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Mesh Apparel and Fashion Fabric

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check3D Embroidered Micro Mesh10 checkArt Deco Gatsby Sequins3 checkBeaded Damask Bridal Fabric4 checkBeaded Embroidery Lace Fabric2 checkBen Textiles Cherry Blossom Sequin Mesh2 checkBen Textiles Olive Branch Sequin Mesh3 checkBen Textiles Party Web Sequin1 checkBridal Corded Mesh Embroidery1 checkBridal Floral Embroidered Mesh1 checkBy the Bolt and By the Roll Fabrics6 checkCamilla Sequin Lace12 checkCostello Sequin Glam Mesh6 checkDura Mesh Nylon3 checkEverleigh Criss Cross Micro Mesh9 checkFabric Merchants Metallic Knit1 checkFabtrends Mesh Tropical1 checkFancy 3D & Hand-Beaded Bridal Lace2 checkFancy Sequin2 checkFish Scale Sequins Mermaid2 checkFloral Embroidered Mesh Lace14 checkFlower Lace1 checkFringe Sequins3 checkGatsby Sequins2 checkGlitz Sequin & Mesh4 checkGlitz Sequin Mesh12 checkIceberg Embroidered Mesh Lace1 checkIridescent Sequin Mesh20 checkJasmine Garden Embroidery Micro Mesh7 checkLace Applique1 checkLuxury Sequin Mesh3 checkMesh Lace3 checkMetallic Mini Rose Mesh Embroidery2 checkMetallic Stretch Mesh5 checkMicro Mesh5 checkMulti Color Sequins Embroidery6 checkNylon Netting Fabric6 checkOval Hologram Mermaid Scales4 checkPaillette Sequins10 checkPeacock Ribbon Sequin Mesh2 checkPearl Party Mesh3 checkPleated Glitz Sequin Mesh5 checkPolarTec Power Dry2 checkPower Mesh8 checkPower Mesh Solids17 checkQuick Dry Mesh1 checkSequin Knit8 checkSequin Mesh17 checkSequin Petal Micro Mesh4 checkSpacer Mesh6 checkSpecial Occasion Appliques1 checkStarlight Beverly2 checkStarlight Collection8 checkStarlight Embroidered Mesh1 checkStarlight Fiesta Striped Sequin5 checkStarlight Mesh Lace8 checkStarlight Roundarose1 checkStarlight Sequin & Mesh2 checkStarlight Sequin & Mesh Ainsley2 checkStarlight Sequined Mesh15 checkStretch Mesh Dot5 checkSugar Metallic Micro Mesh2 checkTear Drop Sequins & Mesh1 checkTelio 3-D Mesh Lace2 checkTelio Anais Embroidery Lace1 checkTelio Angelina Embroidery Mesh Lace4 checkTelio Bee Mesh1 checkTelio Candy Mesh1 checkTelio Coralie Embroidered Lace1 checkTelio Daisy Embroidery1 checkTelio Demelza Embellished Beaded Lace3 checkTelio Digital Mesh2 checkTelio Effie Embroidered Mesh Lace1 checkTelio Electric Love Metallic Foil Mesh5 checkTelio Elise Embroidered Chantilly Lace2 checkTelio Embroidery Lace1 checkTelio Extravagance1 checkTelio Francoise Mesh Lace2 checkTelio Gatsby Mesh Art Deco4 checkTelio Glamour Mesh Lace1 checkTelio Glamour Sequin Lace1 checkTelio Johanna1 checkTelio London Mesh2 checkTelio Majestic Sequin Embroidered Mesh2 checkTelio Marina Mesh1 checkTelio Matte Chiffon Mesh5 checkTelio Melissa Mesh Lace2 checkTelio Mesh Pinstripe2 checkTelio Mesh Sequin1 checkTelio Mesh Velvet1 checkTelio Mod Stretch Mesh3 checkTelio Petal Mesh1 checkTelio Sequin Mesh5 checkTelio Sibyl Mesh Lace1 checkTelio Stretch Mesh4 checkTelio Stretch Nylon Shaper Mesh15 checkTelio Sublime Embroidered Mesh Lace1 checkTelio Veronica Lace5 checkVelvet Embroidery8 checkVictorian Sequin Roses Embroidery5
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A type of fabric characterized by its net-like open appearance, and the spaces between the yarns. Mesh is available in a variety of constructions including wovens, knits, laces, or crocheted fabrics. offers a variety of mesh fabrics, from lightweight mesh knits for apparel, shaper mesh for lingerie, or athletic mesh for workout apparel.