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checkA.E. Nathan Flannel Novelties1 checkAlchemy1 checkAlexander Henry Cotton Jersey Knits3 checkAmy Butler Bright Heart1 checkAmy Butler Bright Heart Voile1 checkAmy Butler Dream Weaver1 checkAmy Butler Dream Weaver Voile1 checkAmy Butler Love4 checkAnna Maria Horner Loulouthi1 checkArt Gallery 58" Wide4 checkArt Gallery Abloom Fusion3 checkArt Gallery Avantgarde1 checkArt Gallery Boho Fusion3 checkArt Gallery Bountiful1 checkArt Gallery Chalk & Paint2 checkArt Gallery Chalk & Paint Knit2 checkArt Gallery Charleston2 checkArt Gallery Cherie2 checkArt Gallery Coastline2 checkArt Gallery Cotton Jersey Knit67 checkArt Gallery Cultivate3 checkArt Gallery Dare1 checkArt Gallery Denim Prints1 checkArt Gallery Denim Studio2 checkArt Gallery Elements Floral2 checkArt Gallery Emmy Grace3 checkArt Gallery Ethereal Fusion3 checkArt Gallery Etno2 checkArt Gallery Fantasia1 checkArt Gallery Fiesta Fun1 checkArt Gallery Fleet & Flourish4 checkArt Gallery Forest Floor1 checkArt Gallery Forest Floor Knit1 checkArt Gallery Garden Dreamer3 checkArt Gallery Geometric Bliss1 checkArt Gallery Gossamer2 checkArt Gallery Gramercy1 checkArt Gallery Happy Home1 checkArt Gallery Heart Melodies1 checkArt Gallery Heartland2 checkArt Gallery Here Comes The Fun2 checkArt Gallery InBlue3 checkArt Gallery Indie Boheme4 checkArt Gallery Joie De Vivre3 checkArt Gallery Joie De Vivre Knit2 checkArt Gallery Joyful Fusion2 checkArt Gallery Lagom3 checkArt Gallery Lavish3 checkArt Gallery Meadow1 checkArt Gallery Millie Fleur1 checkArt Gallery Morning Walk2 checkArt Gallery Nordika 2 checkArt Gallery Nouvelle1 checkArt Gallery Pandalicious1 checkArt Gallery Pandalicious Knit1 checkArt Gallery Paperie1 checkArt Gallery Petal and Plume2 checkArt Gallery Playground3 checkArt Gallery Playing Pop2 checkArt Gallery Priory Square5 checkArt Gallery Recollection5 checkArt Gallery Retro-Spective1 checkArt Gallery Rock'n Romance3 checkArt Gallery Sage3 checkArt Gallery Sketchbook2 checkArt Gallery Skopelos2 checkArt Gallery Smooth Denim3 checkArt Gallery Splendor 19201 checkArt Gallery Summerlove1 checkArt Gallery Sweet as Honey2 checkArt Gallery Tapestry2 checkArt Gallery Tapestry Knit2 checkArt Gallery Voile20 checkArt Gallery Wonderful Things3 checkAviary 22 checkBirch Organic Double Gauze2 checkBlossom Hi Multi Chiffon2 checkBlousewear Crepe Georgette5 checkBolt By Girl Charlee3 checkBolt By Girl Charlee Homestead Life2 checkBolt By Girl Charlee Pure Vintage1 checkBrushed Stretch ITY Jersey Knit8 checkBubble Crepe21 checkCharmeuse Satin2 checkChiffon Prints9 checkChinese Brocade12 checkChinese Brocade Sateen1 checkCiana Bodini6 checkCloud 9 Moody Blues1 checkCloud 9 Organic Frolic Bastiste2 checkCloud 9 Organic Knits5 checkCloud 9 Organic Yucca Voile1 checkCloud 9 Sidewalk1 checkComfy Double Napped Flannel1 checkComfy Flannel1 checkCotton + Steel2 checkCotton + Steel Challis6 checkCotton + Steel Double Gauze2 checkCotton + Steel Hatbox1 checkCotton + Steel Lawn2 checkCotton + Steel Les Fleurs3 checkCotton + Steel