Cowhide Floor Cushion Tutorial

Cowhide Floor Cushion Tutorial

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Cowhide is a huge trend in home decor right now, and these chic floor cushions made from one of our favorite velvety fabrics are a modern way to create additional comfortable seating while complementing any room!

Super easy to make and surprisingly comfortable, the unique design creates a lumbar-supportive structure that anyone can enjoy. This is a great project for a beginner learning to master the zipper, or a quick project for a seasoned sewist.

Let’s get started!


Cowhide Floor Cushion

Step 1

Cut your rectangles based on what size you desire:

Small Size: 2 rectangles, 36.5’’ x 29.5’’ - This size is ideal for kids, tweens and petite adults.

Regular Size: 2 rectangles, 42.5’’ x 35.5’’ - This size is appropriate for seat-seekers of most sizes.

Step 2

Insert zipper across one shorter side of the rectangles. Sew seam, reinforcing ½’’ before the zipper ends on each side. Reinforcing is necessary because later when you open up part of the seam to reveal the zipper, the remaining seam still needs to be strong and not be able to be pulled apart. Pin zipper within the seam allowance, top stitch the zipper with a zipper foot. Use a seam ripper to open up the seam, revealing the sliding zipper.

Pinned Zipper – underside and top side of seam shown:

Cowhide Floor Cushion

Top Stitch Zipper into seam:

Cowhide Floor Cushion

Open up seam to reveal zipper using a seam ripper:

Cowhide Floor Cushion

Step 3

Sewing wrong sides together, stitch ½’’ seam allowance along both long edges of the rectangles.

Step 4

Join the side seams together in the middle and sew along the remaining short end of the rectangle piece. This seam creates the vertical seam portion along the back of the cushion, which gives the seat structure.

Cowhide Floor Cushion

Step 5

Clip corners so that the cover lays nicely once flipped right-side out.

Cowhide Floor Cushion

Step 6

Repeat Steps 1 -5 for a liner insert if desired. The liner insert is not required to complete the project, but recommended if you want to change or easily clean the exterior cover.

Step 7

Pour your bean bag fill into the liner. Warning – this is a 2 person job and should be done VERY carefully. Those beans are tricky, move quickly and love static electricity; the less you come in contact with them the better!

Poof! Or should I say Pouf? Now take a seat, relax and enjoy!

Cowhide Floor Cushion

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