No Sew Rosette Wreath

No Sew Rosette Wreath

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Today we are making a no sew wreath with beautiful rosettes that can be used for holiday decorating or given as a festive gift! You can also create this wreath in a variety of colors and utilize them year round.

First things first: There is no right or wrong way to do this! Just pin the fabric by twisting, wrapping, folding, and tying 4” bias strips of Dupioni Silk, covering a Styrofoam wreath. In this tutorial, we used a 12” wreath form. Follow the video for rosette techniques and have fun making this your own creation!


Spa Robe

Step 1

Measure how long you want the wreath to hang, cut ribbon, tie ends together, loop knot onto the wreath and pin to secure around the wreath form.

Step 2

Tie the 4” bias strips around the wreath. Secure them by tying, knotting or pinning. Leave the tails varying lengths for forming rosettes later. The longer the tail, the bigger the bloom!

Step 3

Form the rosettes by loosely twisting, wrapping, and knotting. Secure with pearlhead pins discretely within the folds of the petals, and visibly in the center for a dimensional floral look. Use the remaining ends as leaves, or cut to shape as needed.
Tip: Start your rosette in the center for the remaining tail to either form a leaf or go into another neighboring rosette. Start the rosette on the outside and finish the end in the middle to conceal any remaining tail.

Spa Robe

Step 4

We recommend to spray this wreath with a generous coating of heavy starch. It will protect the wreath from outdoor elements, as well as gently freeze your rosette and leaf formations.

Spa Robe

Use different colors of dupioni silk throughout the year for a festive look all year round! We love this wreath in Dupioni Silk Iridescent Blue Ice.

Spa Robe

Happy Crafting! And Happy Holidays!

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