DIY Easy to Carry Laundry Bag

DIY Easy to Carry Laundry Bag


Make this cute and simple laundry bag that you will be proud to showcase in your room and can easily tote around. Pick out your favorite print or color in a medium weight woven fabric, that will go with the rest of your decor.

image of finished laundry bag

Here's What You'll Need

  • Laundry bag pattern
  • 1 yard of fabric (canvas, denim, twill or another medium weight woven fabric)
  • 3/4 yard of fabric in a contrasting color (width min 55” )
  • OR 1 & 3/4 yard of solid fabric if not using the contrast color
  • Matching thread
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • A safety pin
  • Sewing pins or sewing clips
  • A fabric pen or taylor’s chalk

Preparing the Pattern Pieces

Cut pieces following instructions below or using the pattern. All seam allowance are included: 3/8”

pattern piece on fabric

A – Drawstring Contrast Channel

  • 21 3/8" + 4 3/4” - On each smaller side of the rectangle, mark two lines: one at 3/8“, the second at 3/4” ) CUT 1 on fold, put a notch at the center.

B – Main Body

  • 20 11/16" x 24 3/8" - CUT 1 on fold, put a notch at the center

C – Bottom Contrast Piece

  • 20 11/16 “x 7” - CUT 1 on fold, put a notch at the center

D – Circle Base (Contrast Color)

  • 13 3/4” Diameter - CUT 1

E – Bag Strap

  • 3 7/8” x 26 1/8” - CUT 1

Create the bag strap

Fold bag strap (E) in half, right sides together and sew at 3/8’’ from edge, as image below. Once complete turn inside out for a clean finish and press strap (E).

bag strap diagram

Create the drawstring channel

To finish the opening edges, fold each shorter edge twice at 3/8’’ toward the wrong side of the fabric and press. Sew pressed edge at 1/8".

Overlock longer sides. Fold in half and press.

Create the bag

Main Body (B): Overlock the edges, fold in half, right sides in and stitch together at 3/8”. Repeat step 5 with the bottom contrast piece (C)

Assemble A to B right sides together, adding the bag strap (E) in between drawstring tunnel (A) and main body (B), aligning the notches of A and E to the seam of B, stitch at 3/8” and overlock the edge.

Repeat step 7, assembling B to C right sides together, adding the bag strap (E) in between main body (B) and bottom piece (C), aligning the notch of E to the seams of B and C., stitch at 3/8” and overlock the edge.

Press seam towards bottom contrast piece (C) and topstitch at 1/8".

Finish the bag

Sew the base: Pin the bag to the circle base (D), stitch at 3/8’’ and overlock the edges.

Turn the bag inside out and press seam allowance toward the bottom contrast piece (C). Top stitch at 1/8”.

Using a safety pin, insert your cord (55’’ long) through the drawstring channel. Finish by tying a knot at the end.

And You're Done!

finished laundry bag

Enjoy your new laundry bag!

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