Halloween Birds of a Feather Mask and Headband

Halloween Birds of a Feather Mask and Headband

By: Morgan Bowling

Birds of a feather keep their masks on when together. If you want a real statement mask for Halloween this tutorial is for you! Add a feathered headband too to make it even more fun.

finished mask image

Here's what you'll need:

mask pieces

For this colorful mask you are going to start out with your basic mask pieces. Even though this fun mask is decorative, if you are planning on wearing it around other it should still be effective as a face covering. We will be attaching all the decorative felt elements to the outer layer of the mask before attaching the outer layer to the lining layer. This way our lining fabric stays comfortable.

mask pieces

To start our beak, you will take the paper pattern of the mask, turned it upside down (So the bottom curve of the paper pattern is at the top of the beak) and trimmed it down to create a nice beak shape. You will then trace this onto two layers of yellow felt, and sewed those two layers down along the center curve. It took me several tries of cutting out the felt and sewing it together to get the shape that I wanted.

Once you get a beak shape that you are happy with you are going to pin that to the outside of your mask’s outer layer pattern piece.

mask pieces pinned together

You’re going to pin the beak along the top of your mask on both sides, then will baste into place. After basting your beak on it’s time to get into the feathers.

mask feathers

I cut out several different shapes and colors of feathers using an online template I found. I cut some out of the softer regular felt and then some out of the super still white felt that I had. I liked using the white felt because it gives the softer felt more structure when sewn together.


You can either use felt feathers like I did, or to save time you can just pick up a package of craft feathers. Either way will work just fine! After you assemble your feathers, you are going to arrange them on the outer layer of the mask around the beak. Once you have them situated you are going to sew the beak down on the sides, securing the feathers underneath it.

I also did some hand tacking stitches to get the feather to lay exactly how I wanted them to an inch or two in from the outside edge of the mask (Remember we will be turning some of the side edges in to create our elastic channel). Once all your decorative elements are attached to the outer layer of the mask, you’re ready to attach it to the lining.

As you can see from the pictures, I had to make sure to not catch my feathers up in the stitch of the two layers, so I pinned carefully and sewed slowly. Once the top and bottom is sewn you are going to turn the mask right side out.

After you turn your mask right side out you’re going to follow the Craft Passion instructions to turn in the short side edges to make your elastic channels, and will cut your elastic ear loops to your own personal preference.

Here you can see the inside of the mask and how the ear loops fit into the channels that we made.

To add to the effect of the mask I used a rigid red headband and some of the extra feathers I had to create a bird themed headpiece to match the mask. Once you have your headpiece and mask all put together you’re ready to be the coolest bird on the block!

Happy Halloween!

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