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Purple Apparel & Fashion Fabric

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check10 Ounce Chenille2 check100% Silk Shantung1 check108'' Wide Flannel2 check108'' Wide Nylon Tulle1 check108" Wide Tulle3 check110" Wide Flannel Quilt Backing Seacoast1 check110" Wide Flannel Quilt Backing Willow1 check40 Denier Tricot3 check54'' Wide Tulle6 check60'' Poly Cotton Broadcloth5 check60" Poly Poplin1 checkA.E. Nathan Flannel Novelties1 checkActivewear Solid Knits1 checkAll That Glitters1 checkAlpaca Faux Fur1 checkAlpine 108" Tricot1 checkAmerican Made Brand Solids3 checkAmy Butler Dream Weaver1 checkAmy Butler Dream Weaver Voile1 checkAnna Maria Horner Loominous1 checkAnna Maria Horner Loominous II1 checkArt Gallery Cotton Jersey Knit2 checkArt Gallery Garden Dreamer1 checkArt Gallery Playground1 checkArt Gallery Voile2 checkArt Gallery Wonderland1 checkArtisan Batiks Elementals2 checkBaby Hatchi Knit2 checkBamboo Rayon Ruffle Knit1 checkBatiste1 checkBridal Satin1 checkCharmeuse Satin5 checkChiffon Solids1 checkChinchilla Faux Fur Collection1 checkCoco Paisley Lace1 checkColor Crush Primo Plaids1 checkComfy Flannel1 checkCotton Batik Jersey Knits2 checkCotton Spandex Jersey Knit Prints1 checkCotton Supreme Solids3 checkCreased Taffeta2 checkCrepe De Chine Prints2 checkCrinkle Tricot1 checkCrossroads Denim1 checkCuddle 310 checkCuddle Fleece3 checkDahlia Organza Embroidery1 checkDebutante Stretch Satin1 checkDesigner Lace1 checkDesigner Sweater Knit1 checkDiamond Pintuck Taffeta1 checkDimple Dot Cuddle9 checkDouble Brushed Spandex Jersey Knit1 checkDupioni Silk1 checkEmbossed Chevron Cuddle1 checkEmbrace Bamboo Rayon Double Gauze1 checkEmbrace Double Gauze2 checkEmbroidered Organza3 checkEmbroidered Sequin Taffeta1 checkEmma Polyester Shirting2 checkEssentials Flannel From Wilmington Prints1 checkEuropean 100% Linen6 checkEuropean Linen2 checkEveryday Organic Solid1 checkEyelet Allover1 checkFancy Eyelet2 checkFaux Fox Fur1 checkFaux Fur Gorilla 1 checkFerial Organza Embroidery3 checkFlannel Solids3 checkFleece Prints1 checkFleece Solids6 checkFlocked Taffeta4 checkFlower Lace1 checkFluffy Solids Flannel1 checkFly Away Cuddle1 checkFormenti 100% Linen2 checkFrench Designer Fabrics1 checkFrou-Frou Fleuri Voile1 checkFun Shag Faux Fur3 checkGiselle Stretch Lace3 checkGlitter Chiffon1 checkGlitz Sequin & Mesh1 checkHarvest Broadcloth2 checkHudson Bay Rayon Challis2 checkIce Organza1 checkImperial Batiste1 checkInterlock Knit Solid1 checkInternational Designer Fabrics1 checkIsland Batik Fabric6 checkIsland Batik Rayon Challis6 checkIsland Breeze Gauze4 checkItalian Designer Fabrics4 checkItalian Designer Wool3 checkITY Jersey Knit Prints1 checkITY Jersey Knit Solids2 checkJacquard Knit1 checkJersey Knit Burnout1 checkJersey Knit Prints1 checkJersey Knit Solids12 checkJersey Knit Stripes2 checkJoel Dewberry Cali Mod2 checkJoel Dewberry Home Decor Sateen1 checkJoel Dewberry Rayon Challis1 checkKaffe Fassett Shot Cotton9 checkKaufman Arroyo2 checkKaufman Brussels Washer Linen Blend3 checkKaufman Corduroy 21 Wale1 checkKaufman Dana Jersey Knit5 checkKaufman Essex Linen Blend3 checkKaufman Fineline Twill4 checkKaufman Flannel Solids4 checkKaufman Greenwich Chambray3 checkKaufman Kobe Twill3 checkKaufman Laguna Cotton Jersey Knit2 checkKaufman Laguna Cotton Jersey Knit Solids2 checkKaufman Limerick Linen1 checkKaufman Linens Palette5 checkKaufman Lush Velveteen1 checkKaufman Manchester Yarn Dyed Cotton1 checkKaufman Oxford2 checkKaufman Pinpoint Oxford1 checkKaufman Royal Oxford1 checkKaufman Sevenberry2 checkKaufman Sevenberry Petite Fleurs2 checkKaufman Stretch Vera Sateen1 checkKaufman Superluxe Poplin1 checkKaufman Twill6 checkKaufman Ventana Twill3 checkKona Cotton22 checkKozy Cuddle Collection24 checkLame Knit2 checkLiberty of London