Halloween Cat Costume Mask Tutorial

Halloween Cat Costume Mask Tutorial

By: Morgan Bowling

This adorable kitty cat mask will be a great way to have a no fuss costume for Halloween.

When it comes to easy Halloween costumes, there’s nothing more classic than a black cat. If you’re looking for something to throw on before a heading out the door for a spooky time, this mask is the ticket. All you have to do is pair this mask with a cute black outfit and some kitty ears and you’re all set. Also because of the simplicity of this mask, you can remove the decorative elements after Halloween is over to have a classic black mask, which can be worn time and time again.

finished cat mask

Here's what you'll need:

Let's get started!

You are going to start by cutting out the outer and lining pieces from the cotton fabric. Even though this mask is decorative, if you plan on wearing it around others it still needs to have two layers of 100% cotton fabric to be effective. I also recommend stitching all the decorative elements to the mask before the outer side and lining are sewn together so that the lining does not have any stitched holes in it.

After you have the fabric pieces cut out, you will cut out your felt decorative pieces. I opted for a super stiff white felt to make the whiskers because I liked how it held its shape and was easily stitched on. You could also use pipe cleaners to add a fun fuzzy effect. I used a black felt to cut the nose shape and purple felt to make a little smile.

Once you have all your felt or pipe cleaner elements assembled you are going to hand stitch them to the outer layer of the mask (as I said earlier I like to do this part before I attach the outer layer to the lining). You can use whichever stiches you like for this step. For my mask I did straight stitches to attach almost everything, and then a few French knots to secure the whiskers.

After all the decorative elements are secure you are good to go ahead and sew up the mask as directed. I especially love the craft passion pattern for this because you only sew up the top and bottom of the lining and outer fabric so there is room to have the whiskers poking out.

From there I trim the curve at the center seam on the top and bottom and turn the mask right side out. Then I carefully pressed the seam, making sure to avoid putting any heat on the felt (as some felts are polyester and will melt if exposed to heat). After gently pressing, I did a line of topstitching along the top and bottom of the mask.

I then will flip the mask over, turn in the two short sides twice, and per the pattern instructions stitch them down along the inside edge of the fold.

Once you have the channels stitched down you are ready for elastic. The length of elastic that you cut is personal preference, but I would say anywhere from 6-8” inches is standard. Once I had my two pieces of elastic cut I fed them through the channels and tied them off. I then fed the tie through the channel to hid it. And MEOW! You have a finished kitty cat mask!

Happy Halloween!

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