Quilted Oven Mitt feat. the Kona Cotton Color of the Year

Quilted Oven Mitt feat. the Kona Cotton Color of the Year

By: Wendy Chow from The Weekend Quilter

More than ever, we are spending more time at home. During this period many of us have taken on new hobbies and skills like breadmaking, garment sewing, gardening, and many more fun things. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it on to the breadmaking bandwagon, as much as I would have loved to. This was because my kitchen was midway of construction, and it was takeout all day, every day for months until the city reopened from being in lockdown.

finished oven mitt

The first couple of months of ordering all the time was a novelty and treat, until we found ourselves eating from the same places over and over. The ability to cook again felt like an unattainable dream. To remain positive, I made a list of things I’d like to make when the construction was complete. And one of those items on the list was oven gloves.

My Star Bright oven glove is a small quick project that could be completed within a day or two, making it the perfect weekend project. The pattern incorporates 4-in-1 and 8-in-1 half-square triangle piecing methods to speed up oven glove assembly.

For my non-quilters reading this, I challenge you to take on this project. Compared with your regular quilting projects like baby and throw size quilts, this is much smaller and more approachable for first timers and beginners. With a little bit of sewing machine skills, you can certainly make this happen.

Download The Weekend Quilter’s step-by-step Star Bright oven glove pattern for FREE until February 28, 2021 here.

Kona Cotton is a popular solids fabric brand among quilters, and is recognized for their high-quality cottons and wide range of colors with over 300 colors to choose from. Leading up to each new year, Kona Cotton announces their Color of the Year. But you’ve got to get in quick, because there is a limited run of the color made.

This year, we were presented with this striking blue color that would certainly stop your tracks as you’re scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest – Horizon. And I couldn’t be more thrilled that I’ve decided to use that as the primary color for my Star Bright oven glove project. Together with the patchwork elements, Horizon turns any color palette into a bright and cheery one and is a vibrant addition to the kitchen.

Along with the coordinating Kona Cotton solids, Robert Kaufman print on the back and Riley Blake for the binding, I’ve put together a few other options to show you how to turn it up by incorporating more prints with Horizon. But before I jump into that, here’s your fabric.com shopping list for all the materials used in the photographed example:

Here's What You'll Need

Other tools and materials you’ll need to make this:

  • Basic sewing machine
  • Iron
  • Machine-washable fabric pen or pencil
  • Quilt batting – Craft size 34" x 45"
  • Basting spray
  • Rotary cutter
  • Cutting mat
  • Quilting Ruler
  • Coordinating machine quilting threads – In this tutorial Aurifil 50wt Blossom Pink (2530), and Light Beige (2310)
  • Hera marker or blunt kitchen knife
  • Walking foot or dual feed dog (optional)
  • Iron
  • Newspaper, tarp or old bedsheets
  • Round plate or roll of tape to trace rounded corners for the oven glove

Who doesn’t love a good Rifle Paper Co. print? Since the collaboration with Cotton + Steel (another all-time favorite quilting fabric brand of mine), these fabrics have been very popular. Here are a couple of Rifle Paper Co. prints that would pair beautify with Horizon and a few other Kona Cotton solids:

Insert – Example 1 and 2

The blue, purple, green, pink and orange tones in these floral prints picks up what’s on the front to create a cohesive look. Fabric requirements to replicate these two options are slightly different, and so are the cutting directions because there are more floral prints involved:

Option 1: Backing Fabric - Cotton + Steel Rifle Paper Co. English Garden, Meadow in Cream, ⅞ yard (80 cm)

Option 2:Backing Fabric - Cotton + Steel Rifle Paper Co. Menagerie, Rosa Metallic in Violet, (80 cm)

Changes to cutting directions

Instead of cutting 2 Fabric A 11½" x 14½" rectangles, cut 2 11½" x 14½" rectangles from the Backing Fabric.

Feeling a little extra? Replace the purple, yellow, green and orange solids used to create the star (Fabrics B to E), with low volume prints as shown in the examples below.

Insert – Example 3 and 4

Here’s what you need for these:

Option 3: Backing Fabric - Cotton + Steel Rifle Paper Co. English Garden, Meadow in Cream, ⅞ yard (80 cm)

Option 4: Backing Fabric - Cotton + Steel Rifle Paper Co. Menagerie, Rosa Metallic in Violet (80 cm)

And for a little more subtle look, you can tone it down a little with a more muted floral Background Fabric with Mable Tan’s Picnic Wild Flowers in Yellow print for Paintbrush Studio Fabrics, and pair them up with solids (Option 5) or low volume prints (Option 6) for the star.

Insert photo – Example 5 and 6

Here are the fabric requirements for these options:

Option 5:

Option 6:

And again, the cutting directions are going to be a little different than what is outlined in the pattern: Cut 2 11½" x 14½" rectangles from the Backing Fabric instead of cutting 2 Fabric A 11½" x 14½" rectangles.

*A fat eighth is an eighth of a yard of fabric that measures approximately 9" x 22".

** Do not substitute yardage with a fat quarter. Width of fabric is required to form length of binding strips.

finished glove

The options and combinations are endless with Kona Cotton Horizon. Hope these get you feeling inspired and excited about starting your Star Bright oven glove project. Share your The Weekend Quilter Star Bright oven glove project on Instagram and tag @the.weekendquilter and #starbrightovenglove , and visit The Weekend Quilter’s website and Instagram for more quilt patterns and for the latest updates.

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