#DragRace Remake - DIY Jellyfish Fantasy Dress

#DragRace Remake - DIY Jellyfish Fantasy Dress

By: Queen Raja

Try this super easy DIY with the one and only Queen Raja, and make it your own by choosing whichever fabrics and colors to make your skin-pop! Head to the Werk Room Shop to purchase the fabrics you'll need to sew this look!

Materials Used

Let's get started!

Step 1: Cut & Separate Fabric

Start with 20 yards of each fabric (Iridescent Crushed Shimmer Organza in Pink and Lavender). Reserve about a yard and a half of each color and set aside.

Raja holding organza fabric

Step 2: Create Top ruffle

With the pink fabric, fold the entire sheet widthwise in half. To create a more volume in the fold, offset the open sides by starting one corner about 6 inches down from the other.

sewing pink organza fabric

Before sewing the seam, to build more volume gather the ends to create ½ inch folds. Then feed through your sewing machine. Repeat folding and sewing folded seams it all the way through the pink fabric.

Step 3: Repeat

Repeat the same process with the lavender fabric.

Step 4: Create the band

To create the band for the garment, take the lavender fabric set aside at the beginning and cut in half lengthwise. Sew the now two pieces of fabric together to create one long band. Fold the long band in half widthwise and seam together.

Step 5: Attach Bottom Ruffle to the Band

Flip the band inside out so seams are on the inside. Measure the width of your hips and cut the band to measure. Sew the lavender pleated fabric to the bottom of the band (cut to measure if needed).

band attached to lavender fabric

Step 6: Attach Top Ruffle to the Band

With the band and lavender fabric laying down, sew the pink fabric about a quarter inch from the top. Making sure the pink and lavender seams face each other on the band (that way when it flips over it will give the garment more volume).

Sew the ends of the band to each other to create one continuous band of fabric.

Step 7: Create Straps

With the remaining pink fabric, cut 6 inch in width ribbons to use as the straps for the dress. You will need two straps. Fold them in half widthwise and seam the ribbons.

Step 8

Hand stitch the two straps to the dress about a foot away from each other (this will vary depending on your size).

And you're done!

Put on the dress and tie the two straps around the back of your neck!

finished costume

finished costume

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