Indigo Spring Quilt Free Pattern

Indigo Spring Quilt Free Pattern

Created by: Sarah Marrone @flashbulbsbroken

This modern take on the Farmer's Delight quilt pattern is the perfect project to add a burst of color to your day, just in time for Spring!

This quilt looks complicated and ornate, but comes together with ease. This is a great way to sharpen your paper piecing skills and conquer any apprehensions you may have with curved piecing. You can create an ombre effect with a mix of solids and prints, or experiment with other fabric combinations if you desire!

Finished size is 47"x 47."


  • 3/8 yard - binding fabric
  • 3 yards - backing fabric
  • 1 1/2 yards - background fabric
  • 1-2 yards - mix of fabric (solids and/or prints)
  • Free pattern- click here to download

Fabrics We Used:

Patch Piece Pillows


Print out four copies of the paper pieces and cut them out, a rough 1/4" seam
allowance is included (cut near the dashed line).

Fabric can be cut into strips- just take the widest point of the paper piece and cut a strip. However, this is optional, and you can work with scrappier pieces as well..

Next, work through all the paper pieces. For each piece, you'll alternate between your
background and solid/print fabrics. There are many tutorials online on foundation paper
piecing if this is a new technique or you need a refresher.

Once your pieces are done, go ahead and sew the following pieces together (do not
remove the papers yet):

4a + 4b
3a + 3b
2a + 2b + 2c
1a + 1b + 1c + 1d

Patch Piece Pillows

Trim all your pieces to the dashed line, find something good on TV, and remove the

Now onto the curved piecing. Again there are so many tutorials available online, and
several different methods. I went with pinning, but there are also tutorials using glue or
just using your hands. Find what works best for you and go with it!

Practice on a few scraps to get the hang of it (and know that an iron + quilting will work
wonders on any problem spots, I definitely had a couple).

Sew together 7 + 6 / + 5 / + 4 / + 3 / + 2 / + 1

Repeat the above with all four sections and sew the sections together.

Patch Piece Pillows

Prepare your backing and make your quilt sandwich. I decided to hand quilt this piece
with big stitching to add more texture, but it could also be machine quilted.

Because of the rounded corners on this quilt, I would recommend using bias binding if
you have the time. I wanted a narrow binding, so I went with 2" strips. For bias binding
you'll need a 26" square, for regular binding you'll need 5 - 2" x WOF strips.

Have fun!

Patch Piece Pillows

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