DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

Drop cloth curtains are a great way to spruce up your home décor and add elegance to any room. The properties of the materials used in drop cloths are particularly handy for window treatment. Today we'll teach you how to create these simple curtains yourself.

Let's get started!

Drop Cloth Curtains

Drop Cloth Curtains

Drop Cloth Curtains

Materials Needed:

  • 6 yards of drapery fabric for two 86"x54" curtain panels
  • Thread
  • Tape Measure
  • Scissors or Rotary Cutter

Drop Cloth Curtains

Step 1

Measure the length that the finished curtain panel will be. This tutorial will provide instructions for two easy hanging applications: a rod pocket or drapery clips. To measure where the bottom of the panel should hit, decide on one of four standard lengths: Sill, Apron, Floor and Puddle.

Drop Cloth Curtains

Sill Length:

Curtain length falls right below the window sill.

Apron Length:

Curtain length falls 4” below the window sill.

Floor Length:

Curtain length falls about ¼” above the floor.

Puddle Legnth:

Curtain length falls about 6 – 10 inches beyond floor length.

Step 2

Once measurement of the finished length is determined, add 4” on top and bottom. The additional 8” will allow for a folded 3” hem on both ends. Buy extra yardage than needed for fabrics with motifs or print designs. When cutting the fabric, examine where the motif will be displayed, and cut accordingly so that each curtain panel matches.

Drop Cloth Curtains

Step 3

Roll hem the sides of the panels.

Step 4

Press 1” inward on the top and bottom. Fold and press another 3” and top stitch across. Leave the sides open for the rod pocket.

*Tip: Depending on the print orientation of the fabric, you can leave side seams open on both ends, so that there’s a rod pocket on both ends.

Drop Cloth Curtains

Step 5

Press and hang!

Drop Cloth Curtains

Best Fabrics for Drop Cloth Curtains

Here are some fabrics we love for drop cloth curtains!

Printed Cotton Duck

Premier Prints makes medium weight cotton and cotton blend fabrics in amazing color patterns, and the cloth is not thick enough to completely block out light. Due to this and its bright colors, it also works well with modern furniture and suits small rooms where it can pull everything together.

Drop Cloth Curtains

Solid Canvas

This fabric is also 100% cotton and the fabric is of medium to heavy weight. As a result, it is perfect for window treatments including draperies, curtains and valances. It is worth noting, however, that its color options may vary due to the distinctive nature of the dyeing process used. Therefore, make sure you buy sufficient quantities to completely finish your project.

This fabric is perfect for roller shades and covering floor-to-ceiling windows in large rooms. Its dark shades complement large living rooms perfectly, especially with rustic, dark furniture to balance the antique look.

Drop Cloth Curtains

Blackout Drapery

Blackout drapery is a bestseller amongst drop cloth curtains, and with good reason. It muffles sound and reduces noises that might be released through the windows. As such, it is perfect for homes, nurseries, workplaces, and schools. This fabric can also insulate rooms according to season, making them cooler during the summer and warmer in winter. It is also perfect for blocking out early morning sunlight rays while still blending in with a room’s color scheme.

Drop Cloth Curtains


Linen is a timeless fabric choice for drop cloth curtains. A natural fiber derived from the flax plant, linen and linen blend fabrics give a crisp appearrance, and the texture adds a modern elegance to any room.

Drop Cloth Curtains

Happy sewing!

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