DIY Ottoman Slip Cover

DIY Ottoman Slip Cover


Give your ottoman a refreshed look and feel with this step by step ottoman slipcover pattern using faux leather fabrics from TELIO.

image of finished ottoman slip cover

Here’s what you'll need:

Let's get started!

Step 1

Measure your ottoman. As we used a square ottoman base, the 5 sides required are all the same size For example, our ottoman is 20” wide x 20” wide.

step 1

Step 2

For contrast color blocking as per our ottoman, divide the 20” in half = 10” squares and add 1 inch all around for seam allowances.

You will have 4 squares of 11” x 11” for each side of which:
- 2 squares will be in colour 1 (brown)
- 2 squares will be in contrast color 2 (grey)

photo b1

For all 5 sides, you will need a total of:
- 10 squares of 11” x11” in colour 1 (brown) and
- 10 squares of 11” x11” in contrast colour 2 (grey)

photo b2

Step 3

Assemble the right sides of contrasting squares together of color 1 (brown) and color 2 (grey).

photo C

Step 4

Repeat with 2 more squares and place alternate colors together.

photo D

Step 5

For a square panel, open seams flat and topstitch at 1/8” on each side of each seams.

photo E

Step 6

Repeat all the steps above for a total of 5 square panels

photo F

Step 7

Sew the 5 panels together by matching the colors as shown below.

photo G

Step 8

Now assemble the sides together by matching the colors as shown.

photo H

Step 9

Turn in the hem at 1⁄2” and stitch.

photo I

Step 10

Place your slipcover over your ottoman and voila a new look!

image of finished slip cover

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