Designer Spotlight: Lori Holt

Designer Spotlight: Lori Holt


When did you realize you had a passion for art and design?

My mom says that I was practically born with a needle in my hand. My earliest memories are of sitting underneath the quilting frames and threading needles for my grandma and great aunts until I eventually grew old enough to make stitches of my own. As a girl, I spent many happy hours designing and sewing clothes for my dolls, crocheting, and doing embroidery. My deep love of all needle art comes from the early influence of my mother and grandmothers, who were my first teachers. Now I teach others to create, and I find joy in using my creativity to make beautiful things.

Describe your aesthetic in 3 words.

Vintage, Happy, & Fun!

What was the inspiration behind your latest fabric release?

The Prim Collection is inspired by a simpler time when things were homegrown and handmade with lots of love.

image of Prim Collection

If you had to choose one favorite fabric from your entire line, what would it be and why?

I would have to choose the Churndash Print. It’s so scrappy and fun!

What are your current favorite trends in sewing?

Currently I am inspired by the resurgence in popularity of counted cross stitch! I love to see a craft I have done for years become popular with a new generation.

image of Prim Collection

What do you love most about creating a DIY project with your fabric (or seeing customers creating DIY projects with your fabric)?

I love the feeling of being part of a wider community of other people who love to sew and are inspired by my designs.

What projects are on your “must make” list right now, especially with this collection?

I want to make some new things for my sewing room: curtains, and maybe reupholster a chair or two.

customer image of Lori Holt fabrics

What other blogs/brands/designers inspire you most?

There are so many different blogs/brands/designers that inspire me, it would be nearly impossible to narrow it down to a few. I am inspired by all genres of crafting and sewing.

What’s next for you? What’s inspiring your next projects or fabric release?

Every day brings something new. I rarely have a spare moment. I am constantly working on my next fabric collection, or my next quilt design, or my next sew-a-long, or my next blog post, and on and on.

Lori Holt fabrics

What do you love to do when you aren’t designing and creating?

I love to spend time with my family and spend time outdoors. We love to go camping!

Tell us one thing people might not know about you.

I am a small town farm girl and the middle child of a large family.

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