DIY Holiday Village

DIY Holiday Village

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Hi readers! It's Bev from Flamingo Toes here with you today and I'm so excited to bring you with this fun and whimsical DIY Holiday Village!

I just love projects where I can do a little fussy cutting and this Christmas village made with Tasha Noel's fabric line for Riley Blake, Pixie Noel, was so fun to sew up!

Supplies Needed:

I made a whole group of little houses for my village - all decorated with cute florals, trims and even little striped stockings! All the details on the houses are pieces of fabric cut out for the designs so it's super easy to decorate and customize them.

I just love all these little whimsical details.

Pattern Download

Download the DIY Holiday Village pattern here:

Fabric Houses, Doors and Windows Patterns

The patterns have a variety of house and roof shapes - feel free to mix and match those up so your houses all look a bit different. Choose doors and windows that have shapes that work with the images you are fussy cutting from the fabrics. It's fun to plan it all out!

I'll walk you through one of the houses but they're all constructed with the same steps.  For all the houses, measure up 1" from the bottom and then start your details like doors and windows.

For the little clothes line I drew a line with a disappearing marking pen for the line guide. Cut out socks and hats from the fabric and iron these to the fusible webbing. Trim around the shapes and remove the paper backing. Iron the socks, hats, and door and window to the front of the house.

Stitch around everything with the black Aurifil thread two or three times. I like to use a free motion foot and just do a sketched stitch look.

Sew the roof pieces to the front and back of the house pieces. If you want, add in trim to the top of the house before or after your roof is sewn on.

If you are adding a chimney to your roof, cut a piece of heavyweight interfacing and fuse this to one side of the chimney pieces. Sew the pieces together on three sides, leaving the bottom edge open. Turn right side out and press.

If you're adding a chimney to a curved or triangle roof, your chimney will need to be perpendicular to the roof edge. So the roof will actually be pointing sideways inside the front and back of the roof pieces as you sew them together. This will allow it to stand up straight when turned right side out. If you're adding a chimney to a straight roof, just sew it in pointing downwards.

Place the front and back of the house right sides together and sew around the pieces with a 1/4" seam allowance. Leave an opening in the side of the house for turning right side out. Clip all the curves and pointed edges.

Bring the bottom edge of the house up to match the side edge at the corner to form a point in the bottom corner. Sew a seam across this point 1" from the pointed end. This will make a box pleat in the bottom of the house and allow the house to stand up straight. Repeat for the other corner of the house.

Trim the corner edge off just outside of the seam. Turn the house right side out and press.

Cut a piece of cardboard the size of the box pleat section on the base of the house. Most of mine were 1 1/2" x 3" but you'll want to double-check yours. Slide the cardboard into the base of the house, then stuff the house with fiberfill. Hand sew the opening closed.

Repeat for all the other houses you'd like to make! Wouldn't these be so cute lined up along a mantel or shelf?!

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