Rifle Paper Co. Wonderland2 checkCotton + Steel Rifle Paper Co. Wonderland Substrates2 checkCotton + Steel Trinket2 checkCotton Eyelet2 checkCotton Shirting Folklore4 checkCotton Spandex Jersey Knit Prints2 checkCozy Cotton5 checkCozy Cotton Flannel13 checkCrepe De Chine Prints6 checkCrepe Georgette1 checkCrinkle Tricot8 checkCrochet Lace5 checkCuddle Classics6 checkDear Stella Cotton Jersey Knits6 checkDear Stella Fresh Dew6 checkDesigner Silk Fabrics12 checkDesigner Voile1 checkDobby Crepe Prints8 checkEmbossed Crepe Shirting2 checkEmbrace Double Gauze19 checkEnchanted Double Gauze5 checkEthereal Double Gauze5 checkFleece Prints4 checkFloral ITY Jersey Knit Prints6 checkFloral Jersey Knit Prints1 checkFloral Stretch Poplin6 checkFlower Garden2 checkFlower Lace6 checkFrench Designer Fabrics47 checkFrosted Rose Cuddle2 checkFun Floral Activewear3 checkGiselle Stretch Lace29 checkGrey Abbey Organic1 checkHatchi Sweater Knit Prints6 checkHeather Ross Sleeping Porch Lawn9 checkHi Multi Chiffon1 checkIndian Batik4 checkIndian Batik Crinkle Cotton4 checkInternational Designer Fabrics72 checkInternational Designer Knits17 checkInternational Designer Rayon Fabrics18 checkItalian Designer Fabrics24 checkItalian Designer Knits8 checkItalian Designer Wool1 checkITY Jersey Knit Prints16 checkJackie1 checkJersey Knit Burnout6 checkJoel Dewberry Modernist3 checkKaffe Fasset 108" Wide Sateen Quilt Backs5 checkKaffe Fassett Fall 2011 Collection2 checkKaffe Fassett Home Decor Sateen2 checkKaufman London Calling Lawn36 checkKaufman Paradise Pareaus 310 checkKaufman Rebecca Embroideries3 checkKaufman Sevenberry60 checkKaufman Sevenberry Comfy Double Gauze3 checkKaufman Sevenberry Petite Fleurs60 checkKokka Double Gauze8 checkKokka Muddy Works2 checkKokka Pikku Saari2 checkKokka Trefle4 checkKoshibo Prints1 checkLiberty Of London Dufour Jersey Knit3 checkLiberty Of London Tana Lawn84 checkLiverpool Double Knit20 checkLotus2 checkLuxe Cuddle Collection2 checkLuxe Cuddle Print Collection2 checkMake A Wish Double Gauze1 checkMar Bella Cuddle Collection2 checkMar Bella Violetta Cuddle2 checkMichael Miller Butterfly Row1 checkMichael Miller Cosmos1 checkMichael Miller Minky8 checkMichael Miller Minky Butterfly Row3 checkMichael Miller Minky Prints8 checkMichael Miller Minky Puddle Play5 checkMichael Miller Sommer4 checkMichael Miller Spring Fling1 checkMichael Miller Vignette1 checkMichael Miller Vintage Florals1 checkMicro Modal Jersey Knit2 checkMidwest Modern2 checkMidwest Modern II2 checkMinky Cuddle Prints6 checkMinky Kashmir4 checkMinky Prints15 checkMinky Sweet Pea4 checkNewcastle Flannel2 checkPajama Rib Knits1 checkPeachskin Prints2 checkPetal1 checkPetal Home Decor Sateen1 checkPleated Bodre4 checkPolar Fleece Prints3 checkPonte de Roma Knit Prints4 checkPremier Prints Mockingbird Cuddle3 checkPremier Prints Style: Blooms Minky Cuddle3 checkPrinted Cotton Poplin6 checkQuilted Liverpool Double Knit1 checkRaschel Lace3 checkRaschelle Lace18 checkRayon Challis Prints16 checkRayon Crepe4 checkRiley Blake Acorn Valley Knit2 checkRiley Blake