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Apparel and Fashion Fabric

10.5 oz Ponte Double Knit2 100% European Linen Knit3 2 Sided Double Knit1 21 Wale Corduroy1 2x1 Rib Knit14 4x2 Rib Knit6 Activewear Knit Solids13 Activewear Knits6 African Ankara Print Fabrics4 African Ankara Print ITY4 African Ankara Print Knits4 Anti Pill Fleece3 Anti Pill Fleece Solids3 Art Gallery Bachelorette Fusion2 Art Gallery Blush2 Art Gallery Cotton Jersey Knit26 Art Gallery Floralish4 Art Gallery Indie Folk Jersey Knit3 Art Gallery Lambkin5 Art Gallery Mystical Land3 Art Gallery Rayon Challis1 Art Gallery Spices Fusion1 Art Gallery The Open Road2 Art Gallery Wild Bloom Jersey Knit3 Art Gallery Woodlands Fusion2 Artco Jersey Knit Prints4 Bamboo Rayon Jersey Knit Solid16 Bamboo Rayon Rib Knit15 Ben Textiles Costume Sparkle Sequin1 Ben Textiles Shattered Glass3 Ben Textiles Snake Skin2 Bengaline Suiting4 Brushed Jersey Knit1 Brushed Sweater Knit1 Bullet Jacquard Knit1 Bullet Knit6 Burnout Jersey Knit6 California Stretch French Terry12 Canvas1 Chambray Shirting3 Charmeuse Satin1 Chiffon Tricot4 Cloud 9 Organic Field Day1 Cloud 9 Organic Knits6 Conleather Faux Leather5 Cotton + Steel Once Upon a Time1 Cotton Poplin6 Cotton Poplin Prints6 Cotton Poplin Solids2 Cotton Sateen2 Cotton Twill 17 Cotton Twill Solids1 Craft Velour1 Crepe Knit3 Crochet Lace2 Dancewear Stretch Velvet2 Deadstock Crochet Sweater1 Dear Stella Jersey Knit20 Dear Stella Knit18 Designer Deadstock5 Designer Denim1 Designer Jacquard Knits2 Designer Jersey Knit Prints21 Designer Knit3 Designer Scuba Knit9 Double Brushed Jersey Knit Prints12 Double Brushed Poly Jersey Knit1 Double Brushed Spandex Jersey Knit207 Double Knit Prints6 Double Knit Solids8 Dozier Bodre Prints7 DTY Knit Floral1 DTY Knit Prints68 Dura Mesh Nylon1 Dutchess Stretch Crepe3 Elliott Berman Viscose Knit1 European Linen3 Exclusive Jersey Knit Prints9 EZ Fabric Dusted Appaloosa 4 EZ Fabric Jersey Knit24 EZ Fabric Jubilee Sharpei Snuggle 5 EZ Fabric Leopard Sharpei Snuggle 3 EZ Fabric Sharpei Snuggle 5 Fabric Merchants Brushed Faux Cashmere Knit5 Fabric Merchants Bullet Knit13 Fabric Merchants Cotton Modal Slub4 Fabric Merchants Cotton Printed T-Knit8 Fabric Merchants Deadstock Fabrics49 Fabric Merchants Deadstock French Terry Knit6 Fabric Merchants Deadstock Jogging Sweatshirt Fleece3 Fabric Merchants Deadstock Knits37 Fabric Merchants Deadstock Sweater Knit1 Fabric Merchants Deadstock Textured Sweater Knit1 Fabric Merchants Double Brushed Jersey Knit1 Fabric Merchants Faux Cashmere Rib Knit5 Fabric Merchants Faux Leather3 Fabric Merchants ITY Jersey Knit33 Fabric Merchants Jersey Knit16 Fabric Merchants Mini Eyelet Knit2 Fabric Merchants Pique Knit1 Fabric Merchants Polar Fleece16 Fabric Merchants Polartec Fleece6 Fabric Merchants Rib Knit29 Fabric Merchants Rib-Ojai Knit1 Fabric Merchants Super Techno Scuba3 Fabric Merchants T Knit Ribbing2 Fabric Merchants Techno Crepe Knit1 Fabric Merchants Velour Solid6 Fabric Merchants Waffle Knit Fabric12 Fabtrends