No Sew Scrappy Halloween Bowl ft. Riley Blake

No Sew Scrappy Halloween Bowl ft. Riley Blake

by: with Riley Blake Designs

Get scrappy this Halloween season with spooky halloween fabrics from Riley Blake and your favorite fabric scraps. Create your own scrappy fabric bowls for candy, catch-alls and festive spooky season decor.

Here's What You'll Need

Step 1

Cover bowl in plastic wrap

bow covered in plastic wrap

Step 2

Cut out interior fabric circle and coat in glue

Step 3

Mold around your bowl with the right side off the print touching the outside of the bowl

Step 4

Add fabric strips with the right side of the print facing up. Cover the bowl and add lots of glue as you go.

Step 5

Cut along the edge of the bowl to get rid of extra fabric. Jagged edges are ok. Allow to dry overnight.

Step 6

Pull fabric bowl off the plastic wrap mold and you’re done!

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