7 Great Ways to Use Burlap

7 Great Ways to Use Burlap

DIY projects allow you to try out new styles and put your creativity on full display. Of course, our favorite way to refresh our homes or decorate for entertaining is with fun fabrics, whether it’s with a newly reupholstered couch or accents such as pillows or table runners.

Burlap is a beautiful choice for décor accents as it can be transformed easily. This loosely woven fabric is made of jute and has become popular in recent years after being the go-to fabric for rustic weddings. Its texture is perfect for creating rustic touches and the fabric itself is fairly inexpensive, which makes it an affordable option for updating your space. We’ve created a list of our favorite ways to add this popular fabric into your home:

1. Wedding Décor

Rustic weddings are all the rage, and burlap is the best fabric to use to make your magical shabby-chic barn wedding a reality! Use for decorative swags, chair bows, pew bows, and table runners. A long length of burlap can be cut long ways to make 2-3 table runners that are completely no-sew! For a romantic look, layer lace, tulle, or chiffon in pastel hues and add fresh roses and peonies. Finish everything off with twinkle lights for a magical ambiance. Wrap burlap around your bouquets and add to boutonnieres to add burlap to your entire wedding party and you’ll have the shabby-chic wedding of your dreams!


2. Burlap pillowcases

This might sound a little strange at first. Burlap on a pillowcase? But these are not pillowcases for your bed. They are purely for decorative use, or even on outdoor furniture. The benefit here is that pillowcases are relatively simple to make, and we carry high-quality pillow forms that can easily be covered. To make sure your pillow form doesn’t show through, use a contrasting or matching closer-woven fabric behind the burlap. To decorate the pillowcase, you simply need some spray paint and a stencil. You can use spray paint over letters to create pillowcases with your initials, or could use a design such as a leaf or a holiday-themed designs. The spray paint will give your home some color, while the design allows you to perfectly personalize the pillowcase.


3. Burlap table runner

Table runners are perfect for adding some visual depth to a table. They are easy to make, and you can even add fringe to the ends. Table runners can be used to keep your table looking fun year-round, and can be specialized for different seasons, giving your home a unique look. Try using spray paint or fabric paint and letter stencils to add your name or a holiday greeting to a burlap table runner before your next family gathering.


4. Burlap vase

Burlap vases are among the most popular burlap crafts. You can find a number of ways to use burlap with vases online on craft-making sites. One popular choice is to make a burlap “sack” which will cover a mason jar. That way, the sack can be used over and over as you switch mason jars out for cleaning. You can also use hot glue and burlap trim on any jar or vase. Fill them with flowers to make a lovely table centerpiece. You can also use burlap-covered vases as simple rustic wedding table decor.


5. Burlap Pin Board

Making a wall hanging with burlap is another easy project. You can get a blank canvas from an art store and cover it with burlap using glue or staples. The result is a “blank” template for creating most any project you would like. You can use it as a pin board for pictures and postcards, or you can use fabric paint to create a design that is unique to you. You could even stretch ribbons across and use clothespins to hang memorabilia. We’ve even seen contrasting fabric pockets for an all-in-one mail station!

6. Burlap Embroidery Hoop Art

This is one of the more creative options out there: using burlap as a base for hoop art. The holes in burlap make it perfect for sewing-based projects such as this. Simply put burlap into an embroidery hoop, then sew on appliques, such as felt shapes. This is a fun project to do with kids, as they can use yarn and oversized needles for the sewing. Try adding some buttons to your hoop art to give some added depth, and soft materials to add texture.


7. Burlap photo frames

Burlap looks beautiful when placed behind photos in frames. It’s easy, just cut your burlap the size of the frame, and put everything back together again. This is a quick project which will give your photographs a rustic look and will bring out the best in your home’s decor.

Want to get started on one of the projects above? Fabric.com is your one-stop shop for burlap, offering a variety of patterns and colors perfect for any of the above projects. Let your creativity run free while you refresh your home with burlap!

If you are ready to update your home with fabric, consider the many benefits of burlap. Click here to check out the selection of burlap fabrics available at fabric.com today!

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