Chenille Sweater Knit2 Fabtrends Cotton Jersey Knit8 Fabtrends Double Brushed DTY Knit Fabric1 Fabtrends DTY Knit Fabric12 Fabtrends Eyelet Jacquard Knit1 Fabtrends Hatchi Knit2 Fabtrends ITY Knit Fabric2 Fabtrends Jacquard Knit13 Fabtrends Jersey Knit17 Fabtrends Lace1 Fabtrends Lurex Knit3 Fabtrends Metallic Sweater Knit2 Fabtrends Millenium Stretch Bengaline5 Fabtrends Ottoman Stretch Knit2 Fabtrends Pleated Lurex Lame2 Fabtrends Pointelle Knit11 Fabtrends Rib Knit1 Fabtrends Scuba Crepe Knit1 Fabtrends Solid Crochet Knit4 Fabtrends Solid Sequins1 Fabtrends Sweater Knit3 Fleece Solids9 Floral ITY Jersey Knit Prints1 Foil Lame Knit2 Freddy Stretch Twill3 French Terry Knit100 French Terry Knit Brushed3 Glitter Stretch Velvet4 Glitz Sequin Mesh5 Hatchi Brushed Jersey Knit5 Hatchi Sweater Knit Brushed10 Hatchi Sweater Knit Prints1 Hatchi Sweater Knit Solids3 Hatchi Sweater Knit Stripes1 Hemp Traders Hemp/Organic Cotton Denim1 Hemp Traders Hemp/Organic Cotton Jersey Knit4 Hologram Foil Spandex Knit4 Indigo Denim2 Interlock Knit Solid6 International Designer Fabrics1 Italian Designer Fabrics1 ITY Jersey Knit Prints26 ITY Knit23 ITY Knit Prints46 Jacquard Knit50 Jacquard Lurex Knit4 Jacquard Pique Knit12 Jersey Bubble Mesh Knit4 Jersey Knit Prints203 Jersey Knit Solids85 Jersey Knit Stripes4 Jersey Knit Yarn Dyed9 Jersey Rib Knit2 Juvenile Interlock Prints8 Kaufman Arietta Ponte de Roma5 Kaufman French Terry Knits4 Kaufman Mandalay Performance Knit8 Kaufman Solid Ponte De Roma2 Kaufman Trainers French Terry Knit14 Kaufman Trainers Sweatshirt Fleece10 Kaufman Twill3 Lace Knit3 Lame Knit8 Linen Blend Fabric1 Linen Blend Shirting4 Linen Jersey1 Liverpool Double Knit30 Liverpool Pique Knit Solid2 Marcus Fabrics Aunt Grace Jersey Knit9 Marcus Fabrics Collectable Calico Jersey Knit9 Marketa Stengl Double Brushed Jersey Knit7 Matte Jersey Knit4 Matte Tricot6 Mermaid Sequins1 Mesh Lace1 Metallic Diamond Stretch Velvet3 Michael Miller Fleece1 Micro Mesh5 Millenium Stretch Twill2 Mini Ottoman Knit2 Minky Prints24 Moisture Wicking Diamond Knit1 Mook DTY51 Mook Fabrics Fukuro Jacquard Knit1 Mook Gauze Jersey Knit8 Mook Jacquard Knit10 Mook Sicily Rib Knit9 Mook Stretch Minky22 Mystic Hologram Lame Knit2 Neoprene Print1 Neoprene Solids26 Newcastle Double Brushed Jersey Knit2 Novelty Knit10 Nylon Jersey Knit3 Open Weave Sweater Knit3 Panne Velvet1 Perfotec Athletic Knit1 Pin Stripe Jersey Knit1 Pine Crest Athletic Knit Prints8 Pine Crest Stretch Tricot Knit Prints1 Pique Knit2 Pique Solids1 Pleated Knit7 Plisse Single Knit7 Pointelle Knit11 Poly Flax Stretch Jersey Knit2 Poly Lycra Jersey Knit100 Poly Single Knit3 Poly Spandex Printed Jersey Knit122 Poly Spandex Printed Knit20 Poly Stretch Crepe2 Poly/cotton Twill2 Polyester Suiting2 Pon Te Am Scuba Knit14 Ponte De Roma Knit13 Ponte Knit11 Poplin Prints1 Power Mesh1 Power Mesh Solids17 Printed Athletic Knit8 Printed Cotton Jersey Knits1 Printed Rib Knit1 Printed Stretch Velvet1 QT Fabrics Knit1 QT Fabrics This & That II1 QT This & That1 Raschel Lace4 Rayon Blend Suiting5 Rayon French Terry Knits3 Rayon Jersey Knit43 Riley Blake Cotton Jersey Knit8 Riley Blake Hand in Hand Knit2 Robert Kaufman Firenze1 Robert Kaufman Ponte De Roma2 Robert Kaufman Printed Ponte De Roma1 Scalloped Lace2 Scuba Knit16 Sequin Knit2 Sequin Mesh1 Sesame Street35 Shaky Metallic Chevron Spandex3 Shattered Hologram Dancewear Knit11 Shawn Pahwa African Print11 Shiny Tricot3 Shirley Hatchi Knit 1 Silk Jersey Knit24 Slinky Knit1 Soft Spun Poly Jersey Knit2 Solid French Terry Knits21 Spandex Tricot Active Knit1 Sparkly Jewels Hologram Dancewear Knit1 Spun Poly Slub Jersey Knit2 Spun Poly-Span Knit3 Starlet Holo Lame Dancewear Knit1 Starlet Hologram Dancewear Knits1 Stof France Bambou1 Stof France Chat1 STOF France Jersey Knits51 Stof France Kids Collection1 STOF France Melissa Jersey Knit2 Stof France Stretch Jersey Knits16 STOF France Suzette Jersey Knit2 Strata Athletic Knit3 Stretch Bengaline4 Stretch Corduroy5 Stretch Cotton Twill18 Stretch Denim10 Stretch French Terry Knit66 Stretch Glimmer Knit9 Stretch ITY Knit17 Stretch Knit Solids 1 Stretch Linen2 Stretch Minky Solid1 Stretch Poplin2 Stretch Rayon Jersey Knit7 Stretch Ruffle Knit2 Stretch Sateen2 Stretch Satin1 Stretch Suiting8 Stretch Taffeta2 Stretch Tencel Cotton Twill1 Stretch Twill3 Stretch Velvet77 Suede9 Suiting Fabric3 Sweatshirt Fleece11 Swimwear1 Swimwear Solid Knit1 Techno Crepe Knit5 Techno Crepe Solid 3 Techno Scuba Knit10 Telio #Party Foil & Sequin Novelty Knit1 Telio 2-Way Jersey Knit3 Telio 320 Ponte de Roma Knit10 Telio Aeriel Foil Knit3 Telio Andy Velvet2 Telio Angela Sweater Knit5 Telio Angelina Embroidery Mesh Lace1 Telio Anna Rib Knit3 Telio Astrix Liverpool Knit6 Telio Avalon Faux Leather2 Telio Bali ITY6 Telio Bali ITY Knit17 Telio Baltic Sateen2 Telio Bamboo Rayon Jersey Knit1 Telio Bamboo Rayon Sweatshirt Fleece1 Telio Bamboo Rayon Terry Cloth1 Telio Bamboo Rayon Terry Knits21 Telio Bamboo Rib Knit33 Telio Bengaline6 Telio Bengaline Jacquard2 Telio Bloom Stretch Cotton Sateen1 Telio Bonded Sherpa Knit3 Telio Bonnie Boucle3 Telio Burnout Velvet3 Telio Cable Knit6 Telio Camellia Lace2 Telio Camilla Stretch Faille1 Telio Carly Sequin Mesh5 Telio Cascade Knit4 Telio Chenille Poly Tweed1 Telio Cheryl Eyelet Knit8 Telio Cielo Rib Knit4 Telio Cloud Bamboo Rib Knit3 Telio Coco Sweater Knit3 Telio Coline Openwork Sweater Knit2 Telio Constellations Stretch Velvet3 Telio Cottage Sweater Knit5 Telio Cotton Poplin3 Telio Courtney Sweater Knit9 Telio Dakota Stretch Rayon Jersey Knit1 Telio Danielle Rayon Blend Suiting4 Telio Dazzle Metallic Novelty Knit2 Telio Deedee Knit Jacquard1 Telio Denim2 Telio Denim Prints1 Telio Disco Faux Sequin5 Telio Dome Suede9 Telio Double Knit8 Telio Double Knit French Fleece14 Telio Ecovero Jersey Knit8 Telio Enso Silky Swim Knit2 Telio Faux Wool1 Telio Flashdance Mermaid Sequins1 Telio Flora Stretch Rayon Challis22 Telio Foiled Knit4 Telio Foxy Pleated Stretch Velvet4 Telio French Terry Knit34 Telio Gigi Sweater Knit3 Telio