Maker's Spotlight: Nikki Griffin

Maker's Spotlight: Nikki Griffin

About Nikki

After a successful 30 years in corporate America and a global pandemic, I decided to return to my roots and teach people of all levels how to master the sewing craft. As an 8-year-old child at my grandmother’s knee, I begged her to teach me to sew on her broken machine. My grandmother’s spirit of determination was not going to stop her from teaching me this valuable craft. One hot summer day, she gathered me and some fabric and taught me how to make my first garment…by hand. Without the use of a machine, I cut and created about 10 halter tops and was the most fashionable little girl on the block.

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After my halter top creation, I spent years dismantling and upcycling my old clothes, creating styles that caught everyone’s eye. I got my first sewing machine at 12 years old and I’ve been sewing ever since. I followed my dreams and spent a career in the fashion industry in retail, merchandising and sales. I have been taught by some of the top designers in the industry and I want to share what I have learned over the decades with you. Consider this your invitation into the community that I have built!

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Learn to sew your own style, with me Nikki G of Sewing My Style! "SEWING LESSONS LIVE!" is the new platform (virtual live classes) in the Zoom Sewing Room. Intermediate and Advanced classes are still available, but in the meantime, you're invited to join the Sewing Style Community and learn to sew.


What you think about a full-service online place to shop, so I'm confident I can find great fabrics and notions. They have the brands I love, Telio, Robert Kaufman, many denim brands and more. Online shopping can be a daunting task but has clear colorful photos and detail about the fabric and notions that give the user good information to make decisions. And, living in Atlanta, so I've met members of the organization and they are a group of professionals that focus on their customers at all times. They know how important it is to deliver a pleasing experience. As sewing instructor, is my go-to place to send students to get what they need for their sewing kit and fabric for sewing projects.

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What are your top projects?

My first partnership with was a holiday team building event where the operations team came to my store to make holiday gifts. This is where I met the team and showed them the customer side of their business first hand: how to sew! What fun we had - two days of beautiful fabrics and sewing and holiday cheer.

I then introduced to Atlanta Sewing Style, when we partnered with McCall Patterns to launch the 2020 Spring Patterns. was our fabric resource to make all the garments featured in the new line. So many choices, so many different looks and the fabric did not disappoint. Our sewists found just the right fabric to make over 20 different garments to launch the Spring season.

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And as the world came to a halt during COVID-19 in early Spring, rose to the challenge of helping the sewing community make cloth face masks for area hospitals and other essential workers. The CEO said, whatever we need to do help, we're here. Again, was a great partner in a time of crisis. So as the mask-making elevated and evolved to brand new sewists that had never owned a sewing machine before, we decided to highlighted a few tutorials to help others learn to make masks. I have 3 instructional videos on the blog site with 3 masks styles to make. I think me and are partners for life!

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What are your top 5 must-haves as a sewists from

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What is your biggest piece of advice for other makers?

If you are new to online fabric shopping, it is overwhelming. Order a few things, read, read, read and hit the button. You need a few experiences to get to a point of satisfaction. When you become familiar with one online retailer, you know how the site flows and how their pictures resemble the real thing when you get it. Provide feedback, call customer service if you need help and share your expectations. There are actual people behind the clicks focusing on your orders.

What has been your shopping experience been like with

I like the detailed filters I can apply to fabric searches the descriptions of the fabric are straight from the manufacturer, so I know it’s the fabric I'm looking for. sells the brands I use - so I can search for specifics items and find it.

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Stay Safe and Keep Sewing!

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