Haunted House Paper Pieced Mini Quilt

Haunted House Paper Pieced Mini Quilt

Created by: Sarah Marrone

This spooky Witch's House mini quilt is the perfect sewing project to create eye-catching Halloween decor!


Finished Size

36 x 32 ½” (wall hanging)

Techniques Used
  • Foundation Paper Piecing
  • Applique
  • Traditional Piecing
  • Continuous Bias Binding
Project Prep

Background Fabric:

  • 21 ½ x 16 ½”
  • 30 ½ x 3”

Ground Fabric: 36 x 3”

Backing: 8 x 35” (can be pieced from leftover fabric)

Binding: 22” square (if using continuous bias binding method)

Step One

Print your pattern (sized for printing on 11 x 17 paper) and cut out all the pieces. A ¼” seam allowance has been included around the pieces- make sure to cut on the dashed lines and not the solid lines!

Step Two

Grab your markers or colored pencils. To keep track of what fabric goes where, it’s helpful to color the template of the whole house (and it’s fun to color).

Step Three

Start sewing! Fabric can be cut as you go, or you can pre-cut some pieces. I found that I generally cut 1 ½”, 2 ½”, and 3” strips. The windows also lend themselves great to fussy cutting, add a few skulls, spider webs, or spooky cats.

Fabrics for Fussy Cutting:
Cotton + Steel Boo Halloween Beads Black
Cotton + Steel Spellbound Metallic Floral
Cotton + Steel Boo My Pet Skeleton Teal

Completed Sewing Room Quilt

Step Four

With everything sewn and trimmed, it’s time to assemble the house and hill. Follow the guide below for putting the pieces together, press seams open or to the side with the least resistance.

Example: Sew B1 to B2 to B3 to B4 to B5, sew B6 to the bottom of that section, then sew B7 to the side, and finally sew B8 to the bottom

  • A1 + A2
  • (((B1 + B2 + B3 + B4 + B5) + B6) + B7) + B8
  • C1 + C2
  • D1 + D2
  • (((E3 + E4 + E5 + E6 + E7) + E2 + E8) + E9) + E1
  • ((G1 + G2) + G3 + G4 + G5) + G6
  • (((i1 + i2) + i3 + i4) + i5 + i6) + i7 + i8
  • ((J3 + J4 + J5 + J6 + J7 + J8) + J1 + J2) +J9
  • Hill1 + Hill2 + Hill3 + Hill4 + Hill5

Once all the individual sections are sewn together, the house can be put together in the following order- press seams open or to the side with the least resistance.

Example: Sections A, B, and C have been assembled, sew section B to C, then attach A to the top

  • A
  • B + C
  • D
  • (F + G) + E
  • (H + i) + J
  • K + L

Completed Sewing Room Quilt

Step Five

Add the background and ground fabric. Press seams to the side. Sew a 21 ½ x 16 ½” rectangle of background fabric to the top of the hill.

Between the house and hill sew a 30 ½ x 3” strip of background fabric, connecting the house to the hill.

Sew a 36 x 3” strip of ground fabric to the bottom.

Step Six

Time for the applique! Raw-edge applique works well for this project, with either a blanket stitch edge or free-motion quilting to sew the edges down.

Follow the fusible webbing directions for attaching to fabric.

Cut out the fence (a precision knife is helpful for this one), clouds, moon, and grave markers. Place and iron onto the quilt top. Then either embroider or sew around the edges.

Step Seven

Make your quilt sandwich and quilt with your desired pattern. I used free-motion quilting for this piece, with a loop pattern in the sky and pebbles for the ground.

Step Eight

Prepare and attach binding.

I was recently introduced to continuous bias binding and it’s a huge time (and fabric) saver, I highly recommend it. Using the continuous bias binding method, cut a 22” square piece of fabric, to make 2 ½” binding strips.

Now all you need to do is find the perfect spot to display your Witch’s House!

Completed Sewing Room Quilt

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