#SewFancyPants Color-Pairing Guide with Katie Kortman

#SewFancyPants Color-Pairing Guide with Katie Kortman

Have you ever sewn a pair of pants? If you have, then you already know how satisfying it is to make a pair of pants that fits you perfectly. No frustration in a fitting room with sizes that only fit one part of your body. And for me - no eyeing all the bright color of the children’s section as I lament the propensity towards neutrals in women’s apparel.

image of Katie and her pants

If you haven't sewn yourself pants yet, well then I’m here to help! I am part of the Sew Fancy Pants crew and we have spent all of January writing posts on our blogs and Instagram to help you with sewing pants! For this post I sewed up the Sew Over It “Ultimate Trousers” which would actually be the perfect first pair of pants.

Why? They only have 4 pattern pieces (front, back, and waistbands), and the only “skill” you need is invisible zipper installation (which there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that can help). I actually just used my regular zipper foot and ironed the coils flat so that I could get a close stitch. It worked perfectly! As you can see in the photos I used an orange zipper (I’m either a rebel or I’m cheap and used what I already had). I wasn’t worried because if you sew them well, the only part you see is the little pull when your pants are zipped up!

image of pattern

Now for my favorite part of sewing my own pants…… COLOR!!!! I chose some pretty violet Kaufman Kobe Twill for this pair because I didn’t have much of that color in my wardrobe. Are you wondering what colors you can pair with violet? Well you’re in luck, because today I want to show you how many combos I came up with that look great with this color! This is one of my specialties - I love to come up with interesting combinations of colors that make me happy.

Violet and Blues

Violet is next to blue on the color wheel, which means they’re analogous colors. Analogous colors look great together!

violet and blue image Featured fabrics: Kaufman Kobe Twill in Periwinkle, Royal Blue, and Violet

Violet and Teal/Aqua

Blue-green is just a little further down the color wheel, but it also is a great color with violet because both colors are made with blue.

violet and teal image

Violet and Green (and Minty Green)

Think of flowers! A pretty purple flower has green leaves right? Green is almost a neutral because it’s in nature (in my opinion), so it goes with most colors.

violet and green image

Violet and Yellow

Yellow is opposite of violet on the color wheel, which means they are complementary colors! This means they are totally different from one another. But if you want your outfit to POP, then pair it with yellow!

violet and yellow image

Violet and Peach

Violet and Orange can be a little jarring (see my zipper! ha!), but if you lighten it and make it peach, well suddenly it looks really pretty together. Like a vase of flowers in the spring.

violet and peach image

Violet and Red

These two are also next to each other on the color wheel, because purple is made from blue and red. This particular violet has a little more red in it than blue actually.

violet and red image

Light Violet paired with Dark Plum

I always love a monochromatic look--- and this darker version of red-violet (though maybe not the exact same purple) on top, paired with the lighter pants is easy on the eyes! This linen would make a great top to go with these pants.

violet and plum image

I hope this post inspires you to make some fun, colorful pants, or at the very least to sew some pants for yourself! The Ultimate Trousers look great on everyone (you can search the hashtag on Instagram and see for yourself--- #soultimatetrousers ), sew up quickly and easily, and fabric.com has lots of great colors of fabric that you could use!

For more colorful inspiration visit my blog: www.KatieKortman.com or hangout with me on Instagram @katiekortmanart

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