DIY Dining Decor: Neutral Fall Farmhouse

DIY Dining Decor: Neutral Fall Farmhouse

By: Adrienne Walker

Hello Guys! Welcome to my blog post on how you can create your very own table runner and placements. I will walk you through the list of supplies and materials used, my fabric selection process, and any tips or tricks.

finished table

Here's What You'll Need:


Choosing Fabrics

Checker Print Fabric seems to be the go to fabric for the Holiday season and instead of purchasing one, I decided to make my own. There are so many different types of prints to choose from on I decided to pick the Timeless Treasures Strawberry Patch Collection in Gingham Check Black. I chose this fabric for two reasons: the color combination and the weight. The colors included black and white. The weight of the fabric is a lightweight material and 100% cotton.

Let's get started!

Measuring & Cutting

Now that I have decided on the fabric, it’s time to figure out the exact measurements of my round table. Luckily, I already had a table runner and placemats on my table and I used those measurements to cut my fabric. The table runner was 66 x 20 and the placemat was 18 x 13. original table Before I cut my fabric, I always serge the raw edges to prevent excessive shrinkage in the washing machine. As noted, fabric typically shrink about 10% after washing. When washing the fabric, I make sure to place it on a gentle wash and dry on low heat. With this particular fabric, you can tell the edges will fray and tangle in the washing machine.

serged fabric

After my fabric was dried, I made sure to iron the fabric before cutting. I fold the fabric in half, making sure to not cut on the fold. The first thing I did was to cut the two pieces for the placemats. Whatever fabric I had left over would be used for the table runner. The cut measurements for the placemats and table runner were 19 x 14 and 72 x 21

folded fabric

Stitching The Pieces

For each cut piece, I stitched the edges using a 5/8” seam allowance. Note: Make sure to leave an opening in each piece. This will allow you to pull the fabric from the inside out.

After stitching, I serged the edge to secure the original stitch.

Once done, I pull the fabric through the hole, split stitch the opening then iron it.

Putting It All Together

Here is the placement of both the table runner and placemats. WOW!! Who would have thought that checker print would look this good.

plain finished placemats

The Final Look

Here is the final look of my table décor. The additional accessories came from things I had around the house and hobby lobby.

finished table

finished table

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