No Sew Halloween Mini Pillow Tutorial

No Sew Halloween Mini Pillow Tutorial

For those of you who are beginners or are looking for a quick project to do with the kids, this project is perfect because there’s no sewing involved.

mini pillow supplies

Here’s what you’ll need:

Step 1

Cut a piece of fabric about the size of the design you’ll be making from the template. Place a piece of Steam-A-Seam onto the fabric and press.

Step 2

Place your template on the side with Steam-A-Seam and trace your template. (Keep in mind which direction you want the character to face because when you turn the fabric over the traced icon will face the opposite way.)

Step 3

Cut the design, peel the paper off the Steam-A-Seam, and place on the background fabric. Press to make your cut-out designs stick to the background fabric. Repeat this process for the rest of the icons based on your pillow design.

Step 4

Flip the front of your pillow top and fold a ¼” seam around the square. Iron it to keep it in place. Repeat this step with the backing of your pillow.

Step 5

Cut out three 5" strips of Steam-A-Seam and place over folded seams and press. Cut two 2.5” strips for the fourth side and press. (Note: Use 7” strips if you’re making the other pillow designs.)

Step 6

Peel the paper off all the strips except from one of the shorter ones and place the top of the pillow over the backing. Iron the edges to make sure the sides stick together. (The side you didn’t peel off will leave a little hole to insert the batting.)

Step 7

Fill the pillow with batting until fluffy. Make sure not to overfill it!

Step 8

Peel the paper off the last strip of fusible web and iron to seal the opening.

Step 9

Voila! Your pillow is complete!

Follow all of these steps to make the cat and jack-o-lantern designs!

Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial. Happy decorating!

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