Chambray & Wool Wholecloth Quilt

Chambray & Wool Wholecloth Quilt

Created by: Erin Sobon (

Hey there! Erin from Sewbon here today to bring you a quick and simple sewing project – a wholecloth quilt featuring wool and chambray! This project is a great way to mix seasonal substrates for something warm and cozy, or even light and airy.

Wholecloth Quilt

Wholecloth Quilt

While I actually have a pretty good collection of quilt patterns in my stash that I dream of one day sewing, sometimes I’m just too impatient to sew a “real quilt”! So, to get my quilt-y fix, I make wholecloth quilts. It’s such a good instant gratification project because it’s simple and sews up so quickly!

Typically, I make whole cloth quilts as baby gifts, but this time I supersized it and made a twin size version. This size is perfect to cuddle up with on the couch or to drape across the foot of the bed for those cold winter nights. Plus, the wool makes it extra warm and cozy!

Wholecloth Quilt

Wholecloth Quilt

Let’s get started!



Step 1

Cut your fabric as follows:

  • Wool – Cut in half so you have (2) 2-yard pieces
  • Chambray – Cut in fourths so you have (4) 1-yard pieces

Wholecloth Quilt

Wholecloth Quilt

Step 2

Sew the wool pieces right sides together along the 2-yard edge.

Step 3

Sew two pieces of the fabric with one dot side and one stripe side together along the 1-yard edge. Repeat for the other two pieces.

Step 4

Sew the two stitched panels of fabric together along the long edge so you have a quilt top made of four rectangles.

Step 5

Assemble the quilt sandwich by placing the batting down first, then the wool right side up, then the quilt top right side down. Safety pin generously through all three layers so that the layers are smooth and don’t shift.

Step 6

Trim the edges of the quilt sandwich so they are all even.

Step 7

Using a walking foot, sew around the edges of the quilt sandwich at a ½ inch seam allowance, leaving a 12-inch opening.

Step 8

Turn the quilt right side out through the 12-inch opening.

Step 9

Sew around the entire quilt with a ¾ inch seam allowance, closing the opening as you sew.

And that’s it! If you’d like, you can tack the layers of the quilt together or quilt some lines, but I found the weight to be heavy enough that it stayed in place nicely.

Wholecloth Quilt

Wholecloth Quilt

Happy sewing!

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