Designer Spotlight: Jennifer Adams

Designer Spotlight: Jennifer Adams

In today's Designer Spotlight, meet Dear Stella Designer Jennifer Adams!

About Jennifer Adams:

An award-winning designer, author, and TV personality, Jennifer Adams has a passion for calm, mindful living and inspires others to do so with the same authenticity. Home by Jennifer Adams designs and produces quality products that reflect her own breezy, effortless Southern California style, believing everyone deserves to have a space they love coming home to.

DS Jennifer Adams

Jennifer was an on-air designer for HGTV, and the nationally syndicated The Better Show for eight seasons. Her creativity, content expertise, media presence, and recent graduation from Harvard Business School under the OPM Program for entrepreneurship have contributed to her growing international lifestyle business. Jennifer’s home improvement and design guidebook, Love Coming Home, is due out August 2018.


When did you realize you had a passion for art and design?

I came from humble beginnings. Raising a family of four children, my parents had to work hard and be incredibly resourceful. Everything in our home, from our furniture and our clothes, were either handmade by my mom or given to us. She even made our sofa. So from an early age, I learned how to be creative and inventive. I was always rearranging the furniture and the décor in my tiny bedroom, one time tacking beach towels to the walls of my room to create a tropical cabana look. I remember one of my wildest, room-refresh ideas was dyeing my yellow and green shag carpet by adding blue dye to a carpet steam cleaner my mom rented from the local market. Luckily for me it wasn’t a total disaster, and the carpet did in fact eventually turn into a lovely shade of blue. I was so proud of my carpet masterpiece!

Describe your aesthetic in 3 words.

Effortless, modern, clean

What was the inspiration behind your latest fabric release?

I’m all about a Southern California, Easy Breazy Boho vibe. Barefoot and effortless is the best! I made sure to reflect this in my latest fabric release.

You teamed up with Covington to create your line of textiles. What about Covington made them the perfect partner for you?

I love the people at Covington. It’s important to me to find partners who believe in collaboration and creating high-quality products, and the talented staff at Covington do just that. And I especially love that their price points make our fabrics accessible to most.

If you had to choose one favorite fabric from your entire line, what would it be and why?

Weathersfield and Mazinda. I like their boho-chic style.

What are your current favorite trends in sewing/DIY?

I love DIY big, bold accent pillows. The bigger the better, and with clean knife edges. It’s fun to mix and match decorative pillows in various shapes and sizes, in all areas of your home, they express so much of your unique personality.

What do you love most about creating a DIY project with your fabric (or seeing customers creating DIY projects with your fabric)?

DIY projects allow great design to be accessible to everybody. It’s always inspiring to see others take a creative idea and bring it to fruition. It feels good to know that I’ve played a small part in that.

DS Jennifer Adams

What projects are on your “must make” list right now?

It’s hard to pick a favorite! I love DIY headboards, dining chairs and using fabric on the wall as art. I’m making my own decorative pillows right now. And, I’m fascinated with finding objects that I can turn into art pieces (especially from my fabric line!).

What other blogs/brands/designers inspire you most?

Designers that inspire me include Emily Henderson, I love her décor style and sense of whimsy, and Tammy Price for her clean, California look that uses neutrals layered with textures. I also adore Rebecca Atwood for her unique and beautiful textiles and patterns. These three designers are brilliant, each one a creative force that brings something special to home design. Another big inspiration is Deepak Chopra. For me, home and life are intertwined, and Chopra’s writings and advocacy for healthier, holistic living in your home and environment align with my own love coming home philosophy. I believe home is where your best live begins.

What do you love to do when you aren’t designing and creating?

Yoga, meditation, and writing. I also love to sit in my backyard, relaxing with my dogs and a glass of wine, dreaming up new and improved ways to do something creative. Creativity ignites my soul and gives me great joy.

Tell us one thing people might not know about you.

I’m an introverted extrovert. As much as I like to be on TV or do public speaking engagements, I’m actually most comfortable having time one-on-one. I’m also addicted to creating Vision Boards… for pretty much everything!

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