Luxe Cuddle® Infinity Scarf

Luxe Cuddle® Infinity Scarf

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This scarf is a quick project to keep you warm all winter, or makes a lovely handmade gift! The Minky Luxe Cuddle® Collection from Shannon Fabrics has a wonderful variety of textures, colors, and longer pile lengths that are perfect for this infinity scarf.


Step 1

Cut Minky fabric into a 59” x 24.5” rectangle.

Infinity Scarf

The 59” measurement is along the selvedge to complement the vertical nap of the minky texture. This cutting suggestion requires 2 yards of minky and will yield 2 scarfs (one to keep, one to give!). It is possible to cut this rectangle with the 24.5” on the selvedge and the 59” across the width, which would require only 1 yard of minky. Keep the orientation of fabric in mind when determining how many yards to purchase.

Step 2

Fold right sides together, and sew the 59” side seams with a ½” seam allowance. Once the side seam is complete, flip inside out.

*Tip: Use a walking foot in your sewing machine.

Infinity Scarf

Step 3

Join one side of the ends to the opposite end, but before you do, twist it! Twisting it before joining the ends allows the scarf to have a more flattering fit around the neck when worn!

Infinity Scarf

Step 4

Use pins or wonder clips to join one side of the tube opening to the other, right sides together. Sew ½” seam along the tube opening until you should have about a 6” opening. The scarf should be almost completely right side out at this point, and you can hand stitch the opening closed. It’s best to join the tube this way so that the scarf infinity tube can freely move, creating a better fit.

Infinity Scarf

To wear, double it around your neck to create a soft and cozy cowl around your neck, pairing perfectly with any coat or jacket.

Infinity Scarf

This same tutorial can be used with many apparel fabrics. We love Minky Luxe Cuddle® for winter, but this scarf would also be great in lawn, voile, chiffon, jersey knit and crepe for transitioning into warmer weather!

Happy Sewing! And Happy Gifting!

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