No-Sew Fleece Blanket

No-Sew Fleece Blanket

Large Throw
Small Throw
Step 1


If your fleece contains a selvage, trim it off. Then, spread out your coordinating piece of fabric, ensuring the soft side is facing down. Next, spread out your piece of football fabric and lay it soft-side up on top of your coordinating piece. Line the two pieces and trim where necessary to ensure both pieces are the same size. Smooth the fabric to remove any bumps.

Step 2


Set your index card or 3’’x5’’ cut-out on one corner of your fleece. Cut around the card to create a missing rectangle from the corner, ensuring you’re cutting through both pieces of fabric. Repeat on all four corners.

Step 3


Starting at one corner, create a 1’’ wide cut measuring the length of the rectangle that you’ve just created. Be sure to cut through both pieces of fabric. The cuts on the shorter side of your blanket will be longer than the cuts on the longer side, depending on the dimensions of the rectangle you cut in Step 2. Continue cutting 1’’ strips around the circumference of the two fleece pieces, creating an even fringe on all sides.

Step 4


Starting at a corner, tie the base of one strip of the football printed fleece to the base of one strip of the coordinating piece of fabric. Double knot the strips to ensure a secure blanket. Note: to prevent the fleece pieces from puckering, hold the strips taut as you work your way around the blanket. Repeat on all sides until each strip is knotted.

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