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Black and White Apparel & Fashion Fabric

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check100% European Linen2 check4x2 Rib Knit1 checkAnimal Cuddle2 checkArt Gallery Boardwalk Delight1 checkArt Gallery Cotton Jersey Knit9 checkArt Gallery Geometric Bliss1 checkArt Gallery Hello Bear1 checkArt Gallery Here Comes The Fun1 checkArt Gallery Jungle Ave1 checkArt Gallery Lagom3 checkArt Gallery Nest1 checkArt Gallery Voile2 checkArt Gallery Wonderful Things2 checkArtisan Batiks Elementals1 checkAthletic Double Knits2 checkAvalana Jersey Knit7 checkAztec Jersey Knit Prints1 checkAztec Quilted Knits5 checkBandana1 checkBengaline Suiting1 checkBrooklyn Nets1 checkBubble Crepe4 checkCamelot Flannels2 checkCharmeuse Print2 checkCharmeuse Satin7 checkCharmeuse Satin Large Polka Dots1 checkChevrons & Zig Zags Cuddle1 checkChicago White Sox1 checkChinchilla Faux Fur Collection1 checkCoating Fabric1 checkComfy Flannel2 checkCotton + Steel Checkers1 checkCrepe Georgette2 checkCuddle Classics2 checkCuddle Prints5 checkDear Stella Cotton Jersey Knits2 checkDesigner Silk Fabrics1 checkDisney2 checkDisney 101 Dalmations1 checkDisney Fleece1 checkDisney Knits1 checkDisney Mickey Mouse1 checkDobby Crepe Prints2 checkDolce Vita Cuddle Pewter1 checkDouble Brushed Spandex Jersey Knit5 checkDouble Knit Prints1 checkDream Weaves Woven Ikat Shirting1 checkEmbrace Double Gauze1 checkEmbroidered Lawn2 checkEmbroidered Organza1 checkEuropean Linen1 checkEuropean Linen Blend1 checkEuropean Stretch Linen Style: Shark Fin1 checkFaille Prints1 checkFaux Fox Fur1 checkFleece Novelty Prints3 checkFlocked Taffeta1 checkFrench Designer Fabrics4 checkFrench Designer Jacquards2 checkFringe Jersey Knit1 checkGeometric Jacquard Double Knit1 checkGingham2 checkHudson Bay Diamond Dobby Shirting1 checkHudson Bay Yarn Dyed Plaid1 checkIndah Ikat1 checkInternational Designer Fabrics6 checkInternational Designer Knits1 checkInternational Designer Rayon Fabrics1 checkInternational Designer Shirtings1 checkIsland Batik Fabric1 checkIsland Batik Rayon Challis1 checkItalian Designer Fabrics2 checkItalian Designer Knits1 checkITY Jersey Knit Prints14 checkJersey Knit Prints2 checkJersey Knit Yarn Dyed3 checkJoel Dewberry Cali Mod1 checkJoel Dewberry Home Decor Sateen1 checkKaufman 2" Carolina Gingham1 checkKaufman Arroyo3 checkKaufman Blake Cotton Jersey Knit1 checkKaufman Brooklyn Plaid Flannel4 checkKaufman Carolina 1'' Gingham1 checkKaufman Carolina 1/8'' Gingham1 checkKaufman Carolina Gingham3 checkKaufman Chambray4 checkKaufman Chambray Stitched3 checkKaufman Classic Seersucker2 checkKaufman Corduroy 21 Wale1 checkKaufman Cotton Boucle2 checkKaufman Embroidered Corduroy1 checkKaufman Essex Yarn Dyed Homespun Linen1 checkKaufman Essex Yarn Dyed Linen Blend1 checkKaufman Laguna Cotton Jersey Knit5 checkKaufman Laguna Cotton Jersey Knit Prints5 checkKaufman London Calling Lawn1 checkKaufman Mammoth Flannel2 checkKaufman Seersucker2 checkKaufman Sevenberry1 checkKaufman Sevenberry Bandana1 checkKaufman Sevenberry Classic Plaids6 checkKaufman Sevenberry Petite Basics4 checkKaufman Sevenberry Petite Foulard1 checkKokka Double Gauze2 checkKokka Trefle1 checkKokka Trefle Oxford1 checkLawn Yarn Dyes1 checkLiverpool Double Knit9 checkLuxury Faux Fur3 checkLuxury Wool Suiting1 checkMadras Plaid1 checkMarimekko Coated Cotton Broadcloth1 checkMarimekko Cotton Broadcloth5 checkMayan Jersey Knit Prints2 checkMayan Stripe Jersey Knit1 checkMermaid Sequins2 checkMichael Miller Black & White1 checkMichael Miller Faux Fur3 checkMichael