Men's Notch Collar Jacket

Men's Notch Collar Jacket

By: Julian Collins

Sometimes when a fabric is so nice you have to use it twice! After making a button up shirt using stretch cotton sateen from Telio I wanted to see what else could be done with it and felt a nice jacket would be a great addition to my wardrobe especially in this holiday season.

Julian modeling finished jacket

Here's What You'll Need

Choosing Fabric

Having had experience with the Telio graffiti print fabric, I was really excited to see what else I could do with it, and of course it did not disappoint! I knew I wanted a jacket that I could wear more as a layering piece instead of a traditional blazer throughout the year in a style that could go for both inner and outerwear. This fabric again has the right amount of presence to really make a statement without being louder than the person wearing it. To go along with the fabric I chose a dark blue lining fabric that really coordinates well with the blue in the graffiti print.

image of materials

Choosing a Pattern

Burda Style 6932 was a new pattern to me that I had been holding for just the right opportunity. Overall the coat has a very simple construction but the shaping built in the pattern pieces helps to ensure a really clean outcome. If you look at the collar there is a separately drafted collar and undercollar allow for the right amount of easy to make sure you get a smooth color and the role of the fabric to the fabric. This is when interfacing also comes into play to make sure you have the right amount of body in the pieces so that they can hold a great shape.

Sew Along

From my experience with working with Burda style patterns they have a pretty easy straightforward construction that doesn’t require a lot of futzing and adjusting to put it together. Following the notches and dots marked on the pattern and in the instructions the coat came together in no time. One place that did require some easing was the sleeve cap into the armscye, but the end result was a very nice shape that gave the coat a good shape without a lot of extra padding.

image of sewing jacket

Coming Together

One area that took me a minute to fully get a grasp on was the creation of the flap welt pockets. Usually when doing a welt pocket with a flap you are making a double welt pocket then inserting the flap this one is slightly different as it is a single welt and the flap acts as the facing for the top of the welt pocket. After reading over the instructions a few times I really just had to go for but the end result came out flawlessly.

image of constructed jacket

Once the coat was constructed and the lining attached I decided to do some hand finishing in the hem to make sure that I got the result I was after. For buttons I dug into my unique collection and thought these figural buttons would make a great addition.

close up image of buttons

Finished Project

Just like with the shirt I am in love with the fabric in jacket form! This can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion but I do know either way I will be turning heads in this jacket. As we head into the end of the year I love the make pieces that I feel will go well into the next season, to me this jacket is telling the new year to look out because here I come!

Julian modeling finished jacket

Julian modeling finished jacket

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