Sewing with Gauze Fabric: with Adrienne Walker

Sewing with Gauze Fabric: with Adrienne Walker

By: Adrienne Walker

Hello guys! I'm excited to talk about working with gauze fabric.

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I want to give just a little background on gauze. It is a very lightweight material that is made up of 100% cotton. This material can be used for shirts, blouses, blankets, throws, and dresses. I chose the Shannon Embrace® Double Gauze Flower Shower Multi Print because I was creating an outfit using the McCall's Aurora (M8087) Pattern. I wanted to work with a fabric outside of my comfort zone while selecting colors that represented spring.

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Pre-wash & Serge

Working with the fabric was relatively easy. Before I start cutting the fabric, I always pre-wash my fabric on a cold, gentle wash and lay it out to dry. (Note: Fabric typically shrinks about 10% after washing.) Also, right before I wash my fabric, I would serge the raw edges so it wouldn't fray in the washing machine. Gauze fabric tends to fray a lot, and the serging technique works wonders; this is extremely helpful in keeping the majority of the fabric intact after washing it.

Smooth and Pin

Once my fabric is completely dry, it's time to cut out the pattern pieces. As you lay your pieces down, you want to make sure you smooth out each section before pinning them. It will help make sure the fabric is not crumbled up underneath. Smooth and place are what I like to call it. LOL! Make sure you are pinning the pieces to the fabric well. The fabric tends to shift when it's time to cut.

Serge as you sew

During my sewing process, I like to serge the fabric after each step of the pattern instructions. As mentioned previously, Gauze fabric tends to fray, and serging after each step will keep the fraying from happening.

As a finishing touch after the garment is constructed and completed, I used my steamer to remove any wrinkles created during the sewing process.

All in all, the fabric was beautiful to work with. I have no clue why I was afraid of it. LOL! The softness and color were exactly what I was looking for. I received so many compliments on this look and fabric. If you are looking for something soft and colorful, definitely purchase the Shannon Embrace® Double Gauze fabric.

About Adrienne

Adrienne Walker is a senior auditor for the Government Accountability Office in Atlanta, Ga. She graduated from Clark Atlanta University with a bachelor's and master's degrees in Accounting. She grew up in a creative family where she and her grandmother designed her senior high school prom dress. She began sewing in 2015 because she wanted to learn how to sew her own clothing that fit her body type. She loves taking different patterns to create the perfect look with fabric that compliant that style. You can follow along with her sewing adventures over on her Instagram account @fiercead.

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