Cotton Jersey Knit19 checkRiley Blake Desert Bloom3 checkRiley Blake Double Gauze6 checkRiley Blake Dream and a Wish2 checkRiley Blake Dream and a Wish Knit2 checkRiley Blake Fantine2 checkRiley Blake Princess Dreams3 checkRiley Blake Tree Party3 checkRiley Blake Tree Party Knit3 checkRiley Blake Vintage Market2 checkRiley Blake Vivid Jersey Knit4 checkRomantic Floral Pique Knit4 checkRose Cuddle4 checkRose Satin Jacquard27 checkSatin Charmeuse Prints2 checkScalloped Lace29 checkShannon Johanna Jo Double Gauze Loveys1 checkShannon Johanna Jo Double Gauze Terry Cloth Hooded Towels1 checkShannon Johanna Jo Gauze Bibs1 checkShirting Prints2 checkSilk Chiffon1 checkSimple Floral Rayon Crepe3 checkSoft Spun Poly Jersey Knit1 checkSoul Blossoms2 checkSpanish Designer Fabrics1 checkSprings Creative Cotton Jersey Knits1 checkStarlight Mesh Lace2 checkStorybook Flannel6 checkStretch Denim1 checkStretch ITY Knit1 checkStretch Lace19 checkStretch Rayon Jersey Knit6 checkSwimwear2 checkTechno Scuba Knit4 checkTelio Amber Stretch Velvet2 checkTelio Amelia Stretch Lace6 checkTelio Amor1 checkTelio Anais Lace2 checkTelio Anita Embroidery2 checkTelio Avelon Stretch Lace2 checkTelio Avita Stretch Lace7 checkTelio Bloom Stretch Cotton Sateen6 checkTelio Blossom Chiffon1 checkTelio Brazil Stretch ITY Jersey Knit5 checkTelio Burnout Velvet6 checkTelio Camellia Lace3 checkTelio Carmen Rayon Crepe1 checkTelio Chloe Sweater Knit1 checkTelio Daisy Embroidery2 checkTelio Dakota Stretch Rayon Jersey Knit5 checkTelio Denim12 checkTelio Denim Prints3 checkTelio Digital Linen2 checkTelio Digital Printed Linen6 checkTelio Embroidery4 checkTelio Fira Velvet1 checkTelio Hampton Court Cotton Shirting10 checkTelio Izabel Lace1 checkTelio Kala Lace4 checkTelio Kimono Chiffon3 checkTelio Kimono Pique Knit1 checkTelio Kimono Satin2 checkTelio Marni Scuba Knit1 checkTelio Mila Lace2 checkTelio Moda Crepe2 checkTelio Monet Rayon Sateen3 checkTelio Morocco Blues Stretch Cotton Shirting2 checkTelio Palmira Lace1 checkTelio Paola Pique Knit3 checkTelio Pebble Crepe2 checkTelio Pianosa Stretch Jersey Knit3 checkTelio Picasso Rayon Poplin6 checkTelio Ponte Knits2 checkTelio Robin Crepe5 checkTelio Sadie Lace3 checkTelio San Tropez Shirting2 checkTelio Sirina Crepe1 checkTelio Sparkles Jacquard2 checkTelio Spring Scuba Knit1 checkTelio Supreme Lace6 checkTelio Swiss Dot1 checkTelio Talisa Jacquard1 checkTelio Teardrop 3-D Lace1 checkTelio Thea Eyelet1 checkTelio Venice Stretch ITY Jersey Knit5 checkTelio Viola Nylon Sequined Mesh1 checkTelio Viscose Yoryu5 checkTelio Xanna Floral Lace18 checkTerry Cloth Cuddle1 checkTextile Creations Indian Batik Embroidered2 checkTextile Creations Indian Batiks6 checkTropica Island Swimwear2 checkTutti Frutti Plisse7 checkUltra Brushed Jersey Knit Suede4 checkWedding Rosette27 checkWinterfleece Prints2 checkWith Love Double Gauze6
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Find the latest Floral Fashion fabrics at Fabric.com. Shop Satin, Linen, Knit and Cotton fabrics that will satisfy even the most selective of projects.