Giftable Winter Blankets

Giftable Winter Blankets

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Holiday gifts are that much more special when they are handmade, and you can't go wrong with a versatile blanket to curl up in all winter long! There are plenty of people on your list who would love this warm and cozy quilt.

This easy striped quilt can be sewn up in an afternoon and is the perfect holiday gift for teachers, spouses, neighbors, parents or a special friend. Emily from Quilty Love will show us how!

Winter Blankets

Supplies Needed

Winter Blankets

The Essex Linen in this easy striped quilt provides modern texture and warmth. The cozy flannel backing is festive and warm. Choose your favorite linen color and flannel print and make up a few of these quilts as handmade holiday gifts!

Winter Blankets


This easy quilt top goes together in strips. First you'll need to cut the fabric for the quilt top.

Cutting the Essex Linen:

First, cut seven 7.5in x WOF strips from the Essex linen.
Trim five of these strips to 42in.
From the remaining two strips, cut five 7.5in x 10in strips.

Join together a 42in strip with a 10in strip using a 1/4in seam allowance and a smaller stitch length. Repeat for all five strips.

Winter Blankets

Cutting the White Fabric:

Next, cut five 7.5in x WOF strips from the Kona Cotton white.
Trim four of these strips to 42in.
From the remaining strip cut four 7.5in x 10in pieces.

Join together a 42in strip with a 10in strip using a 1/4in seam allowance. Repeat for all four strips.

Assemble the quilt top

Sew the strips together lengthwise using a 1/4in seam allowance. Start with a linen strip then a white strip, then a linen strip…etc.

Winter Blankets

Pin liberally during this step. While sewing straight strips together is simple, they will warp if you are not careful.

Another trick to prevent warping is to sew each strip on in the opposite direction as the one before it. By flipping the quilt top in each direction the stripes will be straighter.

Tips for working with linen

Use a smaller stitch length when working with linen. Linen has a looser weave so the smaller stitch length will help it hold up better.

Linen also has a tendency to stretch a bit so handle it carefully and consider using starch.

Find more tips and tricks for successfully sewing with linen in this article.

Winter Blankets

There you have it! Your super simple striped quilt top is done.

Prepare the backing fabric

You are now ready to prepare the backing flannel fabric for your quilt. Cut the flannel backing in half on the short side.

Winter Blankets

Trim the selvedge off the two sides you will join together. Sew the two pieces back together on the long sides using a 1/2in seam allowance. Press this seam.

Winter Blankets

Baste the quilt

Next baste your quilt by placing the backing flannel piece right side down, adding the batting and placing the quilt top right side up. Pin or spray baste in place.


Quilt by outlining each seam using a walking foot. Add accent lines as desired. I added 2 more lines outside of each seam spaced 1/2in apart. I also added 3 1/2in spaced lines right down the center of each strip.

Bind the quilt

From your binding fabric, cut six 2.5in x WOF strips. Sew them together end to end. Fold your binding wrong sides together lengthwise and press. Attach the binding to the quilt. Follow this easy binding tutorial here.

Winter Blankets

Sew up a few of these striped flannel quilts to have on hand this holiday season. You will want to keep one for yourself after you see how cozy these quilts are!

Winter Blankets

Winter Blankets

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