3 Ways to Wrap Gifts in Fabric

3 Ways to Wrap Gifts in Fabric

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Today we're showing you 3 quick and easy ways to wrap gifts in fabric that require no sewing! Use holiday fabric for festive gift wrapping, or utilize these techniques year-round with versatile prints or solids for any occasion.

The fabric used for wrapping makes a great gift for sewists, too, and is a super fun alternative to paper! It's a gift that keeps on giving.

Supplies Needed:

Our fabric favorites for holiday:
Cotton + Steel Noel My Favorite Sweater Natural
Cotton + Steel Noel Metallic Gold Stripe Red
Riley Blake Cozy Christmas Snowmen

Our fabric favorites for year-round gifts:
Art Gallery Boardwalk Delight Sprinkles
Cotton + Steel Sprinkle Peaches
Kona Cotton Emerald

Fabric Wrapping

Technique 1: Tie in a Knot

First up is the tied knot wrapping technique- a square box or gift works best for this method. First, cut a square of fabric 4 times the size of the box you are wrapping. Position the box in the center of the underside of the fabric (see video).

Next, fold the corner of the fabric over so that it touches the other length of the box. Fold the opposite corner over the box, folding under any extra bits of fabric.

Using the two opposite corners, tie a knot above the box. We tied a double not to make it extra secure!

Fabric Wrapping

Fabric Wrapping

Technique 2: The Standard Box

Next is the standard box method. For this technique you will wrap a present much like you would with regular wrapping paper.

Measure and cut a piece of fabric to cover the box much like you would with paper gift wrap.

Start wrapping the gift like you normally would, but instead of using tape, using pins to hold the fabric in place.

When it gets time to add the ribbon, pull it extra tight so that when you pull out the pins the fabric stays where it is.

Once the ribbon and bow are tight, pull the pins from the box. Make sure you get 'em all!

Fabric Wrapping

Technique 3: Hard to Wrap Gifts

This final technique is great for hard to wrap items, like cylindrical shaped gourmet foods!

First cut a piece of fabric that is about 2" wider than the height of the box, that is also the circumference of the box (or depending on the fabric you choose, you might want to double the fabric up!).

Place your gift in the top center of the fabric and roll. Tie off each end with ribbon and you are done!

Fabric Wrapping

We hope you enjoy these quick and easy ways to wrap your gifts in fabric this holiday season and beyond!

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