Kensington Crepe de Chine2 checkLiberty Of London Saville Poplin1 checkLiberty Of London Tana Lawn4 checkLizzy House Printmaking1 checkLocal Color Yarn Dyed Flannels2 checkLurex Sweater Knit1 checkLuxe Cuddle Collection6 checkLuxury Faux Fur2 checkMaggy London ITY Knits1 checkMar Bella Cuddle Collection3 checkMar Bella Violetta Cuddle3 checkMermaid Sequins1 checkMi Amor Duchess Satin1 checkMichael Miller Cotton Couture Broadcloth5 checkMichael Miller Minky6 checkMichael Miller Minky Solid2 checkMichael Miller Minky Solid Dot2 checkMichael Miller Minky Solid Velvet Snuggle2 checkMichael Miller Snuggle Minky2 checkMinky 2 Tone Dots1 checkMinky Embossed Star Cuddle1 checkMinky Embossed Tile Cuddle1 checkMinky Frosted Gem Cuddle1 checkMinky Hide Soft Cuddle1 checkMinky Plush4 checkMinky Wide Stripe Cuddle1 checkModa Bella Broadcloth2 checkNewcastle Flannel1 checkNovelty Sweater Knit1 checkNylon Netting Fabric6 checkNylon Rip Stop Fabric1 checkOrganic Cotton Fleece1 checkPaisley Cuddle2 checkPanne Velvet4 checkPeppered Cotton 108" Wide Yarn Dyes1 checkPlush Coral Fleece1 checkPointelle Sweater Knit1 checkPolar Fleece Prints2 checkPolar Fleece Solids2 checkPolyester Lining4 checkPon Te Am Scuba Knit1 checkPonte De Roma Knit2 checkPonte Knit1 checkPremium Broadcloth2 checkPrimo Plaids Flannel6 checkPrisma Dye Batik Fabric1 checkRaschel Lace1 checkRaschelle Lace2 checkRayon Challis Prints2 checkRayon Challis Solids3 checkRayon Challis Tie Dye1 checkRihan Jersey Knit Prints1 checkRiley Blake Cotton Jersey Knit1 checkRiley Blake Small Dots1 checkRiley Blake Vivid Jersey Knit1 checkRobert Kaufman Perfecto Poplin2 checkRose Cuddle2 checkRose Satin Jacquard3 checkScalloped Lace3 checkSequin Mesh2 checkShannon Extra Wide Cuddle 3 Minky1 checkShannon Luxury Fur1 checkShannon Silky Satin Fabric6 checkShantung Sateen4 checkShiny Tulle1 checkSlipper Satin3 checkSoft Cuddle Lattice2 checkSoft Cuddle Ziggy1 checkSolid Flannel1 checkSpa Cuddle1 checkSparkle ITY Jersey Knit1 checkSparkle Tulle2 checkSplash Burnout Jersey Knit1 checkStarlet Holo Lame Dancewear Knit2 checkStarlight Collection1 checkStof France Botanical Quilt Prints1 checkStrata Athletic Knit1 checkStretch Lace1 checkStretch Rayon Jersey Knit5 checkStretch Velvet3 checkSupplex Athletic Knit2 checkSweatshirt Fleece2 checkTelio Anuka Wool1 checkTelio Bamboo Rayon Jersey Knit5 checkTelio Bamboo Rayon Terry Knits1 checkTelio Brazil Stretch ITY Jersey Knit3 checkTelio Burnout Velvet1 checkTelio Dakota Stretch Rayon Jersey Knit1 checkTelio Double Knit Quilt Patch1 checkTelio Downtown Stretch Suiting1 checkTelio Escapade1 checkTelio Flashdance Mermaid Sequins1 checkTelio High Low Knits1 checkTelio Ibiza Stretch Jersey Knit1 checkTelio Misora Crepe2 checkTelio Panne Stretch Velvet1 checkTelio Paola Pique Knit2 checkTelio Perfection Fused Leather1 checkTelio Ponte Leggero Knit1 checkTelio Rayon Jersey Knit3 checkTelio Silk Organza1 checkTelio Solid Misora Crepe De Chine2 checkTelio Strasbourg1 checkTelio Stretch Nylon Shaper Mesh1 checkTelio Supreme Lace1 checkTelio Topaz Hatchi Knit2 checkTelio Viola Nylon Sequined Mesh1 checkTelio Whistler Faux Suede1 checkTelio Wool Blend Melton1 checkTelio Xanna Floral Lace2 checkTerry Cloth Cuddle1 checkTerry Cloth Fabric3 checkThe Season Wool Collection Wool Melton1 checkTimeless Treasures Jazz Flannel1 checkTulle Spools4 checkTutti Frutti Plisse1 checkTwo Tone Chiffon3 checkTwo Tone Taffeta3 checkVelour Solid2 checkVenezia Solid ITY Stretch Knit2 checkVine Cuddle1 checkWarm Winter Fleece2 checkWedding Rosette4 checkWinterfleece Velour1 checkYarn Dyed Jersey Knit1 checkYukon Fleece2
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Shop the largest selection of Purple Fabric! Fabric.com has lavender, eggplant, amethyst, violet, lilac, and many other shades of purple fashion fabric to choose from for your project.