Button Front Dress In 15 Steps with Meggi Sews

Button Front Dress In 15 Steps with Meggi Sews

Meg of Meggisews.com is a sewing enthusiast who makes her most of her clothes and sometimes, some for her family. Pattern and fabric hoarder. She has dreams that one day, a big truck full of fabric will deliver to her. She loves to cook and eat out. She especially loves to sew anything stretchy. She is a wife and mom.

With spring round the corner and fresh gingham checks coming back this season, here’s a quick 15 steps tutorial for your next dress. This button front dress is all you need to update your wardrobe.

Supplies Needed

Step by Step Tutorial

    steps 1-3
  1. Place the patterns on the fabric. Pin the edges to make sure the pattern doesn't move. Cut all the pieces from the pattern. (Cut size 10 for the bodice, 1" shorten and 14 for the skirt, 1" added for the skirt).
  2. These are strap C from the pattern. Mark the points to pivot, leaving the seam allowances.
  3. Getting ready to pivot*.
  4. *TIP: Mark the point with the pin to ensure the stitching does not pass through the point.

    steps 4-6
  5. Iron before turning both sides to create beautiful corners. Ensure to cut all extra threads on end.
  6. Turn the strap inside out. Iron the edges to make sure they are creased well. Topstitch edges.
  7. Add piping* to the pieces separately if you desire too; this is optional but adds an additional depth to the dress.
  8. *TIP: Use basting stitch before attaching the piping for nice and trimmed finishing.

    steps 7-9
  9. Lay facing on top of the front panel and sew with piping foot.
  10. So pretty! The top is ready! Now let's get to pockets!
  11. Add piping to the pocket*.
  12. *TIP: Lay double side fuse tape where piping is required. Peel the tape. Place piping on top of the tape. Pivot the piping and lay it on the other side. Now pockets are ready to be added skirt.

    steps 10-12
  13. Sew the pocket to the skirt. Use pins if required.
  14. Sew both the pockets and iron the seams.
  15. Finish the seam*.
  16. *TIP: Iron before sewing the end seams to ensure seams are straight.

    steps 13-15
  17. Attach the top and skirt together.
  18. Sew the placket*.
  19. And the dress is ready!
  20. *TIP: To finish the top corner and not make it bulky, trim excess seam allowance and iron the edges. Add buttonholes to the placket and hand sew buttons on the other side.

    image of gingham dress
image of gingham dress

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