazil Stretch ITY Jersey Knit Black
This exquisite ITY jersey knit (Interlocking Twist Yarn) is perfect for creating flowy tops, fuller skirts and dresses with a ...
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close Telio Brazil Stretch ITY Jersey Knit Black
Telio Brazil Stretch ITY Jersey Knit Black

Description: This exquisite ITY jersey knit (Interlocking Twist Yarn) is perfect for creating flowy tops, fuller skirts and dresses with a lot of drape. It has a super smooth hand, fluid drape and about 40% stretch across the grain for comfort ...

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French Terry Black
French Terry Black
This lightweight polyester blend french terry knit features a smooth face and a looped back with a full-bodied drape and ...
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close French Terry Black
French Terry Black

Description: This lightweight polyester blend french terry knit features a smooth face and a looped back with a full-bodied drape and 15% mechanical stretch along the grain and no stretch on the vertical. Perfect for dresses, heavier t-shirts, skirts, and loungewear. ...

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Telio Softique Rayon Spandex Jersey Knit Black
Telio Softique Rayon Spandex Jersey Knit Black
From Telio, this versatile viscose/rayon spandex jersey knit fabric is lightweight (5 ounces per square yard) and super smooth and ...
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close Telio Softique Rayon Spandex Jersey Knit Black
Telio Softique Rayon Spandex Jersey Knit Black

Description: From Telio, this versatile viscose/rayon spandex jersey knit fabric is lightweight (5 ounces per square yard) and super smooth and stretchy. With a moderate drape and 40% four-way stretch for comfort and ease, it's perfect for the essential t-shirt, layering ...

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