Miller Garden Pindots1 checkMichael Miller Minky16 checkMichael Miller Minky Black and White13 checkMichael Miller Minky Prints16 checkMilwaukee Brewers1 checkMinky Houndstooth1 checkMinky Prints1 checkMinky Spot Leopard Snuggle1 checkMLB Cotton Broadcloth1 checkMlb Fleece1 checkNBA Fleece1 checkNewcastle Fleece Prints1 checkOoh La La Cuddle1 checkPajama Rib Knits1 checkPaper Snowflake Jersey Knit1 checkPeachskin Prints3 checkPicnic Gingham1 checkPima Tartan Plaid1 checkPin Stripe Jersey Knit1 checkPlush Coral Fleece1 checkPolar Fleece Prints5 checkPolyester Crepe Prints5 checkPonte De Roma Knit1 checkPonte de Roma Knit Prints3 checkPremier Prints Dolce Vita Cuddle1 checkPrimo Plaids Flannel1 checkPrinted Cotton Poplin3 checkPrinted Linen2 checkQuilted Knit5 checkRayon Challis Prints17 checkRayon Crepe3 checkRayon French Terry Knits1 checkRemix Flannel1 checkRichcheck Gingham2 checkRichcheck Gingham Check 1''1 checkRichcheck Gingham Check 1/8''1 checkRihan Jersey Knit Prints2 checkRiley Blake 1'' Stripe1 checkRiley Blake 1/2'' Stripes1 checkRiley Blake Cotton Jersey Knit7 checkRiley Blake Double Gauze3 checkRiley Blake Four Corners1 checkRiley Blake Four Corners Knit1 checkRiley Blake Ghouls1 checkRiley Blake Ikat Knit1 checkRiley Blake Medium Houndstooth1 checkRiley Blake Shine Bright2 checkRiley Blake Shine Bright Jersey Knit2 checkRiley Blake When Skies Are Grey2 checkRobert Kaufman Remix2 checkRomantic Floral Pique Knit1 checkSatin Charmeuse Prints10 checkSeersucker2 checkShannon Luxury Fur1 checkSmall Gingham1 checkSoft Spun Poly Jersey Knit1 checkSolid Sweater Knit2 checkSpace Dye Knit1 checkStarlight Collection1 checkStarlight Mermaid Sequins1 checkStof Jersey Knits3 checkStof Style: Avalana3 checkStrata Athletic Knit1 checkStretch Lace3 checkStretch Rayon Jersey Knit2 checkSuper 120 Suiting3 checkSuperhero Cuddle Adventure1 checkSwimwear1 checkSwiss Dot Cuddle1 checkTechno Scuba Knit3 checkTelio Addison Wool Plaid1 checkTelio Aquarius Reversible Double Knit1 checkTelio Bamboo Rayon Jersey Knit2 checkTelio Bamboo Tie Dye Jersey Knit1 checkTelio Bengaline Jacquard3 checkTelio Bloom Stretch Cotton Sateen4 checkTelio Brazil Stretch ITY Jersey Knit1 checkTelio Carmen Rayon Crepe1 checkTelio Ciara Crepe1 checkTelio Colorado1 checkTelio Colorado Crepe de Chine4 checkTelio Corina Mesh Knit1 checkTelio Dakota Stretch Rayon Jersey Knit7 checkTelio Digital Printed Linen1 checkTelio Flashdance Mermaid Sequins1 checkTelio Glamour Satin1 checkTelio Hamilton Knit1 checkTelio Isabella1 checkTelio Kaori Brushed Coating1 checkTelio Misora Crepe2 checkTelio Moda Crepe9 checkTelio Monaco Stretch ITY Jersey Knit2 checkTelio Montgomery Bengaline1 checkTelio Morocco Blues Stretch Poplin4 checkTelio Nautique Rib Knit1 checkTelio Organic Muslin Double Gauze1 checkTelio Ottoman Knits1 checkTelio Paola Pique Knit3 checkTelio Pebble Crepe2 checkTelio Picasso Rayon Poplin1 checkTelio Ponte Knits2 checkTelio Poppy Lace1 checkTelio Rafaella Lace2 checkTelio Robin Crepe de Chine1 checkTelio Sawyer Jacquard Knit1 checkTelio Soleda Crepe1 checkTelio St James Double Knit 1 checkTelio Tuscany Pinstripe Linen1 checkThe Walking Dead1 checkThe Walking Dead Knit 1 checkUrban Chic ITY Knit2 checkWhisper Plush Fleece1 checkWinterfleece Prints3 checkWool Blend Coating1 checkWool Shirting1 checkWool Suiting1 checkWoven 1/4" Gingham1 checkYarn Dyed Linen1 checkYarn Dyed Shirting1
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Shop the largest selection of black and white fabric! has many types of black and white fabric to choose from for your next apparel project.