Celebrating Black History Month: 4 Makers, 4 Stories

Celebrating Black History Month: 4 Makers, 4 Stories

By: fabric.com

This Black History Month, we're sharing the stories of makers whose creativity, skills and DIYs have inspired us over the past year. Tune in weekly, as we bring you their stories all month long.

Meet Raven Maureen

image of Raven

What's your dream sewing project?

My dream sewing project would most definitely be a capsule wardrobe. I have yet to conquer that. I am hoping I can get to it this year, but if I can have just 10 really great pieces and have the patience to sit down, think about those fabrics and patterns that I want to use - best year ever.

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What are your fabric faves?

My favorite things at fabric.com are definitely Art Gallery. Love love love all of their fabric - and anything that is rayon challis because they have the best choices and options, in my opinion. I absolutely love print fabric, anything leopard I just adore. Animal print, more broadly, and palm leaf print. If it's green, if it has palm leaves, I am totally sold.

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Meet Julian Collins

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How did you get started sewing?

I have been sewing since around 2016. Actually I started school for fashion design back in 2005, but it wasn't in the cards at the moment so I came back to it on my own in 2016 through books and YouTube.

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What are your fabric faves?

I definitely love a lot of TELIO fabrics that are available. All of the different substrates, as well as colors and patterns are really my jam. I really love them. If I had to choose between solids and prints, I am definitely going to choose patterns - that is my first, absolute love. Sometimes get bored when I sew solid colors, so I try to stick to patterns and prints and all that fun stuff.

If I had to choose one type of fabric, it would be Ankara. I can sew with that every day. It's one of my favorite fabrics. Beyond that, it would definitely be anything that tells a story, so like comic book fabrics, or some type of graphic message, or some of those different border prints that have a scene going through them. Those are the types of fabrics that I like to sew with.

View Julian's full interview on IGTV here.

Meet Adrienne Walker

image/collage of Adrienne Walker

What does being a black maker mean to you, especially in 2021?

Being a black maker to me, in 2021, means to show that we exist - that that we're here, and we also have ideas that could change this entire industry. We have a voice that needs to be and wants to be heard. I grew up in a family that was full of creatives. My mom was amazing at crafting, my grandmother was a superstar in sewing. And without me even knowing it, that pretty much shaped who I am today.

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What are your favorite DIY categories and fabrics?

I've been sewing for over six years now, and I still enjoy every minute of it. My top categories are home decor and apparel, but I tend to do more apparel than anything. My fabric favorites are super easy - I would buy stretchy apparel fabrics by the buttloads. I definitely enjoy how they feel. I enjoy how they hit every curve of your body. You really cannot go wrong with them. In the beginning I loved solids, but I've noticed over the years that I've been leaning towards patterns, so you can say I like both.

View Adrienne's full interview on IGTV here.

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