Halloween Gnome Hat & Face Mask

Halloween Gnome Hat & Face Mask

By: Elizabeth Rausmusson

A quick and easy Halloween costume that can cover a face mask.

Halloween is my son and my self’s all-time favorite holiday. We start planning our Halloween costumes for the next year usually starting November 2! As I’ve been thinking ahead about Halloween 2020 and what October 31st will look this year, I wanted to create a fun costume that could be worn with or over a face mask. Everything happening right now is unprecedented and it is hard to plan for that. However, I want to do whatever we can do to make Halloween safe and fun this year!

Here's what you'll need:

mask image

Gnome Mask

To start the costume, I used the Craft Passion’s face mask pattern to fit my seven-year-old son’s smaller face. I made this out of a basic white cotton broadcloth and 1/4” white elastic.

image of kid wearing white mask

Next on a piece of paper I drew a beard that was the same width as his mask and two ovals for the mustache. Using plush white felt I cut out the beard and mustache.

beard cut out

I had my son put on the mask and carefully pinned the beard and mustache to the mask.

Then I hand sewed the felt onto the masks, this is sturdy enough to stay on forever but also could easily be removed after Halloween

Gnome Hat

My son’s head is 21” around. To make a cone – which is really all that a gnome hat is I made the circumference 22” to allow for a ½” seam allowance.

Next use your cone to cut out your felt. I used 72” Classic Felt Neon Blue. Pin the two edges together and sew the edge using ½” seam allowance.

Clip your corners close to the seam allowance.

Now turn the hat inside out. I used a wooden point turner to poke inside and get a crisp top point. If you don’t have a point turner you could use a chopstick. Never use a pencil or your scissors to do this (I’ve poked holes through way to many projects!)

A quick iron press on the inside to open up the seams and you have finished the hat!!!

And you're done!

Happy Halloween!

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