Quilting with Pre-Cut Fabrics

Quilting with Pre-Cut Fabrics

By: Wendy Chow

As you’re browsing through fabric.com’s quilt shop, you might notice some names consistently pop up such as, charm packs, layer cakes, jelly rolls, and fat quarters. These are the names of the different types of quilting precut fabrics.

Precut fabrics are yardage cut into smaller sizes by the manufacturer or retailer. This makes it more convenient for consumers to use, because they don’t need to think or do too much when it comes to measuring and cutting their fabrics. Typically, precut fabric bundles have one of each fabric within a collection, and some repeats to bulk up the bundle. This allows consumers to try out, and incorporate various prints and colours without having to spend a tonne of money on yardage.

precut photo

In this blog post we’re going to explore different precut fabric bundles (from smallest to largest), and as a bonus, until Friday April 30, 2021, you can download myLog Cabin Study 001 wall hanging quilt pattern for FREE from The Weekend Quilter online store. This wall hanging quilt pattern uses Carolyn Friedlander’s Collection CF metallic jelly roll. Completed project size measures 22" x 26".

wall hanging photo

Here’s another variation of Log Cabin Study 001 in another precut jelly roll by Carolyn Friedlander from fabric.com:


For more inspiration on various colourways for Log Cabin Study 001, check out The Weekend Quilter’s Inspirations + Digital Colouring Pages section. Now, let’s get to the precuts!

Pre-Cut Fabric Guide

When you pick up a precut bundle, you would often see these zig zag edges. These edges are intentional, and prevents the fabric from fraying during transport and handling. Before any sewing takes place, it is suggested that they are removed for accurate piecing. Some quilters prefer to leave them on. If you’re unsure, experiment and do what you’re most comfortable with.

zig zag precut close up

Charm Packs

There are two types of charm packs – Minis and Charms. Charms are the most common out of the two. They come in the form of 5" squares. Mini Charms are 2½" squares. In each pack, you would usually receive a total of 42 squares. These precut squares are great place to start for makers that are new to quilting or after a fast make.

Layer Cakes

Layer Cakes are similar to Charm squares. The only difference between them is the size. Layer Cakes are 10" squares and also usually come in a pack of 42 squares. They are great for designs that feature negative space, and they can be cut into smaller squares or rectangles.

Jelly Rolls

Also known as Roll-ups, Rollie Pollies, Design Rolls or Bali Pops, come in the form of 2½" x 42-44" strips. Typically, Jelly Rolls come in a pack of 40 to 42 strips. They are perfect for binding, sashing, inner borders, stripy quilts, strip piecing, and many more.

jelly roll image

Fabric Bundles

There are three types of fabric bundles – Fat Eighth, Fat Quarter and Half Yard. These bundles come in bigger cuts, making it versatile for many types of quilting projects. They are also a great place to start if you would like to build your fabric stash, or get your hands on selection or all of the fabrics from a collection you love.

The prices of precut fabric bundles vary depending on how many pieces of fabric are included in each bundle, and how big are the cuts of fabric. Some retailers also curate their own bundles, offering fabrics from different collections, manufacturers and designers.

image of fabric bundle

  • Fat Eighth Bundles – A fat eighth bundle is made up of 9" x 22" rectangles. Each rectangle is an eight of a yard. It is made by cutting a quarter of a yard in half on the fold.
  • Fat Quarter Bundles – A fat quarter is a quarter of a yard of fabric. Each piece of fabric that comes in these bundles measure 18" x 22". They are made by cutting a yard of fabric in half lengthwise and vertically.
  • Half Yard Bundles – They are made up of half yard cuts. One piece of fabric from the bundle measure 18" x 42".

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