Haikou Stretch Velvet18 Telio Helena4 Telio Hemp Jersey Knits3 Telio High Low Knits1 Telio Houndstooth Stretch Jacquard Knit5 Telio Jacquard Knit6 Telio Jersey Knit Prints5 Telio Jockey Ponte Knit2 Telio Johanna1 Telio Karma Brushed Sweater Knit5 Telio Karma Sweater Knit3 Telio Koko Brushed Hatchi Sweater Knit3 Telio Koko Pique Knit2 Telio Koko Satin Charmeuse1 Telio Koko Velvet Knit6 Telio Laure Cotton Knit5 Telio Lino Stretch Woven Suiting3 Telio London Mesh1 Telio Luscious Recycled Satin9 Telio Malia ITY Knit3 Telio Matti4 Telio Mavy Double Knit2 Telio Melange Double Knit5 Telio Mesh Sequin2 Telio Mesh Velvet1 Telio Milo Novelty Stretch Cable Knit1 Telio Mini Cable Knit2 Telio Mod Stretch Mesh2 Telio Montana Vegan Leather3 Telio Montgomery Stretch Bengaline1 Telio Omega Hatchi Sweater Knit7 Telio Ophelie Openwork Sweater Knit2 Telio Organic Cotton Double Knit1 Telio Organic Cotton Hemp Sweatshirt Fleece4 Telio Organic Cotton Slub Jersey Knit7 Telio Organic Cotton Tencel French Terry19 Telio Paola Pique Knit14 Telio Penny Ponte Knit1 Telio Perla Stretch Jersey Knit35 Telio Poly Rib Knit15 Telio Polyester Crepe10 Telio Ponte De Roma Knits8 Telio Ponte Knits9 Telio Ponte Leggero Knit1 Telio Ponte Stretch Knit3 Telio Quilted Knit7 Telio Rayon Bamboo French Terry Knit21 Telio Rayon Blend French Terry11 Telio Rayon Cotton Dream Sweatshirt Fleece6 Telio Rayon Jersey Knit8 Telio Rayon Twill4 Telio Recycled Cotton Blend Rib Knit13 Telio Repreve Recycled Denim3 Telio Rib Knit3 Telio Rimi Stretch Bengaline1 Telio Romance Sequined Velvet 3 Telio Romane Sequin Embroidery Lace9 Telio Romi Rib Knit4 Telio Roxanne Faux Leather Knit9 Telio Sally Linen Blend1 Telio Sandwash Pique Knit7 Telio Sara Nylon Blend Lace3 Telio Scuba Knits7 Telio Sealskin Velvet1 Telio Shimmer Pleated Knit3 Telio Slinky Jersey Knit1 Telio Softique Rayon Jersey Knit1 Telio Sophie Mesh Sequin2 Telio Sparkle2 Telio Splendid Rib Sweater Knit2 Telio St James Double Knit 1 Telio Stretch Bamboo Rayon Jersey Knit2 Telio Stretch Crepe10 Telio Stretch Denim1 Telio Stretch Jersey Knit18 Telio Stretch Mesh11 Telio Stretch Nylon Shaper Mesh1 Telio Stretch Nylon Viscose Bengaline6 Telio Stretch Ramie2 Telio Suiting4 Telio Supreme Lace1 Telio Sweater Knit10 Telio Tweed1 Telio Tweed Metallic1 Telio Twill3 Telio Vegan Butter Leather2 Telio Velvet Knit15 Telio Vichy Ponte1 Telio Viscose Jersey Knit11 Telio Xanna Floral Lace1 Telio Yarn Dyed Ponte2 Telio Yarn Dyed Rimi 1 Telio Yarn Dyed Stretch Bengaline Jacquard2 Tencel Twill1 Terry Cloth Fabric2 Texco Corduroy Poly Spandex12 Texco French Terry Knit1 Texco Rayon Spandex Jersey Knit9 Timeless Treasures Everyday Heroes3 Timeless Treasures Inked Jersey Knit9 Timeless Treasures Jersey Knit69 Timeless Treasures Minky Softie2 Tri Blend Heather Jersey Knit1 Tri-Blend Jersey3 Velour Solid2 Velveteen1 Vintage Pleated Bodre Knit3 Viscose Jersey Knit9 Waffle Rayon Knit4 Wool Blend Flannel2 Wool Jersey Knit1 Wool Knit1 Yarn Dyed Woven1

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