3 Cuddly Projects featuring Shannon Fabrics

3 Cuddly Projects featuring Shannon Fabrics

By: Shannon Fabrics

Happy National Cuddle Up Day! Sometimes the best way to cuddle up is with your favorite apparel, a self-care spa day or in the comfort of your home. Either way we have the best fabrics and projects for all of your cuddling needs.

1. Spa Robe & Slippers

image of lady in minky spa robe

Whether you are working from home or indulging in self-care, this robe is perfect to be cozy in.

DIY Spa Robe

image of spa robes

DIY Minky Slippers

image of slippers

2. Pillows & Throws

image of minky pillows & throws

We all need something to curl up with as we hunker down in this winter weather. A stylish throw or pillow is all you need!

DIY Minky Pillows

image of pillows

DIY Throw Blanket

image of throw blanket

3. Vests, Scarves & Jackets

image of minky vests/jackets/scarves

Minky plush fabric is one of the most versatile - perfect for a fashion-forward vest or casual, cozy pajamas.

DIY Minky Vest

image of girl in minky vest

DIY Infinity Scarf

image of girl wearing minky infinity scarf

DIY Minky Jacket

image of girl in minky jacket

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