DIY Flannel and Fur Christmas Stockings Free Pattern

DIY Flannel and Fur Christmas Stockings Free Pattern

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Christmas stockings are the perfect finishing touch to holiday décor. They can be made as a treasured heirloom, gifted for a new family member, or made yearly to follow trends and keep a fresh look to your seasonal atmosphere.

This year, we’ve mixed plaid flannel and faux fur fabric to modernize a classic tradition: a stocking with a faux fur cuff and adorable pom accents! I don’t know if we’re more excited about the goodies Santa will stuff them with, or the stockings themselves. Let’s get started!



Pattern Download

Click here to download our free stocking pattern, complete with the stocking, lining, fur cuff and fur poms templates!



Step 1

Use the stocking pattern download and assemble your pattern. It should look like this:


Step 2

Ccut out your fabric, right sides together. Cut and sew faux fur fabric using tips from this video.

Step 3

Sew both liner and face fabric with 3/8” seam allowance. On the stocking piece, grade, clip and notch the seam allowance, flip and press.
For the liner piece, leave an opening at the bottom in order to eventually flip the stocking rightside out. Trim the seam allowance down to ¼” so that it fits well within the face fabric. Tip: press the opening ¼” upward, it will make topstitching easier in step 5.


Step 4

Layer the face fabric and cuff as shown in the video. Line the seam up on the outer seam of the stocking.


Keeping the lining wrong-side out, layer it on top and use Wonder Clips to secure.

Sew ½” around the top, and flip rightside out using the opening in the liner piece.

Step 5

Once the stocking is flipped, top stitch the opening within the lining.
Tip: Since faux fur is on a heavy knit backing, there’s no need to hem the fur cuff edge, it won’t unravel!

Step 6 (Optional Faux Fur Poms)


These are so fun to make! Sew the ribbon onto the faux fur circles, make sure the fur nap is facing downward. Hand baste stitch with doubled thread around and use a scrap fabric piece in the center to help give it shape. Pull the thread tightly, pinching the fabric and stitch closed.

*Tip: Use your finger to loop the thread to keep fur fibers out of the stitches. These fur poms would make great ornaments, garland, or giftable accents to purses and keychains!

More Fabric Suggestions

Here are some of other suggestions for these flannel and fur stockings, if buffalo plaid isn’t your style!

Udder Madness Cow Upholstery Milk with Shannon Faux Fur Golden Wolf Gold/Brown.


P Kaufmann Obsessions Velvet Midnnight with Shannon Faux Fur Luxury Shag White.



Happy Holidays!

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