Halloween Princess Mask Tutorial

Halloween Princess Mask Tutorial

By: Morgan Bowling

Whether you want to coordinate your mask to your Halloween costume, or you just want to elevate your mask style in general, this addition of gathered organza and a statement tie is sure to do the trick. For this pattern I used the Craft Passion Facemask in the size Kid’s 7-12. I also made a matching top using the Building Block Dress pattern and the leftover voile and cotton that I had.

finished princess mask

Here's what you'll need:

face mask patterns and fabric

The base of this mask is going to be a double layered 100% cotton mask. Even if a mask is decorative, if you are going to be wearing your mask around others it still needs to be just as effective as a regular mask. That is why every decorative mask that I make starts with a double layered cotton mask as the base and all the decorative elements are added on top of that.

I start by cutting out my cotton mask as directed by the Craft Passion instructions. I cut out two layers of the front piece and two layers of the lining piece. For this project I used the same fabric for both.

cutting mask fabric

mask cut outs on fabric

Once my cotton pieces are cut out, it’s time to move on to cutting the decorative layer. When choosing this decorative layer of fabric, keep in mind what the wearer’s preference is going to be. For instance, the metallic threads in this organza might be a little too scratchy for some little ones, so you might want to opt for a soft tulle or a smoother organza. Also, this metallic organza probably won’t hold up as well in the wash, so either make this a special one-time mask, or only hand wash it.

To create the gather effect on the top layer of the mask I used the “Slash and Spread” method to length my pattern while still keeping the shape of the curve in tack. I divided the pattern up into 1.5” pieces and spread them out on another sheet of paper spacing them about 3/4th inches apart, however the farther apart you spread your pieces the more gathers you will have. I then used my spaced out pattern to create a new pattern to use to cut the organza.

I recommend using a pattern weight and rotary cutter to cut out this piece. I also folded my organza so that I could cut through two layers at once. After cutting out my lengthened pattern piece I did a line of very long basting stitches along the top and bottom of the organza. After I made the stitches I gently pulled on the top thread of each side to gather in the piece to match the size of our cotton front pieces.

Once the piece was gathered I pinned the corners to the top level of my (unsewn) cotton mask piece and adjusted the gathers to fall evenly over the pattern. Once the gathers were arranged the way I liked I pinned all the way around the cotton piece. For this step you will want to make sure that you have a left and right side.

Because the organza frayed quite a bit at the edges I used the overlock stitch on my sewing machines to create a nice finished edge on my top cotton pieces.

After my organza layer was sewn to my top cotton pieces I assembled the mask as directed in the Craft Passion directions. This is the step where it is important to make sure you made a right and left side organza piece. After I sew the lining and main fabric together and turn it out, I like to add a topstitch along the top and bottom, before I fold in the sides to make the channel for the straps.

I decided to give the ties a whimsical touch by using this beautiful light blue voile. I tore a 4” wide piece along the entire 120” width of the fabric to create an extra-long tie for the mask.

I then folded the fabric length wise and pinned and sewed the entire length. To give the inside a nice finished edge I used the overlock stitch again.

Then using a safety pin I turned the entire piece right side out and topstitched it down. Once I finished topstiching the long edge down, I folded the two short ends down and topstiched them into place.

Once my extra long voile tie was finished, I used a safety pin to feed it through the channels in our mask. To make it so the bow was on the top side of the mask I fed the tie from the top, down throught the bottom to the bottom side of the other channel, then back up to the top. Once it has all been fed through, you can adjust the strap to what fits best on the wearer’s face.

finished mask on little girl

finished mask on little girl

Happy Halloween!

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