DIY Coily Coaster Tutorial

DIY Coily Coaster Tutorial

By: Riley Blake Designs

Here's what you'll need

Let's get started!

Step 1

Begin by folding one piece of scrap fabric in half lengthwise over end of piping. Using a zipper foot, straight stitch close to piping.

Step 2

To add the second piece of scrap fabric, fold one short end about 1/4”. Fold the scrap fabric over the piping, exactly like you did the first piece, placing the folded short end over the raw edge at the end of your first scrap piece. Straight stitch close to piping.

Step 3

Repeat step 2 with varying lengths of scrap fabric until you have the length you want. (about 1 yard)

Step 4

Trim the edges of the fabric about 1/8” away from your stitching line.

Step 5

Starting at the end of your piping, begin forming a tight coil that will be the center of the coaster.

Step 6

Set your machine to a wide zig zag stitch and tack a few stitches to start.

Step 7

Keep stitching around and keep your piping laid flat. Try to have the coil on the left and the piping on the right meet in the middle of the presser foot. This way the zig zag stitch will catch both sides. Make sure the raw edges you trimmed in step #4 are hidden in the coil or face the bottom of the coaster.

Step 8

When you get to the end, your coaster should be around 4” wide. Take the end of your piping and tuck it under the coil. Stitch the end securely in place.

And you're done!

finished coaster

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