How to Make The Perfect BBQ Apron

How to Make The Perfect BBQ Apron

Created by: Grainline Studio


  1. Trace the Pattern and Cut the Fabric
  2. Make the Pocket
  3. Sew on the Pocket
  4. Hem the Sides and Bottom
  5. Fold the Curved Facings
  6. Pin and Sew on the Facings
  7. Flip Apron Over and Press
  8. Sew Each Edge of the Facings
  9. Make the Strap
  10. Thread Through Your Strap


Step 1

Apron Materials

Cut out pattern pieces, trace onto your fabric and then cut your fabric.

Step 2

Apron Pocket

We are going to start the apron by sewing on the pocket! Press 1/4 inch around the edges of your pocket piece on all four sides. Fold over the top of your pocket piece 1 inch and press. Now sew as close to the bottom folded edge as possible.

Step 3

Apron Pocket Sew On

Pin your pocket fabric to your self fabric. Sew around the 2 side edges and the bottom edge as close to the outside of the pocket as you can.

Step 4

Time to Hem

Hem the top of your apron, the sides and the bottom.

Step 5

Make Your Curved Facings

Fold over the ends of your curved facings 1/2 inch and press. Then fold over the outside edge of the curved facing 1/4 inch.

Step 6

Pin and Sew Your Curved Facings

Pin these pieces to the arm curves of the self fabric. Make sure the raw edges of the self fabric and the facings are the edges that are being pinned together. Now sew them!

Step 7

Press Your Curved Facings

Press the seam open, turn the whole facing piece to the back of your apron and press.

Step 8

Attach Your Curved Facings

Sew along each edge of your curved facing, making a channel.

Step 9

Let's Make the Strap

Now for your strap! Sew the three pieces together and press your seams to one side. Fold over the end pieces and all along the side edges of the strap 1/2 inch and press. Now fold the strap in half and press + pin as you go. Sew the strap closed as close to the edge as possible.

Step 10

Insert the Straps

Thread each end of your straps through the arm channels of your apron making a loop at the top. Try it on.. tie a bow.. you’re done!

BBQ Time!

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